BMW i8 spotted in Germany

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BMW i8 Erlkoenig Alex Hill Elektro Hybrid Sportwagen 2 750x500

BMW i8 was spied once again. The BMW hybrid sportscar to emerge under the “i” sub-brand will go on sale in 2014 and it’s going …

BMW i8 was spied once again. The BMW hybrid sportscar to emerge under the “i” sub-brand will go on sale in 2014 and it’s going through final testing procedures.

A reader that has seen the car says that inside the i8 retains the typical BMW driver-oriented cockpit, complemented by a digital display positioned behind the steering wheel which displays driving-relevant information. Another infotainment display is located centrally, free-standing like the ones seen in the new 1 and 3 Series models.

A Head Up Display is offered as well.

BMW i8 Erlkoenig Alex Hill Elektro Hybrid Sportwagen 2 655x368

Thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber, the BMW i8 weighs 1450 kilograms, enough to give the hybrid sportscar performance similar to the current M3.

The i8 is powered by a 170 horsepower electric motor that drives the front-wheels, coupled with a 1.5 liter 3-cylidner turbocharged petrol engine producing another 223 horsepower. It can go from a front-wheel drive vehicle to a rear-wheel drive one, and even an all-wheel drive setup. In full electric mode, the BMW i8 can travel up to 20 miles.

BMW i8 Erlkoenig Alex Hill Elektro Hybrid Sportwagen 4 655x368

In the European driving cycle, the BMW i8 is expected to average nearly 80 mpg.

BMW aims to build 10,000 units every year with a base price over 100,000 euros, or around $150,000 in the United States.

[Source: Alex Hill for Bimmertoday]

14 responses to “BMW i8 spotted in Germany”

  1. Arch says:

    Not sure about the rear.

  2. viper says:

    the rear is a total mess right now.

  3. Michael says:

    Think this will really only have an MSRP of $150k? I would have assumed closer to $200k especially considering the placement of other premium halo cars. The 8er, when in production, was $100k how ever many years ago that was.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      $200k is a tough sale. Lots of awesome cars in that range

      • Michael says:

        Even a Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe has a base MSRP of $175k. Clearly that isn’t a director competitor but the demographic is similar. The Bentley Continental GT W12 Coupe, on the other hand, has an MSRP of $196k. All things considered, I guess the most direct competitor would be the Mercedes SLS which carries an MSRP of $199k. Even more specifically a Mercedes SLS Electric would be the exact competitor. I think a range between $175k-$215k would be very probable. Thoughts?

        • bfd says:

          Although it is not a hybrid, at least not yet, wouldn’t the Audi R8 be a direct competitor? I believe the R8 sells for around $115-120K, so it is priced about right too! Brood Luck!

          • Michael says:

            That’s a very good point. The V8 R8 has an MSRP of $114k and the V10 R8 has an MSRP of $149k. If BMW were to strategically place the vehicle between the R8 and the SLS, it could still carry a price of $175k. We have to assume that the price will also be slightly higher because it is a hybrid vehicle. So technically if Audi produced an R8 Hybrid or E-tron then that vehicle would be a direct competitor to the i8 and we can all assume that if Audi did produce such a vehicle, that vehicle would carry a higher price than a normal R8. Think of how much higher the MSRP of a BMW 3 Hybrid is in comparison to a 320i or even a 328i for that matter.

        • viper says:

          not too smart I guess , considering you’r buying some sort of hybrid supercar with tiny tires and average numbers , your mind is telling you that it is wrong to pay large amounts for 1.5l engine , whatever is capable of , it just doesn’t go like that yet!

  4. Giorgi Gogua says:

    not great numbers

  5. says:

    Such silly opinions coming from some people !!! the final product is not ready and we hear of the back proportions or the small tires etc etc BMW is the best of all like or not that is the FACT …….

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