Real Life Photos: BMW 4 Series Coupe

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BMW unveiled today the new 4 Series Coupe and the car was shown to us from all angles in a hundred high-quality professional photos. But …

BMW unveiled today the new 4 Series Coupe and the car was shown to us from all angles in a hundred high-quality professional photos. But the folks over at Autocar and WHATCAR had the opportunity to see the new 4 Series in a studio in London.

The car seen below are a 435i model in Sport Line and the European-only 420d in Sport Line as well.

The U.S. market will initially get the 428i and 435i models, but other variants might follow in the future.


Here is a description of the Line Packages offered for the new BMW 4 Series Coupe with the mention that the UK market gets two additional packages: SE and Modern.

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Luxury Line

  • Chrome Air Breathers
  • Chrome window trim
  • Eleven chrome kidney grille slats with matte black sides
  • 18 inch or option 19 inch wheels (435i only)
  • Chrome strip in rear apron
  • Chrome exhaust tips
  • Chrome surround for audio and air conditioning system

Sport Line

  • High-gloss black trim
  • Nine molded high-gloss black kidney grille slats in chrome colored surround
  • Three black air intakes in front bumper
  • Black Air Breathers
  • 18 inch or optional 19 inch wheels (435i only)
  • Black trim strip level with rear apron
  • Black exhaust tips
  • Sport suspension standard (RWD models only)
  • Black and red trim, anthracite headliner, available Coral Red interior includes Coral Red leather sport seats, red door panel trim, red lower section for instrument panel

M Sport Line

  • High-gloss Shadow Line trim
  • Estoril Blue Metallic
  • M Sport suspension standard (RWD models only)
  • M Sport Brakes standard
  • M aerodynamic package
  • M Sport 18″ or optional 19″ wheels (435i only)
  • M door sills, M leather steering wheel, M driver’s footrest

Click on the photo gallery below:

15 responses to “Real Life Photos: BMW 4 Series Coupe”

  1. Guest says:

    @ BMWBLOG, too much commercial on site guys, thats annoying.

  2. BMW E28 says:

    @BMWBLOG too much commercials on the site, annoying…

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Sorry. We have to pay somehow for our expense to produce content. And honestly, we try to keep a balance. We’re not a big company and all these articles are costly.

  3. Kiril Toshev says:

    Ugly exactlly as the 3-series. I was expecting more of BMW. 5-series and 6-series look so good, but 1st and 3-series – huge disapointment. I hope at least 2nd series to look more like a sports car, or at least a car.

  4. Palle says:


  5. viper says:

    this is one ugly car for sure.
    hey horatiou , remember that comparison you made with audi a5 and merc coupe , well guess what happened , exactly as I said before , concepts look great , production model however is a copy and paste of already nothing special.
    spectacular nonsense in design policy from bmw.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Yup. On more coming up in a few min

    • digivue says:

      BMW wants to make money by cutting costs everywhere and charge premium for reputation. Most people are in just for the badge anyways. They just forget it works only in short term.

      • Michael says:

        Where exactly is it that they cut costs? The interior materials likely resulted in an increased cost of production. I agree that most people “are in just for the badge” which is great, that’s inherent to any luxury/premium product, but I wouldn’t agree that the quality of the vehicle has decreased in comparison to the 3 series coupe that it’s replacing.

    • Briff says:

      No idea buddy

  6. T says:

    When I step into a BMW 4 Series I know I am getting into a car that will not only be competent but also have that dynamic edge and provide my journey with many opportunities to deliver a driving experience that will be the segment benchmark.

    If I step into the Mercedes C Coupe or Audi A5 then I know in order to get such a response or reaction that I will have to drive them into a brick wall.

  7. mcMAC says:

    idk but the plasticky side vents pisses me off lol….it would look infinitely better without those side vents poking out like a sore thumb….

  8. Fred says:

    I just dont understand what in the hell happened with the “super magestic 4 series concept”???
    Somebody explain me please!!

    • Prat says:

      I agree, the concept looked so much better. I’m not even sure what’s missing, but it seems they removed all nice bits and pieces. What’s left is two door 3 series with rear adjustments. The shape of the hood might be aerodynamically right, but is not a pleasant thing to look at. Hopefully m version will get some more aggressive details…

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