Production BMW 4 Series spied at Schiphol airport

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A production ready BMW 4 Series was spied at the Schiphol airpot in Amsterdam. It remains unknown where the 4 Series is heading but some …

A production ready BMW 4 Series was spied at the Schiphol airpot in Amsterdam. It remains unknown where the 4 Series is heading but some people are already speculating that the car is heading to the Shanghai Auto Show.

The 4 Series Coupe spied here sports very light camouflage and it’s already revealing some of the design we’re all expecting to see, especially since the concept unveiled in Detroit is said to be about 90 percent identical to the final version.

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As seen here also the new 4 Series has a long sleek hood, a more steeply raked front windshield, lower front end, wider kidney grills and enlarged air intake just above the ground which all combine to give the coupe a very aggressive appearance. Even the headlights appear to be pushed more to the edge of the front end than compared to the 3 Series.

Though the new 4 Series wheelbase is 50 mm longer than the outgoing E92 3 Series Coupe, it has the same 110.6” wheelbase as the existing F30 3 Series sedan. Its overall length, 182.7 inches, is just a hair longer the the F30 sedan by 0.2”. The new 4 Series overall height is 53.6 inches. This is lower than the existing 3 Series sedan by 2.7” and the outgoing 3 Series coupe by .63”. The new 4 Series also sports a wider front and rear track. So expect the M3 to have enhanced bodywork to make up for the narrower track. The M4 will still be one of the most aggressive M cars ever built.

[Source: Autoweek]

4 responses to “Production BMW 4 Series spied at Schiphol airport”

  1. says:

    Looks fantastic, waiting for it in America !!!!

  2. Hapsmo says:

    Original release date was for Sept 2012. BMW has since then pushed production and release from March 2013 to April 2013, then to July 2013. I just received a call from the sales manager at my local BMW dealership letting me know that once again BMW has pushed the release and production date to Sept 2013. This means putting your hands on one won’t be til the end of Oct 2013 best case. This is really bad business for BMW IMO. I leased a 335xi in 2009 with the anticipation of being able to get into the new body style when my lease ran out in Dec 2012. I have worked with BMW Finance multiple times for the extension of my current lease. They originally extended me out 4 months based on the expected March 2013 production. Then when it changed to April and then June immediately after that they told me they could and would only extend me for another 2 months for a max of 6 months from the end of my original lease. I’ve owned 5 BMW’s and may now have to change brands because of their mess up. Not sure how many others are currently in a lease that will expire well before the release of the new 4 series and unable to extend to that date….. What a bummer (Bimmer).

  3. El Coyote says:

    Wow. The swirled paint job is really bold. Excited to see it in person.

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