Spied: Next generation BMW 7 Series – Codename G11

Spy Photos | February 28th, 2013 by 18
2015 BMW 7 Series 4 750x500

In 2015, BMW plans to replace the current generation 7 Series. Prototypes are starting to hit the roads for their comprehensive testing sessions and we …

In 2015, BMW plans to replace the current generation 7 Series. Prototypes are starting to hit the roads for their comprehensive testing sessions and we have a first look at one of those test mules.

Built under the codename G11, the heavily camouflaged 7 Series gives us a look at the overall proportions, while the fine design details are still hidden underneath fake body panels and funky camo tape. Some design changes are expected at the front end where the new 7 Series might feature a sleeker fascia with a redesigned kidney grille and headlights. In an interview last year, former BMW head of research and development, Dr. Klaus Draeger said that carbon fiber will plan an important role in the development of the next generation 7 Series. In addition to CFRP, high-strength steel and aluminum mix will be used for the chassis development.

Draeger said the new 7 Series’ structure would probably feature a mix of materials, with the carbon fiber parts being added to the aluminum and steel used in today’s car. The roof, bonnet and bootlid are most likely to be made from CFRP.

2015 BMW 7 Series 4 655x411

While BMW will continue to offer the 7 Series with both petrol and gasoline powerplants, rumormill churns out that a 7 Series M Performance Automobile is in works also. The high-performance 7 Series will be labeled M700i xDrive and might be heading to the U.S. in 2015. The 7 Series M Performance Automobile will likely feature the V8 Twin-Turbo 4.0 liter engine producing around 475 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque. While the M770i xDrive is geared towards customers asking for a high-performance and sporty 7 Series, the M-like car will be underpowered when compared to the V12 760Li which outputs 570 horsepower and 665 lb-ft of torque.

The engine could be paired with the new ZF 9-speed automatic transmission.

As we enter spring, we expect to see more 7 Series prototypes on the road, and hopefully with less camouflage.

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18 responses to “Spied: Next generation BMW 7 Series – Codename G11”

  1. Rad Dockery says:

    Wow, almost forgot how long the current F01 has been around.

  2. auaq says:

    “G11” ?? Sounds like one of those gangster group name. What’s wrong with ‘Fxx’ chassis name?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      New generation platform.

      • auaq says:

        Well, isn’t the platform and/or chassis the same thing? If so, then why all of a sudden a different codename? I was probably thinking that they would keep the code as ‘Fxx’ where the ‘xx’ would be the numbers. Am I wrong?

        • Mateo says:

          F names are already full!

          F01-09 7er

          F10-19 5er/6er

          F20-29 1er/2er/x3 / next gen x1)

          F30-39 3er/4er

          upooming Fxx x4/x5/x6/ z4/ z2….

          I guess BMW want’s to start all new line of technology with G platform code!!!

  3. mckillio says:

    When is the 4.0l expected to debut? Is the only difference between it and the 4.4l, the size?

  4. Mateo says:

    I am really excited about new 7er!!!

  5. viper says:

    already it doesn’t appear radical , it should tho , the current s class is the leader in the segment , the next gen. will take it even further , it’s really tough for 7 series , the 770 model something like an M model will appear for the first time , it’s not going to be different from the current 760 except for maybe 10-15 more hp….which if you ask me is silly compared to s amg 65 , it needs to weight less if they want to compete with stronger and heavier amg

  6. Gord says:

    Imagine if the new 3 series platform was called G37.

  7. I think Bmw should follow the following parameters if they want the new G11 to be competitive against the new s-class and the jaguar xj
    *Every model in the range should have an all alluminium construction.

    *Every model in the range should be tri-turbocharged(increasing power,TORQUE,while reducing emissions and fuel consumption)

    *Every model in the range should have an 8 speed or possibly a 9 speed ZF gearbox as standard

    *Standard feature list should be intergrated across the range,features like-auto stop/start,radar controlled cruise control(with auto brake function in an emergency),Bmw rear passenger infotainment system,Bmw smart boot,door opening,auto emergency brake system,Bmw brake energy regeneration system.And loads more

    • Toothy says:

      The ZF 9HP is a FWD automatic, so it can’t possibly be used in the RWD 7-Series. But that doesn’t rule out a 9-speed though……

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