2014 BMW M3 – New Renderings Emerge

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UK magazine CAR, many times known for its sensationalist reporting and link-bait titles, published earlier today a new article on the upcoming 2014 BMW M3. …

UK magazine CAR, many times known for its sensationalist reporting and link-bait titles, published earlier today a new article on the upcoming 2014 BMW M3. Using, what they call, “two design drawings smuggled out of Munich’s styling studio” (highly doubt it), the UK folks are putting out a new series of renderings, which in our opinion are based on photoshoped images created by rendering artists from around the world, including these ones from Gerry Alvarez.

The renderings below don’t really reveal anything new, overall we have an idea on what the new F80 M3 would look like, minus a few minor details that BMW always saves for the big unveil.

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But what’s most interesting about this report are some new bits of information in regards to the M3. First, all future M cars will have the M designation on the front grille as well as the boot rump. Then, according to Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW VP of Design, the Bavarians will further distinguish their M models from the rest of the lineup: “We are making subtle changes already: all future M cars will have blue brake callipers, or gold when carbon discs are fitted. We’re looking at graphite door mirrors and wheel finishes, and black chrome exhaust tips too.”

What about the inside of the M cars? Same Van Hooydonk says that BMW is “working hard to make the interiors of our M cars feel more distinct. We are developing new fabrics for use in our top-end cabins, and you’ll see more aluminum and blue strips inside M cars.”

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BMWBLOG reported before that the M guys are investing a lot of their time into weight reductions techniques via use of carbon fiber materials. CAR also says that Munich plans to transfer its learnings from that EV project across the rest of the range. The roof of the M3 will be baked from CFRP, and BMW is developing the first ceramic brakes seen on an M3.

The doors, bootlid and bonnet of the M3 will be skinned in aluminum and the classy five-spoke alloys will be forged items to remove weight as well.

The new F80 BMW M3 will make a debut at BMW’s home show in September in Frankfurt.


13 responses to “2014 BMW M3 – New Renderings Emerge”

  1. John Hietter says:

    Can’t wait! Should be the best M3 yet! I am glad that they are trying to make M models more distinct. Even though they are already marvels, a little more flair and sense of occasion couldn’t hurt.

  2. Jerry Alvarez says:

    Sorry but this look bad in my opinion, like the color though :)

  3. Michael says:

    I am more and more dissatisfied every time I see new renderings because they are so inherently speculative that I feel like there is no point to them. Granted some of them look very interesting and are very creative in general. This one isn’t.

  4. auaq says:

    Stop torturing me with all these irrelevant renderings!!! For crying out loud, get me the real one out already!

  5. Efoza says:

    With the 5GT M due out soon, most would wait for that than this boring looking 3 series which looks like a made in china toy.

  6. kolbasz says:

    No yellow, just… no.

  7. pimeto says:

    When are they gonna show the 3/ M3 coupe ?

  8. digivue says:

    Get that thing out already!!!

  9. mat meiers says:

    get rid of those extra doors

  10. ASteele says:

    No need for a hood bulge – it ain’t got a V8. Seeing as there are supposed to be five or six turbos bolted to the engine, I would say the air extractors in the hood may carry over from the E9X M3. It seems the more BMW fiddles with the lower bumper air openings, the worse looking they get. I’d certainly drive this thing though!

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