Spy Photos: F56 MINI hatchback

Spy Photos | February 22nd, 2013 by 12
MINI F56 750x500 Spy Photos: F56 MINI hatchback

The next MINI, dubbed F56, will be unveiled this year, either at the Geneva Motor Show next month or in September at Frankfurt Auto Show. …

The next MINI, dubbed F56, will be unveiled this year, either at the Geneva Motor Show next month or in September at Frankfurt Auto Show. The F56 MINI is built on a new front-wheel drive platform which will be shared between the MINI and the FWD BMW vehicles. The first FWD BMW made its debut in concept form in September at the Paris Auto Show.

Several prototypes are currently undergoing intensive testing and the latest spy photos place them in the snowy Nordic part of Europe.

Under the design direction of MINI’s new head of design, Anders Warming, the F56 will compete with offerings from Audi, the A1 and other non-premium European brands. Design wise, the proportions of the F56 are similar to its predecessor, R56. Some design elements like the headlights and taillights will go through some changes, but will not steer away from the DNA of the British brand.

2014 MINI 655x493 Spy Photos: F56 MINI hatchback

Inside, the large central speedometer will be replaced by a more conventional speedometer placed behind the steering wheel. Other interior changes are bringing the classy interior design of the MINI inline with more premium products.

Along with a new and fresh design, BMW will also introduce a new family of three-cylinder engines for the MINI. We expect to see an entry-level MINI One and MINI Cooper with power rated just under 100, respectively 130 horsepower. The more powerful models Cooper S and John Cooper Works will continue to use four combustion chambers, but each should provide a little more power than the current generation R56.

The new front-wheel drive platform is well suited for all-wheel drive vehicles, but it remains to be seen if MINI decides to give their sporty and small vehicles four driven wheels.

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    I would really like to see this site incorporate more Rolls-Royce news. It’s just as justifiable as covering MINI. For goodness sakes the Ghost sits on an extended 7 series chassis.

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      Agreed. Working on it. Trying to get RR more involved with us.

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    Hopefully the F56 retains the hard suspension and carries the steering over from the R56 (that’s as good as steering could be on a car). The interior seems a bit more refined with a more traditional layout so that’s a plus given the “BMW premium” put on these cars.