1959 BMW Isetta Dragster with 730 hp

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1959 BMW Isetta Dragster 1 750x500

The Isetta is a small city car with three wheels that was built by BMW back in the 1950s and it many ways it remains …

The Isetta is a small city car with three wheels that was built by BMW back in the 1950s and it many ways it remains an icon for the Bavarians. The little three-wheeler was never known for its agility or performance, but that might change today.

Meet Isetta Dragster, a performance vehicle equipped with a supercharged 502 cu. in V8 engine from Chevrolet. With its 2-speed manual transmission and monster of an engine, the Isetta Dragster produces 730 horsepower. It also comes with a dual-circuit disc brake system, an AP balance bar for burnouts and….a new suspension system from the current generation BMW M3.

The car also sits on five-spoke wheels and B.F. Goodrich G-Force tires. At the rear, the Isetta dragster has a single 18-inch racing wheel with a Sumitomo HTRZ II tire, and a huge racing wing.

1959 BMW Isetta Dragster 1 655x421

The car comes with a BDS supercharger, twin Holley 750 CFM double pumper carburetors, and Zoomies exhaust headers that can shoot four feet long flames. The dragster measures 12 ft. 4 in. in length.

This 1959 BMW Isetta Dragster is going to be put on auction at RM Auctions and when sold, it’s expected to cost the owner anywhere from 75,000 USD to 100,000 USD.

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6 responses to “1959 BMW Isetta Dragster with 730 hp”

  1. Lee Bromley says:

    This was featured in Autoblog. Seven years ago. Google it if you don’t believe me.

  2. moparacker says:

    What other Isetta has three wheels?

    • ghane says:

      The “original” Isettas (models before the 600) had three or four wheels depending on the market and regulations. In some markets (like Sweden) they eventually switched to only one rear wheel so they could be registered as motorbikes instead of cars (which was not possible with four wheels) and thus could be driven by those who only had drivers license for motorbikes and not cars.

      • moparacker says:

        Thanks! I knew of the different drivetrains depending on who manufactured it, but not the 3 wheel varity. UK was real big on it.

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