Photo Comparison: BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Audi RS7

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At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, BMW debuted the first M6 model with four-doors. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe goes on sale this May and …

At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, BMW debuted the first M6 model with four-doors. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe goes on sale this May and will compete in the four-door coupe segment with similar offerings from Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Just recently Audi has also previewed a new, super sporty model in the RS line. The new Audi RS7 Sportback shares its drivetrain with the Audi RS6 Avant and has similar tech specs as the M6.

Both cars run on a V8 biturbo engine producing 560 horsepower and a top speed of 305 km/h. The M6 GC also produces 502 lb-ft of torque while the RS7 outputs 553 lb-ft of torque.

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Audi stays true to its DNA and the RS7 Sportback sends power to the wheels via the quattro system. The better traction and slightly more powerful engine allows the RS7 to run from 0 to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds, two tenths of a second faster than the M6 Gran Coupe.

Since we are not able to compare the performance of the two cars in real life, yet, we decided to offer our usual photo comparison between these two amazing automobiles. Let’s have a look at the styling of the two and share with us your comments in the section below.

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18 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Audi RS7”

  1. MVP1 says:

    M6 by far the design for the audi is so ugly

  2. VW_with_a_bit_of_Velvet says:

    god that audi is ugly, it looks like the designers lost the will to live when they got to the back.

  3. Giom says:

    Let me be honest here… The M6 GC is drop dead gorgeous! Legue of its own! End of story.

  4. Does the front bumper on the Audi really have a large sign that advertises quattro? How tacky…

  5. auaq says:

    In terms of look, audi doesn’t look bad from the front but I dislike the rear end. BMW, as usual, looks great from every degree. However, in terms of performance, I have to say they are both equal and almighty, and a slight cue that people of Ingolstadt may have the upper hand by a very few seconds. I’m trying to be realistic here, so lets not recriminate each other.

  6. tan says:

    M6 elegant and stylish while audi handsome and attractive

  7. Artem says:

    M6 is better by far. Great job BMW.

  8. The Kid says:

    The M6 is amazingly beautiful! They did a good job at making it look better than a regular 6, Audi just opened the grills and put fog lights… whoopdy doo.

  9. viper says:

    I’m stunned by both cars.
    but , I think audi did a better job in:
    1. looks more weird and more individual than bmw
    2. those seats are SICK
    3.interior is slightly more polished than bmw
    4.the tail pipes look better

    5.steering wheel looks better

    • Eph says:

      I have to agree here. The Audi is faster, more economical, more comfortable, and better handling due to the lighter weight and quattro. BMW needs to catch up.

  10. digivue says:

    The only design I still dig from BMW is the 3/4 series and maybe Z4. The rest is too ugly to my taste. I like exterior of Audi better. BMW’s interior slightly edges out Audi’s. As for dynamic abilities, I’d choose neither due to their big size and heavy weight.

  11. Tom Brown says:

    Audi looks clean. BMW looks cluttered.

    Audi has a nice, short, low hood line. You can see the road and be involved. BMW has an alienating tall hood that sticks out and makes you feel like your driving a freight train.

    Audi RS seats are really ugly. The RS6 has diamond stitching that’s just as ugly as these…both are probably expensive to make…but ugly just the same. Audi, however, has the class to offer a no-cost comfort seat option with more normal-looking seats and about 370 power adjustments. I’d get that if I bought an RS (I wouldn’t).

    I don’t want either of these cars. Too heavy and big to be sports cars. Too much motor to be efficient at the everyday stuff. You spend all your time trying to not get arrested and it’s frustrating. In the end, you just use cruise control and drive like everyone else…except your have 300 unused horsepower.

    We (the West) have hostile countries supplying our fuel and a greenhouse problem. Guzzlers like this are really becoming annoying to me. If you want a V-10 Viper to take to the track, I can understand and get behind that. It’s not so many miles or gallons, but not these giant-motored cars that get driven every day. What a waste! You got money to burn? Buy a Tesla!

    The 6 series Grand Coupe is the first 6 in a long time that hasn’t looked like an overpriced jelly bean. It’s about time!!!

    Now, BMW, let us have a space-saver spare and good non-run-flat tires. Let us have turn signals that work like turn signals. No one wants a self-driving car. Quit spending our money on that garbage. Spend time and money to fix the obvious problems with your product line. Get back to the driving machine thing. Get your option pricing back in line.

    I think the new Cadillacs (ATS/XTS) look as good…maybe better than BMW now. I’ve owned 3 A6s and loved each one more than the one before. I’d love to change to something new next time. It may be a new CTS when they come out in late summer. It sure won’t be an M6!

    Audi is gaining and BMW is dropping back? This is why. Duhhh…

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