The Consumer Reports Worst Value Car: 2013 BMW 750Li among them

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American magazine Consumer Reports, known for its reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory …

American magazine Consumer Reports, known for its reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory and survey research center, has reported the new 2013 BMW 750Li to have the worst value for your dollar.

Recently same magazine rated the Toyota Prius as the best value for your money with its 49 cents per mile to own, compared to the 750Li and its $1.80 mile to drive: “With frustrating controls and a below-par ride, the 750Li didn’t score well enough to be recommended and racked up one of the worst predicted-reliability scores,” the magazine wrote in its roundup.

Consumer Reports measures value by weighing five-year ownership costs, predicted-reliability scores and road test scores and coming up with a cost-per-mile figure. The biggest factor in five-year ownership costs is depreciation, an issue often seen with high-end and expensive automobiles.

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Other cars that made the worst list from Consumer Reports include: the Volvo C70, Mini Countryman, Jeep Wrangler Sahara, Nissan Armada, Chrysler Town & Country L, Nissan Versa SV, Ford Focus SE, Chrysler 200, and the Dodge Charger.

While we don’t fully agree with their assessment, we have to recognize that historically the 7 Series has been known as a car that tends to depreciate faster than other BMWs and its price can jump quite a bit over the $100,000 mark after adding some options and packages. We also believe that the type of consumer/owner of a 7 Series is significantly different than one owning a Prius (unless you live in California and need to maintain an image) and a buyer purchasing the luxurious limousine is less concern with the price per mile that he or she has to pay.

Here is our own test drive of the BMW 750i from 2009.

15 responses to “The Consumer Reports Worst Value Car: 2013 BMW 750Li among them”

  1. says:

    Who reads this magazine ? People who buy a 750 buy it because they can afford it and for sure dont care about this magazines suggestions, and not all the time they are right with their surveys and comments about other things like electronics and machinery, sure they can give their opinion but we have our own …….. their way of comparing is so old and not clear !!

  2. Giom says:

    “Below par ride…” compared to what!? That’s a real silly thing to say and blows their whole theory and credibility out of the water!

    • Auto Fan says:

      Below par ride compared to even the Audi A8, let alone the ultimate king of sedans – the S-Class. BMW is a choice for compact premium segment, but top end luxury buyers always choose Mercedes-Benz, because it’s 100 times better than the mediocre BMW.

      • Picker says:

        Regarding the S-Class I agree. It beats all of BMW’s models taken together.

      • jason bourne says:

        Of course you’d say that, being a hater.

        Being a schmuck, you only post on this forum just to bad mouth BMW.

        • Picker says:

          I love a car which is the best of all times. And what car do you like? One that has the worst reliability of all times and no image at all – the 7 Series. So now I see which of us is a schmuck.

          • jason bourne says:

            “Best of all times?” Give me a freaking break.

            One thing is to make an outrageous claim, the other is to disparage another car while doing so. Sounds like insecurity to me.

            But I’d expect that from haters.

      • Fahad AlMaamari says:

        do you even have a mercedes-benz ??

  3. pierre says:

    the truth is if yu dont own one , you can not make ay claims on it test ithant you can bad mout t , think its out of your budged , by a merc and bugger of to there websight

  4. says:

    Lol people who can drop $120K on a car give approximately 0 fu@*s about the price per mile

  5. Ben says:

    Honestly, if that magazine had any readers I’d be scared, let me show you my face. :/ Where do they get $1.80 a mile from? I can understand if they’re worried about value depreciation, but what the heck is predicted reliability?

  6. Rad Dockery says:

    I am seeing prices on 2011 BMW 750’s with M Package and 35,000kms to 55,000kms for $65K to $78K. Test drove one and they drive great. If you are looking for high end luxury do you care about consumer reports. I’d rather read a good mag that compares used 7s, A8’s and S-Class models against each other

  7. WeLoveAnyCar says:

    According our reviewers, the BMW 1 series is the worst BMW. The main reason is because it is not at all good in snow (and snow is coming to Britain….)

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