BMW’s December and 2012 sales will break record

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We have just learned today that BMW is having a phenomenal sales month in December. With a little over 5,000 units behind Mercedes-Benz at the …

We have just learned today that BMW is having a phenomenal sales month in December. With a little over 5,000 units behind Mercedes-Benz at the end of November, BMW USA has made up the difference in the first two weeks in December and now is projected to have the best year of automobile sales, both in the U.S. and Worldwide.

BMW’s chief financial officer Friedrich Eichiner said today that the automaker will deliver 1.8 million new cars in 2012, globally, a significant increase over the 1.67 million vehicles sold last year. This figure includes all three brands: BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. A major contribution to this impressive figure is attributed to the Asian and North American market.

From January 1 to end of November, BMW of North America has sold 244,061 cars with December being projected as a record month. Our sources say that 3 Series Sedan is selling extremely well, with the help of its recently launched xDrive system.

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MINI is also projected to sell 65,000 cars in 2012, up from its 2011 record of 57,511 units.

The company will report its 2012 sales in the first week of January.

Will BMW retain the crown as the highest selling premium brand in the U.S.? We’ll find out next week.

8 responses to “BMW’s December and 2012 sales will break record”

  1. BabkenBMW says:

    We’ll see whether BMW manages to get to the top spot in the USA. Anyway it’s clear that BMW will stay No 1 premium brand in the world.

  2. says:

    Excuse me but sales doesnt mean its the top brand !! the top is made by many different factors ! Mercedes sells trucks and this cant be counted as a luxory brand ! how about including Farm tractors in the inventory ? so then Honda or Mitsubishi will be on the top 1!!
    Ferrari sales are so minimal compared to other brands, so if they dont sell to the masses they are not a luxory brand ? who cares BMW will be in the top no matter what !!!!

  3. Ninong says:

    BMW is not only the most valuable premium car brand in the world, it’s the most valuable car brand in the world, period! It overtook Toyota this year! That’s according to this story in CBS News:

    As far as market cap is concerned, BMW is worth Euro 46.5 billion vs. Daimler’s market cap of Euro 44.1 billion including trucks. If you subtract Euro 17.0 billion for their truck division (a conservative estimate), then their car division is worth Euro 27.1 billion. Daimler’s market cap is up 27% YTD vs. 46% for BMW.

    So even if you include the value of Daimler’s commercial trucks and vans, BMW is still worth more than Daimler by Euro 2.4 billion! If you compare just cars, BMW is worth much, much more than Mercedes Benz. It’s not even close!

    The Mini brand is not included in any sales totals in the luxury brand figures, just BMW and Rolls-Royce. Likewise the Smart cars are not included in Daimler’s totals, just Mercedes Benz and Maybach.

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