Rumors: BMW M8 to launch in 2016, Z2 canceled

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Not surprisingly (based on our own sources) Automobile Mag publishes that a BMW M8 supercar is on schedule for a 2016 market launch. For years …

Not surprisingly (based on our own sources) Automobile Mag publishes that a BMW M8 supercar is on schedule for a 2016 market launch. For years BMW fans have been extremely vocal in regards to a halo car that will remind everyone what BMW stands for. An Audi R8’s competitor has been rumored for years, but each time the Bavarians said that a business case cannot be made in those market conditions.

To speculate even more, Automobile Mag says that BMW’s CEO Norbert Reithofer views the supercar project with mixed feelings and that the greenlight has yet to come from him in regards to a V8 supercar. Friedrich Nitschke, CEO of M division, is in favor the car, eve if it means tweaking the i8 sports hybrid so that an M8 would share the carbon fiber and aluminum underpinnings. This approach will be cost effective while giving the 600 hp+ supercar a weight advantage over its competitors.

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A similar rumor appeared this summer with more substance:

The rumored and revised M1 will make extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum materials, in conjunction with magnesium, titanium, and high-strength steel. The monocoque will be built out of carbon fiber with a slim center backbone, strong sills, compact subframes, and firewalls with integrated rollover-protection extensions.

The unofficial target weight is 2750 pounds which makes the M supercar weigh 440 pounds less than a Porsche 911 Carrera S, 400 pounds lighter than the McLaren MP4, and 500 pounds less than the super expensive Lexus LFA.

Along with a mid-mounted engine, the M1 would include rear control-arm suspensions, carbon-ceramic brakes and electrically assisted power steering.

The shocker comes from the apparent cancellation of the long-time rumored BMW Z2 Roadster. The compact roadster, initially planned to be a rear-wheel drive car, might come back to focus in the future and use the new front-wheel drivetrain.

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5 responses to “Rumors: BMW M8 to launch in 2016, Z2 canceled”

  1. Matt Stokes says:

    Rumours of a BMW supercar… as regular as the changing seasons… Alas, not as inevitable.

  2. auaq says:

    They better make up a decision for a possible successor to the M1, if not I will be very upset and will keep on suckling on my thumb.

  3. italiangerman says:

    so is the 2016 M1 and 2016 M8 the same car?
    An academic question, most likely…….

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