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BMW X1 | November 19th, 2012 by 8
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UK magazine AutoExpress compares the BMW X1 SAV against a similar offering: Audi Q3. Since its market launch in fall 2009, the BMW X1 has …

UK magazine AutoExpress compares the BMW X1 SAV against a similar offering: Audi Q3. Since its market launch in fall 2009, the BMW X1 has notched up worldwide sales of more than 300,000 units.

The two variants tested are the 141 horsepower xDrive18d in xLine trim. The Audi responds with a 138 horsepower 2.0-liter TDI quattro version S line.

Which one should you buy? Let’s see the verdict from AutoExpress:

audi q3 bmw x1

“BMW has been on a roll of late. The 1, 3 and 5 Series are our current favourites in their respective sectors, while the new 3 Series Touring recently took victory in its first test. Unfortunately, minor updates to the X1 haven’t done enough to change our opinion that it’s the weakest car in the range.

Its dated cabin, awkward looks and heavy steering all disappoint. The X1’s flaws are even more obvious when pitched against the Audi Q3, which is a well rounded and desirable package.

It isn’t exciting and it’s far from revolutionary, but a first-rate cabin and smart looks mean it feels just like a scaled-down Audi Q5, while the driving experience strikes a careful balance between comfort and handling. It also has a bigger boot and more passenger space than the BMW.

Still, the X1 isn’t all bad. The 18d engine is refined, punchy and clean, while taut body control and secure grip mean that, aside from the heavy steering at low speeds, the BMW is pretty good to drive.

Also, the new xLine trim is relatively well equipped and it’s cheaper to buy than the S line Q3. The pair returned identical fuel consumption, but the BMW is cleaner. Yet the Audi has better residuals, and is also easier to live with, roomier and more desirable than the X1. It’s a clear winner.”

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8 responses to “AutoExpress: BMW X1 vs Audi Q3”

  1. Buba says:

    Unfortunately, agree. And more X1 is so ugly.

  2. Alen R says:

    Unfortunately don’t agree. The BMW X1 is the cutest BMW out there, if you ask any girl…

    The facelifted model is even better… I love the car in person… It’s not too agressive, like other BMW models, but it’s something special for me. The Audi Q3 is the quite opposite… It’s a scaled down Q5, a that’s it…

    • Mateo says:

      heh, second down q5, which is second down q7

      my personal opinion of X1:
      it’s stupid car made just to fill the hole just like previous X3, current 5GT

  3. Audi Fan says:

    Day and night difference in favour of Audi…AS ALWAYS. Audi models easily kick ass of any competing BMW models. BRAVO, AUDI!!!

    • empower says:

      Even in the dtm lol. I will give you the q3 yes I believe it’s the better package. But that’s the only Audi that will beat a BMW in a head to head. If you read my first post you will see the reasons why. The q5 was also better then the first x3. But if you really think the rest of Audis rebadged skodas are better then the rwd 4wd line up head to head you are dreaming. Save your self some money and buy the vw version sucker. Read the full article it says all the BMWs are the current favorites besides the x1. Typical Audi fan always forgets the facts you drive a car which shares parts with lesser brands. Audi should not be spoken in the same breath as BMW. Hats of to the vw board. all Audis are vw. Audis are fools gold people may think it’s real but people in the know and you deep down know it’s cheap. But the thing is you would if only had to.if spent a but more and you would of had the real thing. You where had

  4. empower says:

    The x1 was BMW at its worst and best at once. BMW learnt from the x3 and the compact 3. When creating a new segment you don’t have to spend that much on development you can raid the high standard parts bin and use cheaper materials. The x1 was based on the last 3ix touring which was a good car but its dated now that’s why its shown up by the q3. BMW new of they built it people would buy it. BMW planned this car to make up for the large sales slid of the x3 when other makes joined the segment. The x1 won’t suffer such a sales slid as the x3 one its a better car BMW was not as cheap in developing it. two it’s being rolled out in the USA and other markets and it generally is a popular car it seems to tick all the boxes for some. This car was far from the best BMW but it has made the brand we love a lot of money which has helped BMW develop cars such as the 6 gc and the 4 gc. The car is a tarted up version of a car from a high segment which was already 4 years old priced lower but also had lower materials. Over 300.000 cars from.a car based on one which would not even sale 40.000 a year. Now that’s what a call economies of scale. Maybe a little to much

  5. shanu says:

    Audi Q3 nice car,but
    Audi Q7 is the latest car 2014

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