September 2012 Sales: Mercedes-Benz expands lead over BMW

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September 2012 sales numbers are in and reports show that Mercedes-Benz has extended its lead over BMW to 5,221 deliveries after nine months. Mercedes’ sales …

September 2012 sales numbers are in and reports show that Mercedes-Benz has extended its lead over BMW to 5,221 deliveries after nine months.

Mercedes’ sales were up 7 percent last month, thanks to the updated C-Class and GLK models.  BMW reported last month sales increase of 0.1 percent to 21,761 units versus 23,156 for the Stuttgart-based automaker. Mercedes U.S. sales through September rose 13 percent to 191,618 while BMW’s deliveries rose 4.9 percent to 186,397. Lexus sales gained 26 percent to 170,990.

Sales of the BMW 3 Series fell 17 percent to 7,731 in September, while the C-Class numbers rose 15 percent to 7,782.

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Lexus continues its recovery and sales rose 36 percent to 20,386, same as  Audi which reported an increase of 26 percent last month to 12,302. Porsche reported the same percentage increase or 2,736 vehicles in the U.S. last month.

Acura saw a sales increase of 44 percent to 14,366 last month.

Cadillac’s sales fell 1.3 percent to 12,579 vehicles in September.

The luxury sales over the next three months is expected to increase, along with a wide variety of incentive programs.

[Source: Businessweek]


16 responses to “September 2012 Sales: Mercedes-Benz expands lead over BMW”

  1. Titan says:

    Nothing surprising. Look at the photo above, and you’ll understand why MB kicks BMW ass!!!!!

  2. FreudeKing says:

    Again, I TOLD YOU SO! BMW’s ugly cars are just not appealing at all. Which management had such stinking arrogant attitude and said BMW does not need an image boost and therefore will not make any appealing sports cars and go front wheel drive mommy’s taxis? Well here you have it, the younger generation all have Audi R8 posters on their walls. What BMWs do you expect to be put on the wall? A 5GT?

    This is what happens to a company when management is so full of themselves and lose touch with society. This is what will cause BMW to lose the number 1 spot in 1 year’s time. Mark my words.

  3. FreudeKing says:

    The brand new 3 Series not being able to compete with a 4 year old C Class… This is not due to the fact that the 3 Series is a bad car, in fact it is superior in almost every way. But rather BMW’s brand losing appeal. In the premium market, people first chose the brand, then they chose the cars within the brand that most suit their needs and desires. This is why Audi is such a fast growing company, soon to overtake BMW. More and more, especially the younger generation perceive Audi as cooler than BMW. Ask people around you: what do they think of when you mention Audi: they say R8, elegance, speed. Ask what they think of when you mention BMW: ugly cars, sedans, etc. Get my point! The market is trending away from BMW and it is no fault of other than BMW itself not wiling to invest in its brand, not willing to carry on spending on marketing, cutting cost left right and centre, creating a bad image with record numbers of recalls with almost every new car they launch, and even diluting the brand building something that does not even deserve a BMW badge on, using it just to make more sales, yes I am referring to FWD trash that’s about to come out.

    If this idiotic management team does not wake up, BMW will be the next Nokia!

    • realtrevor says:

      You blame FWD trash, and yet you say AUDIs are better while they are know for FWD and a few 4WD.

      • FreudeKing says:

        I did not say Audi is better in any way. I am a BMW fan and because it is superior to Audi. But Audi is able to create better brand appeal in recent years as they invested a lot into that and they are seeing the results in a time where BMW cut cost, cut marketing expenditure, thinking they are so high and mighty that they will never lose. Audi’s are merely rebadged VWs, yet they are perceived to be at the same level as BMW and will now take over as no.1. This is the extent of BMW’s management failure, with superior products but not being able to convince the majority. What a pity.

    • says:

      What a bad perception ! ask around who ? the kids those who buy little VW , BMW is not interested in those kids since they dont have the potential to buy a BMW, these opinions you mention are based on your own opinion only, save it for yourself. VW invades BMW territory ! now BMW will show them how FWD should be, goodbye GOLF VW you better start praying since BMW is coming………….

  4. desiredusername says:

    Titan, how are you trolling around? :D

  5. ///MPOWER says:

    How many
    times do you haters are going to repeater your selves over and over?, it was from around the year 2000 and before you idiots have being yapping about Audi becoming #1, and all know i
    can’t see that in the near future. Titan,FreudeKing and company continue
    to elaborate on a pointless debate, you fools speak of “the young
    generating speak of BMW as being ugly”, this is nothing less but a “childish
    comment” with no validity whatsoever. Because non of you Haters can prove that of what the majority
    opinions intact are, and all of you continually to embarrass yourselves by
    investing in this pointless pursuit then being INSULT by what the actual result
    always tern out to be.

    I’m a Win Lose or Draw BMW Fan, and and with all respect Mercedes Benz is in
    fact the VETERAN in this class of Luxury, so they always keep their Rich Heritage
    regardless of what the challenge may be. Audi on the other hand make
    “Dam” good cars and no one can can opposed to that. But when it comes
    down to BMW, this ///Master is a three (3) in one (1) package, the only manufacture
    that provide the most authentic Split Personality in the Auto industry, However
    this will be opposed by some people, but the reality of this claim cannot be
    denied no matter what the criticism may be , furthermore “vivid and accurate” evidence has always testified of this.

    These are
    the statistics of sales for last month, and if this was indeed a matter of
    which car look the best according to you all and the many Journalist which worship
    Audi, Audi would most definitely Murder BMW and Mercedes Benz “in some area” in this category where Luxury is concerned,
    but that not the case.

    The gap between Mercedes and BMW is (1,395 units), and there’s a possibility that this gap will be reduce, the gap between BMW and Audi is (9,459), so that’s less that half of units annually for last month sales.

    So before you Viewers start making pointless claim, search for information that are valid with vivid accuracy. I understand the some of you are not that academically Inclined, you are so narrow in mind and only see things one way, which can only diagnose with the syndrome of “Illiteracy”.

    Peace go with you all. Let’s wait and see what this month will bring.

  6. says:

    Who cares who is no 1 in sales. BMW will be allways a premium car manufacturer who people like me will like forever, I dont care about those pretenders and their copycat management co. I know and many like me who is no 1 , for 40 years I have seen all kinds of people like some of these fools that come to this website and know all !! thank you but your opinions are a waste of time . BMW4EVER

    • Freudeking says:

      What a retard. Well unfortunately for you, your generation are the ones that are shrinking this market and the growth in the past 3 years actually comes from the generation in their late 20’s and early 30’s.

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