CNET On Cars: Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe

6 Series Gran Coupe | September 4th, 2012 by 19
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A new automotive video show goes live and it’s produced by CNET. Dubbed CNET On Cars, the web series kicks off with a comparison between …

A new automotive video show goes live and it’s produced by CNET. Dubbed CNET On Cars, the web series kicks off with a comparison between the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and the Audi A7.

The host Brian Cooley chooses the 640i Gran Coupe model and pits it against the A7 which is powered by a supercharged 310 hp, 325 lb-ft, 3.0-liter V-6. The A7 makes use of the Quattro all-wheel drive platform.

The 640i Gran Coupe carries under the hood the N55 3.0 liter twin-scroll turbocharged unit with 315 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and 330 pound-feet of torque, which comes together at 1,400 rpm and it’s flat until 4,500 rpm.

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Both cars weigh roughly the same, 4200 lbs, but that doesn’t translate into equal MPG numbers: 18/28 for the Audi and 20/30 for BMW.

So who takes the win? Let’s have a look.

19 responses to “CNET On Cars: Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe”

  1. Audi Fan says:

    Audi wins…as always! I can’t understand how some people can be so naive to buy BMW when there’s Audi.

    • E28 says:

      Why dont you fanboy take your overpriced Volkswagen and get the hell off this site!

      • Alen Residovic says:

        Everyone’s welcome here. Who knows, maybe he realises someday that he was wrong the whole time…

        If I got it right, BMW has better design, and is a better sports car, but the Audi is a better luxury car, and is cheaper. So it’s the winner…

    • says:

      What do you know about this product of VW ? LETS SEE YOUR KNOWLEDGE ? yeah I know you will be going to google, good so you know what it really is ,,,,,, i will save you time …………………………………its a VW !!!!!!!!!! surprise !!!!!!

      • Auto Fan says:

        That VW easily beats your pathetic BMW. Surprise!!!!!

        • George says:

          Auto Fan, take it easy. There’s no need in arguing with dreaming BMW fans. Sales figures prove that Audi is much better than BMW. And by 2013 at latest Audi will become the best selling premium brand in the world. Then we’ll see what these stupid dreamers say.

          • says:

            George take this ; Audi will and will stay a VW brand , do you know how people look at this ! A CHEAP selling product only interested in selling for the masses, George what does VW mean ! Do you know ? end of argument .. Audi is VW

          • George says:

            That very VW beats your BMW with all aspects. So if it is cheap, BMW is more so.

    • BMW BEST says:

      Because BMW is better than Audi,simple as that.

  2. Giom says:

    The classic; “The BMW is the better at this and the better at that, I’ll take the Audi.” what has journalism come to…?

    • Horatiu B. says:

      :))) It’s called personal preference, not what what the best advice for your readers is :)))))))

    • George says:

      He says that Audi is a better performance car, and that’s the most important thing to me, because BMW is hopelessly beaten by what once used to be their strength. And that means BMW is the only useless German premium brand because they don’t have something to boast about any more. Mercedes-Benz is the most comfortable one, and Audi is the best performance brand. And BMW isn’t the best at anything. And hence the poor sales figures, since customers start to understand it as well. Bye-Bye, BMW!

  3. says:

    This VW Audi is the ugliest car in the market, already looks old , look at the back finish looks like a mistake . The BMW only on the looks ! is one of the most beautiful cars in the Market, it shouts luxory !!!

  4. says:

    BMW just beautiful…………… what a design ………..

  5. Auto Fan says:

    BMW fans, you’re idiots!
    In every review Audi easily beats BMW including performance-wise. So burn in hell, losers!

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