Speculative Renderings: 2014 BMW X5

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In late 2013, BMW will unveil the third and latest generation X5. The first generation X5, with the chassis code E53, made its debut in …

In late 2013, BMW will unveil the third and latest generation X5. The first generation X5, with the chassis code E53, made its debut in 1999 and it was BMW’s first Sports Activity Vehicle. Initially the company has been highly criticized for entering the SUV market, but over the years, not only the X5 has proven to be extremely successful, other X products have come to market as well.

Now in its third generation, the F15 X5 will build atop the success of its predecessors and is rumored to sport a more dynamic ride. The 2014 X5 is based on the architecture of the 5 Series which provides significant contribution to weight reduction – more than 100 kilograms – despite the ever growing dimensions – along with a sportier driving experience. The lower weight also lays the groundwork for smaller engines to be used in the X5, like both petrol and diesel four-cylinder units.

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Design wise, the F15 X5 will feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces. The fascia incorporates a more dominating grille with thicker slats and a wider design. The grille’s design includes the transition from kidneys to the headlights, similar to the one seen on the recently launched F30 3 Series sedan.

The front bumper takes its clues from the new M models that feature integrated air curtain vents.

The overall proportions are the same as the current model, and with the X3 placed right below, and a potential X7 in the future, the dimensions of the X5 are contained.

With all these clues in mind, some rendering artists took upon the task to speculate on the design of the X5. In the images below you can see different interpretations and in our opinion, none of them have are very close to the final design lines.

As the testing process advances, we expect to see more test mules being driven in Europe and in the U.S., which will give us a closer look at the overall design.

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[Renderings: Autoevolution | TopSpeed | AutoBild]

6 responses to “Speculative Renderings: 2014 BMW X5”

  1. dambmw says:

    Im nof into the new headlight at all, the F30 IMHO would be a perfect 3, comparable to the E46 if it wasnt for that design feature, I was hoping they may make the coupe/vert look more like m5/m6 headlight/grill but based on this, looks like only more to come

  2. viper says:

    looks longer , uglier and boxier , instead of fresher newer more individual design they still have trouble with designers and whoever approves such rubbish looks , the renders are close to reality but there is still a chance for changes and hopefully the new x5 will look much better

  3. Jack says:

    BMWs are increasingly boring and inferior to Benz and now even VW’s second class Audi. I will therefore not be surprised if the new X5 actually looks like this rendering.

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    Gross. The first thing I thought of when seeing the red render was “Jeep Grand Cherokee”.
    I love the X5 now. It has only gotten better over time. I can’t see them ruining it. I don’t think these renders will represent the final design.

  5. NaBUru38 says:

    The topmost render is way too boxy, sams as the latest X1 and X3. I prefer TopSpeed’s rounder shapes.

  6. scenicruiser says:

    The red one is way off. I’ve looked at several “less” camouflaged spy photos, and they’re not close. The lower renderings are closer. The hood definitely will NOT have that ver unappealing rounding. And the lines are smoother, the height lower. What I’ve seen, is a winner.

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