New BMW M3: An agent of change for M Division

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The 2014 BMW M3 is coming into better focus. We believe that we dodged a bullet with the V6 variant but purists are still miffed …

The 2014 BMW M3 is coming into better focus. We believe that we dodged a bullet with the V6 variant but purists are still miffed that the in-line 6 will be turbocharged. But power will be up over the naturally aspirated V8 in the current M3.

Torque is king on the new six, and, as many have stated before, horsepower sells cars, torque wins races. And this engine will have a ton a torque right off idle. The F80 M3 engine will be better than the ‘is’ 1M, and that is a good engine with great reserves of power. It WILL be a blast on the track.

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And there’s the buzz that a manual transmission is not an option (and that doesn’t mean a manual only), instead it will come with a DCT. And that makes sense given what M has been saying about taking the pure M cars up a notch. M believes that the new M3 should be more biased towards track than road. Given that bias, the DCT is the transmission of choice. If you want a manual, you’ll probably have to wait for the M 335i.

The renders that have been showing up are looking more and more believable. But what we have yet to see is whether or not BMW will risk renaming the coupe from M3 to M4. Yes the two door version of the 1er will become the 2, and yes the two door version of the 5er is the 6 (and even the ‘stretching it’ four door coupe 6) but the 3 series is the heart and soul of BMW. It will be interesting to see if they pull the trigger and use the M4 name on the two door (but they have my blessing to call the four door coupe version the M4).

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16 responses to “New BMW M3: An agent of change for M Division”

  1. kazoo says:

    I actually had a lot written out here, but decided to not post it. All of my thoughts can be summed up in (and pardon my french) “wow, what the fuck.”

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Feel free to elaborate.

      • Alex says:

        I basically ranted for a while about what Albert Biermann said about the M3 always having a stick shift, as found in this article:

        Then I was planning on writing about how much more “connected” to the vehicle you are with the more control you have over it, which is extremely visible in cars with manual transmissions. But it seems like all of these companies just want automatics now because (well, the DCT at least) is higher performance because it can shift faster. They also reduce fatigue, keep your eyes and focus on the road more, etc, even though to people like me they’re so boring to drive. It seems like that’s what they would rather have instead of making a car that is a thrill to go even 5 miles per hour in.

        So if they’re going to take what are their “real drivers cars,” and omit the last part of the car that connects the driver to them (minus the throttle and brake) then what are people who truely enjoy driving stick, and love this company and it’s cars (much like I do) supposed to do when they want to buy something new? Go to another brand, I guess?

        One last thing. I don’t get how designing the manual in to the vehicle is any more work. I’ve heard you have to design in where to put the shift lever and clutch, but isn’t it obvious how it should all connect? With an automatic, you have to program the control unit, which I’m sure is much more expensive and time consuming than physically looking at something and saying “oh hey, this looks like it works!” If you’re designing the car, just design it with both transmissions in mind.. it shouldn’t have to be an afterthought to put in anything else.

        But then I realized that if everybody thought this way (the “blah blah technology progress why isn’t it like the old days blah”) then we’d all still have carbureted engines, spewing NOx, CO, HC and who knows what else all over, so I figured I wouldn’t bring the attention to myself like that since all it does is attract the trolls.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Good points.

          I still think BMW will offer an M3 manual, but probably just for the U.S.

          • Alex says:

            It just saddens me because it’s something that can make or break a car for me. My real “DD” is an automatic, and I have a beat up 85 F150 pickup with the 3 speed w/ overdrive and 5.0L I6 engine for yard work. No options, no luxuries, barely any paint is left. I enjoy driving that old truck more simply because of the manual trans. I guess it’s just me though. I have driven DCT cars and I think they’re fantastic, but I still prefer that firm hand shake rather than shaving 0.2 seconds off of my 0-60 time.

          • asd says:

            I totally agree Alex. Manual gearboxes are just much more fun and intimate. My old man has the new 5 series GT with 8 speed auto and while it is an astonishing piece of engineering, it’s still not like changing gears, heel and toe downshifting etc. However it suits very well for that car, my problem is with 3 series cars that have autos. In my mind all 3er’s with auto are women’s cars! Just for posing, and I hate that. I also hate the fact that they are ruining M3 with this garbage. Looks like 1 and 2 series are only true BMW’s left. If those will fail I guess only modern sporty car left is Subaru BRZ.

          • Alex says:

            They’re supposedly trying to reach a more broad audience, which I don’t have a problem with. But in my mind, removing the standard option from a vehicle is decreasing your audience, not increasing it. I have no problem with turbocharged engines (forced induction makes a lot of sense to me, since an engine is really just a glorified air pump), computer controls for this and that, lightweight plastic components or emissions controls, but no standard option is what gets me. Especially for a car like an M3.

  2. Giom says:

    My guess is that BMW will retain the M3 badge for the four and two door versions. I will be very surprised if they’d name the coupe M4.

  3. 993mike says:

    Just look at how the BMWCCA members voted for a “BMWCCA Club Edition e92 M3” – the manual transmission configuration received the most votes. I’m a three pedal guy, but the vote even surprised me. They’re offerering it in the M5, they should do the same with the M3. While the turbo engine will certainly be more torquey than the outgoing V-8, I sure wil miss that car’s screaming rush all the way past 8,000 rpm. It’s like the difference between a Porsche turbo versus GT3 – the turbo is quicker, but running up the revs in a GT3 is the better experience (at least to me).

    • eric hunter says:

      My 2000 E39 M5 had a 6 speed with a short shifter in it and I felt connected and folks thought it was kewl. My 2008 M3 had one as I had tried an M6 with DCT in the interim and felt totally lost. Shifts were quick, but antiseptic ! Upshifts were perfect, but I Wanted to Do It ! The 2011 M3 is a stick, and I’m loving it. It’s my durn boat and I like rowing it! With an Akropovic exhaust, I can slip the clutch and give it a blip to an admirer and get a thumbs up. Try that with DCT. No fun. The change to an inline 6 cylinder and good low end grunt is actually welcome because the achilles heel on the V8 is low torque out of the corner. The engine comes alive at 5500 rpm and goes to the moon, but on a twisty road or coming out of a corner at Road Atlanta, others cars are gone before I can get the hampsters moving in the engine.

      I agree with you 993mike: Look at the voting BMW…Come on, man !

  4. RickyRacer says:

    Wow, this reminds me of the comments when BMW decided to end the 2002!
    The bottom line then was BMW decided, despite the whining and knashing of teeth
    of enthusiasts everywhere. Technology and Complexity sell and the manual tranny is neither.
    Even tho I do prefer the manual, I guess I am old school.

  5. John Googins says:

    I just returned from the 24 Hours of Lemans Race in France and rented a 320D Sedan. I had lots of torgue and 7 speed auto transmission. We drove through Germany, Holland, France and back to Germany – 2500 miles and 36 miles to a gallon and the car could still pull me at over 150 MPH and for longer spells at 120 MPH. At speeds above 100 MPH you run into traffic. Some days worse then others. I am looking forwards to the 6 cyclinder 3.0 L diesel with 180 HP and 575 ft / lbs of torque. It could be the first diesel M car.

    Proud owner of a 2002 M-3 E 46 with a blower and 4:10 gears. 0 to 60 in less then 4 seconds. 3000 rpm at 65 MPH.

  6. Alex says:

    All new BMW for one face.((

  7. Z4MCouper says:

    What a joke! I need a new car company.

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