“BMW A Driving Obsession” – A look inside BMW

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bmwmuseum31 750x500 BMW A Driving Obsession   A look inside BMW

Last year, CNBC aired an hour long segment on BMW and its fascinating story. CNBC Correspondent Carl Quintanilla delivers an emotional report on BMW and …

Last year, CNBC aired an hour long segment on BMW and its fascinating story. CNBC Correspondent Carl Quintanilla delivers an emotional report on BMW and takes viewers inside BMW’s secretive Tech Center, where engineers do their magic to provide one of the best driving experiences in the automotive industry.

A year later and one of our readers, Alen, suggested we would run the entire segment from an Youtube clip for those that didn’t have a chance to watch it live or on replay last year.

The 60 minutes documentary includes the following topics:

bmwmuseum31 655x491 BMW A Driving Obsession   A look inside BMW

BMW headquarters is located on the north end of Munich. And right next door is the BMW Welt – or world – the ultimate showcase for the cars. Here you can immerse yourself in BMW production, engineering and innovation.

A few blocks from BMW headquarters is the FIZ, the company’s research and development center. Here engineers work to enhance the performance and design of BMW cars, and you might say, obsess over what makes a premium car. CNBC takes you inside the highly secretive facility.


What better way to enhance your reputation than to sponsor the transformation of your products into art? BMW did just that with a series of “art cars.” Since 1975, seventeen famous artists have designed “art cars” on behalf of BMW.


Rolls Royce may be the most precious gem in BMW’s crown. A vehicle of choice for the world’s wealthiest with a price tag only they can afford. It’s been the carriage of royalty, sheiks and stars.

6 responses to ““BMW A Driving Obsession” – A look inside BMW”

  1. c230mike says:

    Our favorite part about the segment was CNBC Correspondent Carl Quintanilla breaking German Law on camera by not wearing his seatbelt while driving (at 180km/h). Otherwise it was a very good piece.

  2. Sajan says:

    Watched this about two weeks ago…. love it! Really shows why BMW are the snipers of the car industry. When someone asks me why I prefer BMW to the other two I show them this video. BMW is such a unique marque… no Audi is designed with the same passion as a BMW. BMW’s are the truth..no matter which one you buy : Mini Cooper all the way up to the RR Ghost.. they all possess one specific trait.. i’m pretty sure people will know what I mean by that. The same can’t be said about the other big two

  3. Alen Residovic says:

    Good documentary! Many interesting facts presented! The desinging passion is well explained, and it mostly sums all the reason why we all love BMWs.

  4. gt2012 says:

    What is that at 30:25 minutes?
    Is it the 3 series gt?

    • Alen Residovic says:

      yeah, doesn’t look like GT5, so it’s probably a GT 3 clay model. But, as they said, from 100 sketches, only 4 make it to the final discussion (they make computer and clay models), then, they choose two. Eventually, one goes to the production. So maybe, it’s just a clay model that will never get to production… I doubt that BMW would show us a new model without camouflage. (there are some camouflaged models in the background shown at 29:52 in this video. One looks like a wagon, probably the F30 wagon because this was filmed last year…

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