Video: BMW M3 Crash on a highway

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A driver equipped with an onboard video camera captured a BMW M3 Coupe that crashes on a highway during heavy rain conditions. The M3 crashes …

A driver equipped with an onboard video camera captured a BMW M3 Coupe that crashes on a highway during heavy rain conditions. The M3 crashes and rolls over after losing control and according to the user that uploaded the video, no one was hurt in the incident.

Judging by the footage, the driver of the M3 slammed the brakes at a fairly high speed, and the rear traction coupled with high performance tires led to the imminent crash. Despite the severity of this crash, the BMW proves again that the high safety ratings are well deserved.

Video: BMW M3 Crash on a highway

Back in April, a new F10 M5 crashed on the Autobahn at 300 km/h and after flipping several times, the driver and his passengers survived the accident.

If there is a lesson to be learned from the video below is that you should always adapt your driving to the road and weather conditions, no matter how experienced of a driver you are.

  • auaq

    Idiot driver!

  • dman229

    Brake lights on the whole time. and no steering correction. What an IDIOT.

  • pimeto

    Asians man…. asians. It was not a big hit thought, the two lights were on after the hit so, the dude survived

    • tjpark01

      Nice, just what the world needs more racism. Nice work.

  • Alex

    Poor driving skills, probably didn’t have DSC on either.

  • Soofdawg

    Moronic drivers…one doesn’t know how to drive…the other refuses to even stop immediately to help.

  • Fahad AlMaamari

    Why do you have to switch off the DSC on a slippery road !!!

  • abcdefg

    Nice how everyone here shows compassion. :D

  • Michael Huang

    this was taken on a highway (brobably the No.3 highway) near Taoyuan in north Taiwan on 02 August. There was a typhoon and it rained a lot in all Taiwan. I experienced times of “aquaplaning” on highway that day. …

  • Just-say’n

    Wonder how this would have gone down if the guy with the camera had been in the right lane instead of cruising in the left lane.

  • Kevin

    anyone notice the passenger side door opens up while flipping? scary!

    • Ahmad Haziq

      The passenger door must’ve been completely destroyed after hitting those green poles. If there was a passenger on the side, he/she is lucky to still be alive!

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  • BabkenBMW

    The driver is to blame for the accident. The video clearly shows that the driver made a manoeuvre when driving at high speed in the rain which is a childish mistake. Let’s hope he got proper lessons from this accident.

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  • ZZF

    it was in china…

  • Westsider

    He was trying to overtake the slow poke in the right lane with a very narrow margin for error, showed no corrective instinct, and paid the price.

    Prior to airbags, this would’ve been chalked up to natural selection ..