Video: Chris Bangle gets Lifetime Achievement from Eyes On Design

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Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW receives the Lifetime Design Achievement Award from EyesOn Design. His retirement in March of …

Chris Bangle, the charismatic designer and ex-chief of design at BMW receives the Lifetime Design Achievement Award from EyesOn Design.

His retirement in March of 2009 marked the end of a decade and a half of service designing automobiles for BMW. Born in the USA, Christopher Bangle, aged 52, has been Head of BMW Group Design Development since October 1992.

While his talent and passion for design are undeniable, Bangle can also be considered one of the most controversial designers of all time. He has made a name in the automotive world, not only through his vision and talent, but also through some controversial BMW vehicles. One of them, the E65 7 Series and the now famous “Bangle butt”, a model which introduced to the world the concept of “flame surfacing”. Fast forward many years and a large number of automakers are using Bangle-cues in their design.

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Over the years numerous designs for new vehicles and vehicle concepts have been developed under Christopher Bangle’s leadership. As well as continuing the BMW 3, 5 and 7 Series, he and his teams were responsible for a range of other models, including the BMW Z3, BMW Z4, BMW X5, BMW Z8, BMW X3, the new BMW 6 Series, the BMW X6 and the BMW 1 Series. Other developments under the auspices of Christopher Bangle include the new MINI and Rolls-Royce models and a number of innovative motorcycle concepts.

Here is a video below with Bangle receiving the award. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview we have conducted this week with Chris Bangle who talks about the future of car design, among many other interesting topics.

Press Release:

Renowned car designer feted at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club during EyesOn Design weekend

July 16, 2012, Detroit, MI. Well-known car designer Chris Bangle was presented with the 2012 Lifetime Design Achievement Award in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan on June 15 at the Vision Honored black-tie event which kicked off the EyesOn Design automotive design show weekend.

The weekend culminated with the 25th anniversary EyesOn Design car show on the grounds of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores on Father’s Day, June 17, which featured nearly 300 of the best-looking vehicles ever made.

The Lifetime Design Achievement Award, given annually by the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology (DIO), is unique in that only vehicle designers who have previously won the award are eligible to vote.

Born in Ohio and raised in Wisconsin, Bangle gained fame as BMW’s design leader where his recognizable styling themes helped the brand set sales records and overtake Mercedes Benz as the global leader in premium car sales. Since 2009, he has directed his own design studio in Turin, Italy.

Displayed at the yacht club were several concept cars including the unique fabric-bodied GINA concept car designed by Bangle. The car was also shown at the Sunday show.

“Chris was constantly exploring new ideas and innovations in design, as seen in the GINA concept,” noted Alec Bernstein, director of advanced communications, BMW DesignWorks USA.

Also remarking on Bangle’s career during the Vision Honored evening were Ed Welburn, General Motors Vice President of Global Design; Joel Piaskowski, Director, Exterior Design for the Americas, Ford Motor Company and Jack Telnack, retired Ford designer and the 2005 recipient of the Lifetime Design Achievement Award.

Lear Corporation and Nissan were sponsors of the Vision Honored award ceremony.

EyesOn Design is unique among auto shows because it celebrates vehicle design. The show and weekend events are a major source of revenue for the DIO’s research, education and support programs for the visually-impaired.

Other auto-related DIO events include the EyesOn Design awards each year at the North American International Auto Show and The Eye & The Auto International Conference, held at the General Motors Global Learning Center in Detroit, Michigan.

10 responses to “Video: Chris Bangle gets Lifetime Achievement from Eyes On Design”

  1. Matt Webb says:

    A man who made some of the UGLIEST cars ever.

    • Horatiu says:

      I strongly disagree. I just talked to Bangle 2 days ago and he struck me as one of the smartest people I’ve talked to and a visionary. His design was controversial, but he influenced lots of industries and especially other cars. He also understands the future of car design and he shared with us some memorable quotes.

      • bimmerphile says:

        There is a factual error above. The E65’s does not have ‘flame surfacing’. even a modicum of research of BMW events ten years ago will clearly show that the term did not appear until the E85’s unveiling – officially over a year later.

        That’s because only the E85, of the two, had/has, simply put, both concave & convex stampings in the same panel. The E65 does not.

        AW’s E85’s design language is all about ‘dynamic surfacing’. What AvH did with the E65’s design language (+ E63’s), was all about ‘dynamic presence’ / ‘formal presence’ / ‘dynamic proportions’ / etc.

        This was the brilliance in CEB’s design direction for that (“Revolutionary”) generation of bimmers. TWO design languages — the ‘barbell’ — that met in the middle (E60), to form a new family look for the whole product lineup.

        To say the E65 has ‘flame surfacing’ is just as silly as saying the E85 has ‘formal presence’; and, worse case, exposes a fundamental ignorance of how CEB managed the very, very complex process.

      • bimmerphile says:

        CEB being “controversial” was a media fabrication. Unfortunately, this video further indicates that it took on a life of its own.

        No different than how the liberal media has treated Bill O’Reilly; or, GWB when he was POTUS; and, how “polarizing” Tim Tebow allegedly is now.

        What do the four of them have in common???

    • bimmerphile says:

      No, just some of the best SELLING bimmers ever.

  2. belarc says:

    Co-Responsible for the downfall of BMW’s classic design, and they give this asshole an award?

    There is no justice in this world.

  3. bimmerphile says:

    Interesting video. Of the several aspects that should be noted is that there were a few Ford types praising CEB (at a Ford location), except J Mays; who has neither appreciate nor understood CEB’s design direction at BMW Group. Much like the earlier comments here. ;-)

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