Rumor: BMW 1 Series sedan coming in 2015

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Another confirmation that a BMW 1 Series Sedan is in works comes via Automotive News. The U.S. outlet reports that BMW plans to bring a …

Another confirmation that a BMW 1 Series Sedan is in works comes via Automotive News. The U.S. outlet reports that BMW plans to bring a sedan version of the entry-level 1 Series to United States in 2015.

BMW will launch a 1-series sedan in the United States in 2015 to compete with compact sedans planned by German competitors. The rear-wheel drive 1 Series Sedan will compete against offerings from Audi, the A3 which comes in 2014, and Mercedes-Benz CLA launching next year.

The reason behind the 1 Series Sedan lays within the ever growing dimensions of the 3 Series Sedan. This is creating an opportunity for BMW to build a smaller sedan that will cater to a demographic looking for an entry-level family car at a smaller price point.

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The interesting tidbit is that an insider told Automotive News about a shift in strategy with the next generation 1 Series due out in eight years from now. The source says the 1er sedan will utilize then a front-wheel drive architecture, similar to the upcoming redesigned MINI and the new family of BMW FWD vehicles.

The car will also help BMW achieve their ambitious sales goals of two million cars a year by 2020 and will be marketed for North America and China. BMW 3 Series models remain the bread and butter for BMW in North America.

We reported earlier this year that four and six-cylinder engines will be featured in the 1-series sedan line-up, with an all-electric version being also under consideration.

14 responses to “Rumor: BMW 1 Series sedan coming in 2015”

  1. empower says:

    Automotive News about a shit in strategy, spell check

  2. mckillio says:

    Hopefully we can get a 5 door/GT also. If they’re able to make the future 1-series light enough they could even put a 3-cylinder in it, certainly in Europe.

    p.s. Welcome back 3-series

  3. Otto says:

    It’s so damn easy to feed the rumour mill : see what Audi and MB are doing, add 3-5 years and you got what BMW will release. Audi announced a A3 Sedan? BMW will come up with a 1 Series Sedan. MB released the CLS and the Shooting Brake? BMW will release the 6 Series Gran Coupe and Gran Wagon and so on. The only area where BMW is ahead is the SUVs, with the X1, X3 and X6.

  4. bgdc says:

    Can’t wait. Have an F30 on order but not looking forward to it. Want a smaller, lighter sedan. Ideally an 1 Series M sedan… yummy…

  5. mike says:

    to many cooks spoil the broth enough with the new models bmw is saturating thwe market and will soon become just another vehicle for the masses

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