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UK magazine AutoExpress drives the F20 four-door BMW 125d equipped with the M Sport package. The F20 1er Hatchback made its debut last summer and …

UK magazine AutoExpress drives the F20 four-door BMW 125d equipped with the M Sport package. The F20 1er Hatchback made its debut last summer and it was offered in Europe with both petrol and diesel engines. The 125d with M Sport package is considered to be, so far, the flagship of the new 1 Series family.

The M Sport pack brings changes to the exterior, including both aerodynamic and stylistic improvements. Starting at the front of the vehicle, the front air dam has been widened to accommodate larger air intakes which feed the cooling systems.  Moving to the side valence, a more sculptured prominent line is drawn above the rocker panels, adding the appearance of muscle and weight to the car.  Finally, at the rear BMW has incorporated a more aggressive and sculpted rear bumper, rounding out the look.

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In the UK, the model starts at £27,820 and provides a fuel economy of 60 imperial mpg.

But how does it drive? Let’s have a look at an excerpt from their review:

The performance is all you’d expect of the M Sport badge. Like the 120d, the 125d uses a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine, with an output of 215bhp – up 34bhp on the 120d. As a result, 0-62mph takes 6.5 seconds (against 7.3 seconds for the 120d) when hooked up to the slick eight-speed automatic gearbox in our test model.

Fuel economy is impressive, too. BMW claims 58.9mpg, against 62.8mpg for the 120d. The only downside is that the 125d can’t quite match the 120d on emissions – it puts out 7g/km more CO2, at 126g/km, which means road tax costs an extra £70 a year.

With an enormous 450Nm of maximum torque from just 1,500rpm, though, the 125d always has razor-sharp response and lots of deep-chested urge, which makes it as fast as a petrol hot hatch like the Ford Focus ST. The sports suspension is 10mm lower than standard, and certainly helps put a smile on your face on a twisty road. Thanks to BMW’s Drive Performance Control system, the ride’s not uncomfortable, however.

You can choose from four driving modes, ranging from economy-minded ECO PRO to Comfort, Sport and Sport plus. This means the 125d can be smooth and relaxing one moment, but racy the next.

Full review at AutoExpress and here is our own review from last year.

14 responses to “AutoExpress: First Drive F20 BMW 125d M Sport”

  1. Giom says:

    No dissing its design. That’s new. Seems the look is growing on people. Which it should! This car is outstanding!

  2. IvanJai says:

    great rwd hatchback.
    should be a fine competitor to a3 tdi

  3. Mateo says:

    can someone make section for them?

    • BMW Defeated says:

      We’re not haters, but truth-speakers, you dreamer. Audi is the performance king now. Just look what the mighty A6 does to your turtle-like 5 Series, or what the A4 does to your ridiculous 3 Series. Isn’t that enough for you, kid?

      • BMW BEST says:

        All right,keep talking,showw us some evidence.I guess you must be a upgraded VW driver and count on with the stupid quattro system because you have no balls to drive some truly performance car like BMW that’s why you hate it,you such a pathetic person.Failed.

        • BMW Defeated says:

          Show you some evidence? Here is one of just many. Search for the Audi A6 vs BMW 535i comparison and get disappointed with your foolish BMW.

          • Mateo says:

            why do you even care???
            you like audi and we like bmw so what!
            i don’t see the point of this, 5 series sucks, so what, someone loves it someone don’t. I think it’s nowhere near good as e60 used to be back in 2004 – but who cares!!!

          • BMW BEST says:

            Is that all you can came up with?And I don’t think your useless A6 can really defeat BMW 5 series,how about M3 vs S4/RS4/RS5,1M vs RS3,M5 vs S6/RS6?huh?Can one of the Audi above even defeat BMW?Try to google first before you made such a funny comment.Shame on you.Pathetic Audi fan boy.

  4. mckillio says:

    I want this in a 5-door version with x-drive, my next car.

  5. Miguel says:

    I’m a huge BMW Fan and i started to look for a small car like the BMW 1 Series, and i started to compare the car’s from BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, and to be honest i feel like BMW has a major disadvantage…
    Mercedes A Classe, is beautiful, the interior fantastic, and think it’s gonna sale, because here in Portugal the base model it’s cheaper than the BMW 1 Series…
    Then I when to Audi and they showed me the new Audi A3, and i was amazed by the interior (the exterior is like all Audi’s), it’s so well made…
    When i arrive home, i started thinking and BMW sales are going up, but when compared with Audi and Mercedes, it’s only a bit, and Audi it’s approaching
    I think BMW should start thinking in a real beautiful model, and futuristic…not like the 3 series that’s a almost copy of the 5 series…the 6 series is the most beautiful car i have seen, the 7 series i don’t like, but the one series, the only car where BMW could really make risks, and put a futuristic design the but that ugly pig face…
    In terms of performance i think AMG is going great, but M division it’s reducing the engines and M should never do that
    In terms of Car BMW is 5*, in terms of innovative design no….

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