BMW Super Bild Of The Day: E61 Touring

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E61 Touring 750x500

I still don’t understand why Americans don’t buy Tourings. The benefits afforded by the space of an SUV with none of the drawbacks of higher …

I still don’t understand why Americans don’t buy Tourings. The benefits afforded by the space of an SUV with none of the drawbacks of higher ride height affecting handling and added fuel consumption. They’re elegant; some touring models look better than their sedan counterparts, and when dressed up as in our Super Bild for today, look absolutely stunning.

Americans for the most part have a firm love affair with large relatively cumbersome SUVs that offer mostly a benefit of space and towing but lack the ability to be driven aggressively unless you’re buying an Uber expensive X5M or something similar.

This E61 is a perfect example of what I would drive on a daily basis; it’s low, black, has 19 inch wheels and room in the back for my bike, golf clubs or anything else I’d need to transport. Plus lets face it, it’s super easy on the eyes.

E61 Touring 655x491

Dressed in the optional M Aero package available with the 2006 model year 5 series, the look of this touring screams aggressive. The optional 19 inch style 128 wheels look perfect tucked under the arches and M5 mirrors and black performance grills cap off the whole look of this car.

The end of production of the E91 3 series touring marks the last touring model to be available in the US, although BMW has confirmed we would get a replacement by way of the F31.

What I’d really love to see here in the US is the F11 M 550d Touring with its revolutionary TriTurbo diesel engine, xDrive, and all the M treatment I am accustomed to.

BMW, if you’re reading this, there are buyers in the United States that would love to see more Tourings here.

Question is: is there enough of a business case for BMW to import them?

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8 responses to “BMW Super Bild Of The Day: E61 Touring”

  1. E28 says:

    Thats true, wagons can look really cool with M sport and big wheels, this one looks badass and it would be even better with details like chrome line and chrome kidneys, with white and black color you need to go for a contrast, anyway glad to see there are articles like this one.

  2. Corey says:

    Wow, haven’t noticed those wheels before. That touring looks perfect! I’d totally drive one.

  3. Wayne says:

    I’d buy one in a minute. In fact I’d buy an M5 Touring in a minute (the CTS-V wagon just doesn’t do it for me). Since I don’t want an X5 (although the “M” keeps catching my eye) I’m likely ordering the LCI 550 iDrive GT as soon as it’s orderable…but good-handling fast Touring would really do it for me.

  4. cpw2626 says:

    I agree this is a sweet ride, but most Americns that buy SUVs don’t care to drive aggressively. They may end up doing so anyway, but that isn’t the intent when shopping for one. It’s for practicality reasons such as towing as was stated, to cram the little ones and all their stuff into one car, and because they like to sit up high and see more of the road (of course if no one drove an SUV you would be able to see plenty of the road in a regular car). Without researching dimensions I find it difficult to believe that a wagon has more cargo space than most SUVs except for the smaller ones like a Ford Escape.

  5. tony2x says:

    I have a very similar piece of machinery, a loaded Platinum Grey 535xi E61 LCI with the M Sport pack. I live in San Francisco too. I often get commented on my “wagon” and have met a few other owners from time to time. They all seem delighted with their wagons but the thing I noticed, most of them have been, like me, British. We love our estate cars even when we are away from home. I do often ge asked why I didn’t get an X5 and my answer is always twofold. First, I like my car to drive like a car. Second the only SUV I’d own is a Range Rover.

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  7. […] You can appreciate Chris Bangle for a fact that a E60 BMW 5 Series doesn’t accept a satisfactory share of love, like a rest of a 5 Series’ do. The arrange of bizarre “Bangle Butt” behind finish and a supposed “Flame Surface” designs never unequivocally held on with many enthusiasts. It usually wasn’t a prettiest automobile in a category during a time and it harm a car’s reputation. However, there was so many some-more to a automobile afterwards that. This is generally loyal with a E60 BMW M5 and, some-more importantly, a E61 BMW M5 Touring. […]

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