Rendering: 2013 BMW 235i

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Next year BMW will unveil the new generation 1 Series Coupe, only that this time around the entry-level coupe goes through a name change: 2 …

Next year BMW will unveil the new generation 1 Series Coupe, only that this time around the entry-level coupe goes through a name change: 2 Series.

The spin-off from the new 1 Series will include the coupe and convertible variants. The highest offering in the lineup will be the 235i model, a coupe powered by a six-cylinder turbocharged engine.

Built on the F20 platform, the F23 2 Series will share some design cues with the 1 Series Hatchback, but overall, the 2 Series Coupe is expected to look and feel sportier than its brother, as well as more luxurious.

Rendering: 2013 BMW 235i

Our sources say that the F23 2 Series will use more or less the same engines and transmissions as the hatchback, starting with four-cylinder petrol and diesel powerplants. Here are some of the models, and their power, that we expect to see:

  • 216i (2.0 petrol, 150bhp)
  • 218i (2.0 petrol, 177bhp)
  • 225i (2.0 petrol, 218bhp)
  • 220d (2.0 turbodiesel, 214bhp)
  • 235i (3.0 petrol, 300bhp)

The engines will be mated to a six-speed manual or ZF eight-speed automatic, with the DCT option reserved for the high-end 235i model and M models.

For the first time in its short history, the 1 Series or 2 Series Coupe family may get the xDrive platform. Our sources say that a 2 Series Coupe xDrive would compete successfully against the Audi A3 Quattro and Mercedes A-Class 4Matic.

To illustrate its potential exterior design, Roger Lighterness renders the 235i Coupe.

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  • Giom

    Nice render, but I suspect that the next coupe will again sport a more rakish greenhouse.

    • Ricky Calo

      I agree.


      these models will be the sporty ones by which BMW goes back to the old 3 series of great steering and performance, very clever to separate all the series into Sporty, luxory, GT, I think I understabd know what the future is ahead at BMW, the different types will be more easy to choose .

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  • auaq

    I like odd numbers!

  • Sajan

    Yeah the greenhouse looks a bit squashed compared to what we’re gonna see but overall I like it. I can see the new 2 Series becoming my favourite BMW. Can’t wait to see the 4 series and 2 series I have a feeling they’ll be gorgeous

  • yonutr

    220d (2.0 turbo diesel, 214bhp) will be the best model :X



    • jp45654

      I agree. I would LOVE to see this model in Canada. I would seriously consider trading my current E90 for it.

  • Okan Kircaliali

    The engine volume for the 216 and 218 are wrong. The 1.6 engine derived from the mini (developed jointly with the PSA group) with 138hp and 170hp will be used a currently seen in the new 1 series. The 2.0 150hp is a naturally aspirated engine and is only produced for the e92/93 chasis currenlty (with most markets receiving the 170hp version). If a 220i version is produces, this will definately use the new 2.0 engine with 180hp. The 220d will not produce 214hp, however if a 223d model exists, this may very well produce the mentioned output.

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  • JC

    3.0L i6 turbo and 4 doors, thank you!