Front-Wheel Drive BMW 1 Series to debut at Paris Auto Show

Rumors | June 11th, 2012 by 14
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Just a few months after our report on the front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series coming to Paris Auto Show, the UK magazine Autocar comes to …

Just a few months after our report on the front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series coming to Paris Auto Show, the UK magazine Autocar comes to confirm our exclusive news. The Munich-based automaker will unveil the ground-breaking 1 Series GT at the French car show and for the first time it will venture into the front-wheel drive market.

Developer under the internal code UKL (an acronym for the German words ‘unter klasse’, or ‘entry level’ in English), the 1 Series GT will officially debut in 2014 to compete with similar offerings from Audi, Mercedes and even Volkswagen.

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According to our source, the 1 Series Gran Turismo will be powered by three and four-cylinder turbo engines and will sport the new front-wheel drive platform architecture. A Hybrid and xDrive version will be offered as well. Similar powerplants will also be used in the next generation of MINI vehicles.

The new small petrol engine shares its 500cc individual cylinder capacity and other key elements with BMW’s classic 3.0-litre straight six petrol unit.

The 1 Series Gran Turismo, also known internally as Compact Activity Tourer, will be the first of many front-wheel drive vehicles to come from BMW. To reflect the Gran Turismo design, the 1 GT will have an elevated driving position, as seen in the 5 Gran Turismo.

14 responses to “Front-Wheel Drive BMW 1 Series to debut at Paris Auto Show”

  1. Jack says:

    Looks pretty good
    should stretch the headlights like this one on the X1 and RW 1 series

  2. colby says:

    this is absolutely sickening, where this company is going. The beginning of an end. I hope everyone w/ proper BMWs out there takes good care of their cars so we can keep the good-looking, RWD ones in circulation as long as possible so we don’t have to but this ridiculous FWD crap. Of course, as long as they keep trying to create a specific model for every sub-sub-sub segment of demand, the company’s days for success are limited anyway.

    • says:

      Dont agree with your thoughts! BMW makes cars and they can build any type for any kind of client , BMW knows that the other brands have been copying everything they do, and they take away potential customers, so now its paytime !! VW went into BMW market so now they will build the same but better and teach them a lesson, because if these small cars are better than what they do, they will get new customers . good luck and its about time to show how a small front drive should be!!

  3. colby says:

    Hey you know what- BMW hasn’t created a pickup truck or a postal van– is that next? WHat about one of those trucks w/ a staircase on the back for use on airport tarmacs? How bout it? Money is money, right? Who cares about principle? You can make more money for greece & spain!

  4. johnparke says:

    I halfway hope this is a massive failure.

  5. mckillio says:

    I wouldn’t dare get the FWD but I might be interested in the AWD one.

  6. LaMa says:

    whiney guys please…. stop the whine ! A car maker who wants to make money and lots of it ? What a concept !!! They should all build 2 seater 6cyl manual transmission cars with sport suspension and 18 cup-holders ? right ? Sure, for all 18 months they would be in business.
    Then its GONE.
    How many of you walked up to a BMW dealer in a past 3 years and plunked down the 65-75 grand for a M3 manual ? how about the 1M ? or heck a 335iS ?
    aha, that’s what I thought. they need to build these little shit crap cars as well as the pointless stupid X5M and X6M to be able to afford to build something like a 1M and the 335iS and M3 track mode, and M3 GTS, M5 etc etc.
    I doubt that many of the M models are as profitable as we think it is. Sure they have been cutting the expense on development at some places, the M models are still pretty different and unique. It cost money and shareholders don’t give crap about a enthusiast car maniac who buys one used M3 every 10 years.
    They want the people who walk in to the dealership during lunch break and plunk down 55large for a 528i. and the young professional (idiot) who does not know if a car is FWD or RWD but its a BMW so it must be cool. He/she will glob this FWD little crap up for its $26,995 or so price up like its free.
    Lets face it, majority of BMW buyer don’t care where the engine or where the driveline is, they care about the badge and the brand name.
    Bungle and his crap brought these guys along and this is the future. This or loosing the fight and die.
    All big makers are making these little craps now, BMW can not be a king of a hill, (sometimes its a garbage hill) and not make them.
    Besides, One the most prestigious name in automobile business, MB has been building cars like this for more then a decade and they have been building military/utility trucks for 5 decades. Does their AMG line become any worse by that ? Nope, actually it become better because they had more money to dispose at the special edition cars.
    who cares what they sell as long as they have the M3 and 1M and other interesting cars in their line-up ?
    Back a good few years ago I had a talk with a german-car-only guy and I told him I love Mazda’s. He looked at me like an idiot ! I said yes, I love the Miata and the RX7/RX8. He chuckled and said oh, those two, yeah they are cool but the rest is crap.
    I told him as long as Mazda didn’t screw up these two I like the company and those two cars. I don’t care about the rest, simple as that.
    Mazda recovered and builds fairly decent people haulers now, but in the verge of bankruptcy. BMW wanted to become a large single-owned company not in a joint venture with anybody like Kia or Hyundai or anything. They did it and they want to hold on to be independent and make a boat load of money.
    I say they are on the right track.

    no go back to hybernation

  7. joeschmoe says:

    Why God, why…

  8. Chris L says:

    BMW builds very nice FWD Minis that apparently do quite well in the handling department. I suspect the new 1 series will share a platform with Mini, and will also be a pleasure to drive.

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