F10 BMW M5 in another unfortunate crash

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The powerful F10 BMW M5 is involved in another unfortunate crash, but luckily with a better outcome. The incident took place in Netherlands and the …

The powerful F10 BMW M5 is involved in another unfortunate crash, but luckily with a better outcome.

The incident took place in Netherlands and the F10 M5 belonged to hardstyle celebrity DJ Headhunterz who at the time was in transit to United States. Based on the photos below, the driver of the car lost control of the powerful beast and hit a tree on the side of the road.

Fortunately none of the four occupants were injured. Not the same thing can be said about the M5 which suffered unrepairable damages.

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Headhunterz purchased the car in February and has recently paired up with Autoblog.nl to learn how to drift.

M5 belonging to Dutch DJ Headhunterz (featured in the drift lesson video below) was recently crashed. Despite what the drift video below might lead one to guess, the DJ was not responsible for the accident as he was traveling in the U.S. at the time. Four people were in the car when it lost control and crashed into a tree.

DJ Headhunterz posted this message to facebook: “Just received the news That crashed my car. Noone got hurt, thats what matters. Life will keep on challenging you, I’ll just deal with it.” The silver lining here is that no one was injured.

[Source: Autojunk.nl]

19 responses to “F10 BMW M5 in another unfortunate crash”

  1. Guest says:

    Two lessons here:

    1. Take the BMW Performance Driving M school before buying this car.

    2. Never lend your M5 to four dudes who drive it into a tree.

  2. Roland Renno says:

    No need to be a tree, keep it like “never lend your car”.

  3. bmw SUCKS says:

    Another brainless idiot crashes in another crappy bmw. Only fools drive bmw, a car that can’t enter a curve faster than 40kmh. You’d better buy an Audi S7 which is much faster than that idiotic m5. I hope you got a proper lesson, typical silly bmw driver.

    • StraightSix says:

      Oh man, people are dying of laughing reading your comments :D truly

    • Mateo says:

      you know what, most people should buy audi cause most people don’t know anything about cars. I ahven driven m5 but on videos you see even at over 50km/h f10 m5 do burnouts – too much torque……….people should know how to drive, but they don’t.
      but again,
      bmw doesn’t care about that, as long as money is coming in bmw HQ everything is fine ;)
      so idiots, keep crashing M cars and let bmw earn enough to make new unique true M V10 na engine for next M5!

      • LaMa says:

        V10 in a next M5 ? you live in a past. Next M5 will have a 6 cylinder hybrid powertrain. But it might actually be a 4 cyl hybrid ! We will NEVER see V10 and V12 engines in newer cars from BMW anymore. Even big names like Bentley and Rolls are trying to go with V8 instead of the v12.

    • LaMa says:

      keep saying it … one day you will actually believe it. it will be a sad day.
      Audi S7 ? seriously ? BMW builds the best handling cars for the money.
      All others try and copy them.
      if they could get their design together, they (BMW) would be #1 by a large margin.

      • bmw SUCKS says:

        That’s why the Audi A6 hopelesly kicks your for-fools-only 5 series ass on the race track. The A6 has a much better engine and a much more better chassis than your turtle-like 5 series

    • audi SUCKS says:

      Yeah,go buy yourself an Audi S7 or whatever Audi.But someday we might see you and your lovely Audi crashed into a big ditch or big tree due to the stupid Quattro system which caused it understeer.But hopefully your lovely Audi will protect you well from being injury just like what BMW F10 M5 does in the last 2 accidents.

      • bmw SUCKS says:

        Audi is forgiving unlike your for-fools-only bmw. It will never spin off road unlike your pathetic m5.

        • audi SUCKS says:

          Yeah of course it will never spin off road like BMW because your useless Audi would never ever as powerful as BMW does,that’s why it wouldn’t have enough power to spin off the road.Your Audi is just like something for city-drive and never will go to the track and race like a boss.

  4. Alex says:

    Why has this site become so boring? Come on BMWblog, let’s get some interesting items about BMW cars rather than using crash stories which are best for rubbish sites.

  5. Phlipofthe650 says:

    The first video made me real sad. But then I saw these comments, and they made me shake my head in frustration.

  6. viper says:

    dutch can’t drive fast , they don’t have the brains nor roads nor fast cars , its a pity for an m5, this car is totaled and not repairable .

  7. pshhh oh… just a scratch …

  8. Peterzig says:


    Looks like his crashed BMW M5 is going to be sold to my motherland, Poland. It’s kinda funny how people in my country are trying to make a car from scratch. ^^

  9. Ryan Norman says:

    God bless to you DJ Head Hunter you can not die you hear me you pass on your classy music may follow, so please drive safe where ever you may be…. (Y)

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