Renderings: Could BMW M9 be a sharp competitor for Mercedes-Benz CL luxury coupe?

Rumors | June 4th, 2012 by 26
bmw m9 design radion 106 750x500

Those of you who remember the BMW M1 supercar certainly will disagree this idea of a luxury coupe built by BMW. Maybe it would be …

Those of you who remember the BMW M1 supercar certainly will disagree this idea of a luxury coupe built by BMW. Maybe it would be more appropriate a real central mounted engine new generation BMW M1, as an answer to Audi R8 instead a big coupe to rival the Merc’s CL.

But let’s not be reluctant because there are new rumors around an M7 model coming down the alley. If the Bavarians want a big sporty limo, why not a big sporty coupe, more exclusive than the wonderful new BMW M6? Well, this is what Romanian young designer Razvan Radion wants with this very interesting BMW M9.

bmw m9 design radion 104 655x491

As you can see BMW M9 is more about style and luxury than sportiness, but somehow the designer manage to keep most of the things that tell you, from every angle, that’s a real BMW right in front your eyes.

Razvan also mention Ferrari 612 Scaglietti as a source to outline the beautiful lines a Gran Touring should have and to preserve the conventional style of such a car. Click here for more photos of this BMW M9.

Not a single word about the mechanics, because Razvan is a designer, not an engineer, but it’s really simple to figure that the platform of this BMW M9 would be the same of the flagship 7 Series. Why not?

26 responses to “Renderings: Could BMW M9 be a sharp competitor for Mercedes-Benz CL luxury coupe?”

  1. RD says:

    BMW should hire this designer. What a what looking ride

  2. pimeto says:

    Yeah, thats one of the few “fan” designs that really keep the BMW spirit. I like it! It has a lot potential to become M9 or whatever…

  3. kolbasz says:

    i dont wanna be a jerk but… hell no

  4. LaMa says:

    bungle could not create something like this even if his life would depend on it.

    they have a supercar the i8 , isn’t it ? that car is supposed to take the fight with the R8 and Ferrari and Maserati and MB, and even Porsche. The one with a 1.5l 3cyl gas engine and electric motors… i8 anybody ? that car has been shown for 3 years now and nowhere near production ready. It will either be a best of the best or a biggest flop.

  5. BeEmWe says:

    Based on 7 Series, so why not M8?

  6. Giom says:

    Very little about it is BMW. Front end treatment is just not finished, like the car started out as something else. It’s a good looking car, just not for a BMW!

  7. bmw SUCKS says:

    The foolish bmw engineers don’t have enough balls to make a supercar. All they can is to make a fat-ass 5 series which is being demolished on the race track by the Audi A6.
    The terms “Supercar” and “bmw” are on different poles.

    • BMW4LIFE says:

      Hey tool- go back to mommy’s basement and keep dreaming about the super car you will never be able to afford or have. And for the love of god, don’t ever compare a shitty, shoddy, cheap interior, piece of crap like Audi to a BMW again. I mean ever. Audi couldn’t hold BMW’s jockstrap. Or perhaps you prefer the softness of Mercedes or a Lexus. Your car acumen is simply too poor for you to be commenting on a great company like BMW. Run along now child, its dinner time and your mom is calling you upstairs to eat.

  8. BMW owner says:

    A very bad copy from Aston Martin… Hell No. BMW designes are getting uglier every day. BMW is lost now.. Doesnt know to copy from who…Luxury is for Luxury brands like Bentleys, Mercedes,.. BMW is for something else.

    • bmw SUCKS says:

      The German law should forbid such idiotic car makers as bmw to exist. I’d burn bmw engineers with pleasure for making such inferior cars, as well as those brainless fools who spend their savings on those crappy cars made by bmw.

  9. CarLover says:

    uptill now no car has really inherited the 8 series which is my opinion the most execlusive and elegant BMW ever!

  10. i would like to see a 8 series. Wasn’t there an 8 series B4 the 7 series. The 8 should be the flagship car.

  11. sean says:

    finally…a good looking bmw

  12. That M9 concept is WRONG, the has working on M1, not the little 1M, But M1 for nearly 5-6years, WHY will they make M9 the best car M1 isn´t finish… BMW M1 need to come soon.. to make the battle for lambo LP700-4 witch is ovend by VW…. BMW has to make the M1 better and faster then the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700–4.. otherwise they loose the high performance marked.. the new M1 has to be good… it could easy be a powerengine with add. Electric combined, like Audi is begining in LeMans.. the BMW has to make a big afford to follow up on that issue.

  13. bimmeryeah says:

    should be 8 series, not 9.

  14. necho says:

    It looks like a Bad Rabbit when you look at it in front. BMW M9 – “The Bad Rabbit” :)

  15. DonAnunciacao says:

    Beautiful car, but not “BMW”. I like this style and hope they will produce, but anyone thinks that the rear remember an Alfa?

  16. Laturd Odumb The Cyber Nigger says:

    In terms of styling, t straight up, sucks ass !

    Car makers have gone mad with their styling (in a negative sense ), tasteless, bloated and over rated design that just looks gaudy and jaunty for the sake of being modern or lux but simply lacks the art and passion and delicacy that should have been put into making such expensive and high standard machine

    secondly, i bet this car is going to have some sort of puny 3 cylinder hybrid excuse for an engine, This car is for blokes who ridiculously pump their bodies up to compensate for their lack of manhood, in short words: A faggot on Steroids …

    And no it can’t be compared in any way to the CL-Class that has been now renamed into S-Class coupe for OCD reasons !

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