Rumor: BMW planning 1 Series/2 Series Sedan

Rumors | May 25th, 2012 by 11
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Autocar‘s Greg Kable (one of the most connected journalists in the BMW world) published an article on a future BMW 1 Series/2 Series sedan. According …

Autocar‘s Greg Kable (one of the most connected journalists in the BMW world) published an article on a future BMW 1 Series/2 Series sedan. According to the UK magazine, the entry-level sedan is being advertised as the spiritual successor of the iconic E30 3 Series Sedan.

The new four-door sedan will join either the 1 or 2 Series family (based on the final designation of the two separate lines) and will compete directly with the Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz CLA and even the VW Jetta. The car will also help BMW achieve their ambitious sales goals of two million cars a year by 2020 and will be marketed for North America and China. BMW 3 Series models remain the bread and butter for BMW in North America.

One of the factors influencing the creation of this new model is the ever-increasing dimensions of the 3 Series Sedan. Since its introduction in 1975, it has grown by 269mm in length, 210mm in width and 49mm in height, taking it into a higher market segment. The new sedan will make us of a rear-wheel drive platform that shares elements with the F30 3 Series.

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Four and six-cylinder engines will feature in the 1-series ssedan line-up, while an all-electric version is also under consideration. Four-wheel drive will be an option. The four-door 1 Series or 2 Series will be built initially at the Leipzig plant.

Last month, the usual BMW insider Scott27 said that a 2 Series Gran Coupe model is on the table.

With the advent of the BMW 6er Gran Coupe and the promise of a similar concept for the upcoming 4er. BMW has been left in a sort of dilemma. As the 2er retains that classic BMW appearance , turning the car into a four door will give the car the look of a small sedan, which goes against BMW’s Gran Coupe idea. A Small RWD sedan is not considered by BMW in the long term as they need to protect the 3er and its large fleet market share, something that projections show that the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes CLA could eat into the C-Klasse and A4 respectively especially in the highly contested fleet market where the larger cars are more profitable.

But the desire of such small sedan-Coupe concepts has not gone unnoticed. Especially for markets like the US and China.

Although nothing has been confirmed BMW are investigating two options – One would be a four dr spun of the upcoming BMW 1er City model which will be available as both 3dr and 5dr, and its adaptable modular architecture which would be available with FWD and AWD – Making it a formidable rival for both the A3 and CLA as they are both FWD and AWD. This could also sire a four dr MINI Sedan.

If it comes to fruition, the 2 Series Sedan will launch in 2015.

11 responses to “Rumor: BMW planning 1 Series/2 Series Sedan”

  1. john says:

    This is actually very interesting! I like the idea, this car could be really awesome

  2. bgdc says:

    Finally a BMW sedan to be excited about.

  3. LaMa says:

    size it up to around the E30 – E36 size and it will be a great car. The current 3 series is too big and heavy.
    This seems like a great idea. Make a wagon out of it with 2wd and send to the way of the US.

    • Jann says:

      Dude, no offense but what’s the point of E30 sedan? I’ve owned E30 sedan and coupe and I really liked both because of the driving dynamics, but E30 sedan is pretty much useless, it’s like a coupe with 4 doors. There is NO extra leg- or headroom, it is just as cramped as the coupe. You won’t put me voluntarily in the rear seat of E30, I’m 186cm tall and it is a pain to be a rear seat passenger in those cars. I now own an E46 sedan and it is soo much better although still lacks headroom for person my size. However the kids will be fine in those cars (or if you are really short). I cannot however comment on E36 as I’ve never even driven one. The E90 was just about perfect.
      I think that the point of 2-series sedan would be to have it as large as E46-E90 but have it a lot lighter, maybe around 1200-1300kg by the use of lightweight materials and 4cyl engine.

  4. Plamen says:

    this is something I was exoecting and wandering why they haven’t done so far…very good…this would be the top seller:)

  5. Plamen says:

    …but I think there will be a 2nd series four doors sedan only…

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