Photo Comparison: New BMW 7 Series Facelift vs. Pre-Facelift 7 Series

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A tradition started years ago by BMWBLOG continues today with a new episode: a photo comparison between the new BMW 7 Series Facelift and the …

A tradition started years ago by BMWBLOG continues today with a new episode: a photo comparison between the new BMW 7 Series Facelift and the pre-facelifted model. Starting with July 2012 production, the 7 Series goes through life cycle impulse, both for the exterior and interior design.

On the outside, the 7 Series LCI gets new “squarish” LED corona lights with an LED turn signal indicator placed in the headlight. When seeing the car in person, we counted 8 LEDs for each light. While the previous model featured a kidney grille with 9 and 12 slats, based on the Night Vision Camera option, the facelifted 7 comes now with a single configuration of 9 slats. The fascia also gets more chrome than before, starting with the area surrounding the grille. Moving down, two chrome bars are now embedded into the front apron which also sports larger air intakes that give the car a sportier look.

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As seen on the newer models, the turn signals are now part of the housing of side mirrors. At the back, chrome stripes connect reflectors. The tailights’ shape remains unchanged while featuring a darker red color.

Moving inside, the biggest change comes from the new 3D MMI system that brings out a refreshed design with a new CPU that renders the information faster than before. The map feature now displays 3D city models for selected cities. Other improvements to maps include a satellite view, enhanced route calculation, route learning and Efficiency and Green Driving Assistant.

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The base model for the U.S. market remains the 740i short wheelbase which starts at $74,195. The top of the line 760Li comes with a hefty price: $141,095.

Let’s have a look at the two models side-by-side and please cast your vote below.

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14 responses to “Photo Comparison: New BMW 7 Series Facelift vs. Pre-Facelift 7 Series”

  1. EmPOWA91 says:

    There is a typo, it says 769Li. Someone has been dreaming about 69 all day :D

  2. LaMa says:

    which one is the facelifted ? I don’t see one being looking fresher then the other. looks like a different bumper/headlight but can’t say one is better then other. One has more chrome/bling but if that is supposed to be the enhancement then it failed me.

    • BMW BEST says:

      Only idiot or blinded will confused with it,observe with your eyes and you will see which is facelifted.For me,I also don’t see any big different change from other brand such as Merc S class and Audi A8…They look almost same even though u tell me it is facelifted especially Audi…no sense of fresh at all.

  3. viper says:

    bmw sux at facelifting . really. you can’t tell in fact I like the pre face lifted better.

  4. BMWFAN says:

    You guys are fucking not serious.
    It is facelifted but the enhancement is inside the car…

  5. Mateo says:

    looks good, tech stuff is more important, f01 is much better than f10

  6. viper says:

    I think the term ‘facelift’ in autoindustry is just pure nonesense & marketing trick bullshit in general. sounds too fake (read american)…oh yeah its true . its so true

  7. Alexf says:

    who would stupid enough to buy this when the new S Class is coming out in 2013.

    • iNoob says:

      Who would be stupid enough? Those who like to drive the car itself and not just sit in the back ;) You see, BMW is more than just a car. It’s a lifestyle. Mercedes is “just” a car, OK, a very good car(s). But you cant really compare thouse brands with eachothers! Just my 2 cents..

    • BMW BEST says:

      who care for the new S Class?S Class wouldn’t has the feel of elegance as 7er does.

  8. Reece says:

    I also think that this is a fail. The face lifted 7 looks older than the previous model. The shield above the front lights makes the light cluster look droopy and sad. I also do not know where they (BMW) came up with this idea for a concave bumper in front… it does not work on the One series and it does not work here… what is going on. This face lift is not interesting and does not make the car look fresh or new.
    HOWEVER… final judgment for when I see this machine face to face ;-)

  9. lawrence_yster says:

    they just brought the facia up to speed with 5er and 3er something they should have done before the launch of 5er and 3er “reverse cowboys”

  10. Hemant Somnathe says:

    Can I put the new headlights and bumper on the Pre-Facelift car? If yes, What are the challenges?

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