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Updated with new images In 2013 MINI will launch the third-generation of their successful hatchback which first appeared in 2001. The next generation MINI will be …

Updated with new images

In 2013 MINI will launch the third-generation of their successful hatchback which first appeared in 2001. The next generation MINI will be a more radical departure from the current MINI (R50 & R53) compared with the previous development cycle.

Sonny Lim, a former Senior Designer at BMW DesignworksUSA in Singapore, decided to use his skills to draw a speculative concept.

The MINI Zero concept reclaims the true heritage of the brand.  At 3571 mm it is slightly smaller than the MINI Cooper, but longer than the cancelled MINI Rocketman.

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The design of the MINI Zero is modern, sophisticated and athletic. It evolves the current design language but still stays true to the main iconic MINI characteristics. These iconic elements have helped shape the identity of the brand and its cars. However, the concept also challenges other aspects of the brand which have overshadowed the original intent of Sir Alec Issigonis’ classic MINI.”

The MINI Zero presses the reset button and goes back to the humble roots of the classic MINI. In short this concept embodies:

  • Zero “schnickschnack” (gimmicks) – it is the most basic, entry-level car in the range and is positioned under the Mini ONE.
  • Zero compromise – it is a pure & tailored design and does not rely on chrome exterior trim & other plastic bits.
  • Zero “schicki-micki” (trendy-fancy) – it is authentic and the spiritual successor of the classic MINI.
  • Zero fat – all the above results in an ultra-lightweight MINI (840 kg) and a very good power-to-weight ratio without a large carbon footprint.

The future generation of MINIs will be powered by a range of turbocharged three-cylinder engines (shared with BMW). The new MINI family is moving to the new modular F-platform which will also be shared with BMW’s front-wheel-drive models. As a result, the new platform is also expected to give birth to a range of four-door MINIs in addition to the two-door variants. This will allow MINI to compete with cars such as the Audi A1 Sportback and the new Mercedes A-Class.

[Source: Behance]

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11 responses to “Renderings: MINI Zero Concept”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    We need something futuristic please, something like the Range Rover Evoke. I cannot bear BMW’s old and ugly designs like the new 1 Series and X1. They are so outdated! BMW is trying to be different (and failing may I add, as they all look overdone and ugly) using existing designs while Merc is looking forward. Look at the new A class and the new concept 4 door coupe! They are just amazing! BMW on the other hand is useless at designing cars. 

    The one car that has a little bit of potential, i8, is a car that we will only see in 2013. By the time that thing comes out, the design would be stale already as we have seen that thing around 5 years ago. 

    BMW is just ONE BIG FAIL in terms of exterior design. Please fire this useless Adrian van H.

    • La Ma says:

       I agree to that 100% although I might add that Adrian’s design were always controversial. He is the creator of the E65/E66 so that tells you a lot about a man. He is twice a designed and leader that bungle was though.
      They need a fresh new person who can finally part with the bungle ways and creates beatiful cars again.  Sad but Hyundai and Kia and other 3rd world design houses are coming out with better designs.
      the 2 cars mentioned the 1 series and X1 are really ugly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like it, especially the lack of any gimmicks, as stated in the article. BTW, the current Mini is the R56 not the R50/53. The first gen car is still my favorite.

  3. Minilove says:

    This latest rendition of the Mini really sucks…absolute lacking in charm and character.

  4. Rollo Renner says:

    is it okay to copy the whole concept? ford did completely the same some years earlier. its the ford start concept. there you can see, that all mini zero pictures are only photoshoped. partlines and charackterlines are similar to the ones in the ford start concept. these are actually the same pictures! there ist noch car concept like the mini zero! it is the ford start concept!

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