Video: First 1M crash captured in China

Videos | April 21st, 2012 by 86
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It may not be the first, and probably wont be the last, but a reader sent in this YouTube video of a 1M crashing in …

It may not be the first, and probably wont be the last, but a reader sent in this YouTube video of a 1M crashing in China.

The errant driver made a few textbook mistakes while spinning his (or her) 1M into a few other cars. The car looks salvageable, so the good news is: the world is not short a 1M.

Check out the video link below.

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86 responses to “Video: First 1M crash captured in China”

  1. BMW Sucks says:

    The driver isn’t to blame. It was obviously the faulty car that let the driver down. It seems like there is going to be another recall by BMW.

    • Johnparke says:

      Let me guess you are a GM employee that got tired of ruining MotorTrends WOT section?

      • BMW Sucks says:

        No, I’m just realistic unlike you, kid. Any Mercedes-Benz or Audi would pass like nothing, but for BMW going at 40km/h a small bump is enough to fly out of the road. That’s why I say that BMW is for ultimate FOOLS.

        • Kiko Toshev says:

           Don’t get mad about your inability to handle one little BMW, but yet it has to be driven, not to drive you around. Don’t get offended, buy yourself a Mercedes or an Audi and let the drivers who wants to drive their cars to enjoy BMW. There is but one truth: more torqe means extremely precise right foot.
          And just for the record: Personally, my BMW is always driven with DSC turned off and I have never had a slide caused unintentionally.

    • Fredyschiftan says:

       We dont want to read your silly comments , please go and put your silly comments on the  silly place …………. and get a life ………

  2. Mateo says:

    theres a small bump in the road, and he lost control of the car right after it!
    So BMWBLOG FANS – more torqe????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    if he was driving NA engine on 2500 rpm in what 4/5 gear this wouldn’t happend!

  3. Manny Antunes says:

    That 1M was clearly under load. (Accelerating) The dip in the road is not to blame. Look at the video again, simple driver error. 

    Another thing, the driver definitely had DSC-OFF in the wet. Something foolish with that much power. 

  4. Sajan says:

    Manny – I wouldn’t even bother trying to explain to these immature baboons.  

  5. FreudeKing says:

    Firstly, that is in Hong Kong, not China! They are two completely different places. Secondly, that DSC must have been off for that to have happened. Good luck with trying to claim from insurance with your DSC OFF!

  6. BMW Sucks says:

    Another stupid car made by stupid bmw engineers. Even Soviet-made cars don’t spin off the road at the speed of 40 km/h. Oh, God, I can’t stop laughing at BMW which means “Biggest Money Waste”

    • RealDriver says:

      Another “know-it-all-wish-I-had-a-BMW” trying to justify driver stupidity. You probably have never driven a BMW, never alone a 1M. Like some others have said, DSC was clearly OFF for that to happen.
      Go back to your econobox or what ever POS you drive which clearly doesn’t have a traction control OFF button like most BMWs do. This way the electronics nannies will save you from you own stupidity so you think you’re a “great” driver because you can floor it in the rain and your MB or Audi will make you “think” your car is a “true” drivers car….
      The things one have to read….

      • Mateo says:

        hahah, i just realised that guy’s nickname (BMW Sucks) hahaha, WTF he’s doing here? anyway. BMW are great cars but when you need tons of electronics just to drive it 50kmh in the city what do you need when you drive it on the B-roads????

        there’s no D in ultimate DRIVING machine, its more ULTIMATE “CAR DRVIES ME WHERE I POINT THE STEERING WHEEL” MACHINE

        • auaq says:

           I was just going to say that why do we have these bmw haters on bmw blog or on any bmw sites and start criticizing everything about bmw’s. They should stay on their fan site and don’t poke on others. Let him say whatever he wants to say and not argue with him. Otherwise, we tend to become more foolish than him. We can mind our own business. There is no difference if I were on an audi site and started to criticize their cars and start arguing with them.

        • BMW Sucks says:

          Say it when driving your fat-ass 5 Series and watching how the Audi A6 humiliates you both engine-wise and handling-wise, idiot. If your worse-than-average bmw is the ultimate driving machine then Audi is the “Kicking-bmw-ass-machine”. 

          • Mateo says:

            relax man! it has always been merc vs bmw – power vs handling, no matter what lexus, acura, infinty, audi or any other subsidiary makes. true car experts knows
            MERC for full luxury
            BMW for sport luxury

            audi’s (and lexus etc) are great cars but bmw and marc are in different league. They got heritage between each other.

            be cool and enjoy your audi, at least you won’t fishtail and crash it ;)

          • BMW Sucks says:

            Read reviews comparing the A6 with your crap 5 Series and get surprised at how easily the A6 eats your gayish 5 Series for breakfast.

          • Mateo says:

            lol, autocar and carbuyer says that 5 series is still the best
            even I think F10 is stupid car, just small 7er, e60 was epic – a true 5 series

          • BMW Sucks says:

            Autocar and carbuyer? You’re ridiculous. Every review clearly says that Audi easily beats the 5 Series in terms of performance and handling, and you’re saying such a stupid thing. Go and live with your inferior bmw, which isn’t the best at anything.

          • Mateo says:

            jesus! you got some serious problems! well, if you say a6 is better – than it must be better, i can’t see why it wouldn’t be better

          • Dooderoo says:

            Watching idiots like yourself waste their time spreading hate on the internet instead of making something of their lives makes me chuckle.

          • BMW Sucks says:

            And I chuckle at people like you who are constantly being fooled by idiotic bmw and buy that piece of crap that starts to break down after having been driven 10 km.

    • Bmwkillsaudi says:

       Typical cockhead audi driver that is just jealous of BMW keep hating we love seeing you audi fanboys cry ahahahahahahhaha YOU SAD LOSER AHAHAHAH AND if you think audi are better you must be delusional you retard. Typical audi always waiting for BMW to realse first ( example M5) so they can
      copy what they do. but thing is they will never be as good as BMW and

      so go cry in your audi opps i mean volkswagen HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHDFAJ;FADASFLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

      • BMW Sucks says:

        I’m not an Audi fan. I’m just realistic. And this video proves once again that among German cars there are 2 brands which are absolutely useless: BMW and Opel.

    • BMW BEST says:

      U keep saying BMW negative ways because probably you are jealous that BMW is way better than Merc and Audi?You are the one who supposed to be go look at yourself in front the mirror and be shame with ur face.

    • Nnnn says:

      Since you don’t like wasting precious things, why don’t you stop wasting your precious troll tears on this forum, not to mention our time.

    • XC says:

      Viper, is that you? lol

    • Xcoreflyup says:


  7. TouringInternational says:

    DSC off, right foot down, damp weather, light rear car, idiot driver… pity for the 1M

  8. La Ma says:

    oh that is just priceless :-) Loved it :-)  too much  money and too much HP and lack of talent. Priceless to watch fools !!!

  9. Dude says:

    A men’s car. Not made for chinese boys.

  10. PHZ says:

    The looser was showing off to the girl sitting next to him wanting to accelerate into the empty lane and forgot he had the DSC off.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dafuq s/he manage that?

  12. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    All that “BMW Sucks” is proving is that he is some sad, jealous BMW-abhorring freak.  He is right, the A6 is dynamically better than the current 5 Series due to its considerable weight advantage. But the 3-Series is lighter, faster, more efficient, more spacious, arguably better-looking, will most likely be safer and has significantly better-handling than the A4, and these are easily the most important cars for their respective companies. And, this is fact, not the subjective opinion of some sociopaths diatribe, and vitriolic hate of one of the worlds most revered and admired car manufacturers. Exactly the same case can be made for the 1-Series vs. A3, X3 vs Q5, the X5 vs.Q7 ( no metaphor of which can truly the sheer awfulness of the Q7’s looks) Also the 5 Series is safer than the A6 and in Europe at least the 5 Series wins far more comparisons than the A6 does, considering the supremity of BMW’s diesel drivetrains. I’m not saying BMW hasn’t made the odd poor car(I’m talking about you E83 X3 and 5 Series GT) but in general all its cars are top of the class or at least on the podium. Audi on the other constantly churn out cars that while technically proficient and safe, they make no cars any enthusiast could be proud to call their own( bar the exceptional R8 and RS4). Also Audi would be nowhere without the assistance of VW, Mercedes and BMW both making their way to the top without any outside help.

  13. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    CAR Magazine January 2012 edition. First drive BMW 3 series.
    “Meet the best car in the world. Not the fastest, or the most beautiful, nor the roomiest or the most opulent, the greenest or the most desirable. But the car that does a better job of coalescing those disparate attributes into one cohesive machine than any other we can think of”

  14. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    Sorry that second comment was from ” Whatcar” This is from Autocar Issue 5975.
    Comparison BMW 320D vs Mercedes C220 CDI.
    Referring to the 3 Series
    “The car’s cornering demeanour is satisfying, too. Both roll and the rate of it are well contained. The 3 Series feels fleet-footed…Its a rewarding and enjoyable yet comfortable set-up….I…swap and climb into the C-Class. How many ways does it feel inferior to the 3 Series? How many do you want? Immediately its engine seems louder, its slower to accelerate and its gearbox is marginally less bright in its shifts…the real difference is how leaden the C-class’s chassis feels in comparison to the 3 series”

    • BMW Sucks says:

      We’re talking about performance, The Ultimate BMW Fan, something you, crap-bmw fans were always proud of. And I state once again that both Audi and Mercedes-Benz brake bmw’s spine bitterly.

  15. BMW Rules says:

    Driving those not yet broken in/warm-up hard rubbers in light rain is like all seasons in snow/ice…but definitely turning off DSC was stupid decision… 
    I thought 1st crash showed upon web was last yr in korea

  16. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

                                   0-62 MPH    BHP
    BMW 320i                7.3              184
    Audi A4 1.8 TFSI       8.1              170

    BMW 328i                5.9              245
    Audi A4 2.0 TFSI       6.9              211

    BMW 318d               9.0               143
    Audi A4 2.0 TDI         9.2               143

    BMW 320d              7.5                184
    Audi A4 2.0 TDI        8.2                177

    BMW 520d              8.1                184
    Audi A6 2.0 TDI        8.9                170

    BMW 530d             6.3                  258
    Audi A6 3.0 TDI       6.8                 245

    BMW X3 20d          8.5                  184
    Audi Q5  2.0 TDI     9.9                   170

    BMW X5 30D          7.6                  245
    Audi Q7 3.0 TDI      7.9                  240

    • BMW Sucks says:

      The A6 3,0 TDI has 6,1 seconds from 0-100km/h and beat the crappy 530d despite having less hp (another humiliation for your fat-ass 5 Series). And why don’t you bring on the A6 3,0TFSI  and 535i 0-60mph times. Here they are:
      Audi A6 3,0 TFSI: 4,7 seconds (even faster than the pathetic 550i)
      BMW 535i: turtle-like 5,5 seconds.
      So your information isn’t correct. And the A6 beats bmw in handling easily. The same applies to the A4 vs 3 Series confrontation. So your 0-100km/h times don’t impress me at all.

      • The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

        Your actually arguing that the heavier, FRONT WHEEL-DRIVE, less powerful A4 is better handling than the 3 Series??!! Did you not read what Autocar said about both?
         And you keep reverting back to the A6. What about the fact the 1 Series, 3 Series X1, X3 and X5 wipe the floor with the A3/4 Q3/5/7 in both performance and handling. Also  And the figures for the A6 3.0 tdi vs 530d are correct.
        Also if the A6 is such an apparent masterclass, then why did the “fat-ass” “gayish” 5 Series beat it in the August 2011 issue of CAR Magazine.
        “the A6-its deeply impressive…Only the 520d’s engine is smoother, more refined” Referring to the A6″But involving? No only the BMW and Jaguar can really entertain.”
        The 5 goes on to win, the Jaguar XF placing second, the A6 third the E Class 4th. The Jag and 5 series got 5 stars the A6, 4.

  17. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    Hmmm notice how the BMW is in every case faster to 60 and has more BHP. And it was actually about handling you contradictory retard. ” 
    Say it when driving your fat-ass 5 Series and watching how the Audi A6 humiliates you both engine-wise and handling-wise(!!!!!!!!!), idiot

    • BMW Sucks says:

      I’ve brought you my argument above. As you see the only advantage your pathetic 5 Series has over the A6 is the turtle-like 520d which is the most inferior model having the lowest hp numbers. So nobody cares. Instead how do you feel when you see how the A6 3,0 TFSI having only 310hp humiliates your 300hp 535i and gives up nothing to your crappy 550i which has 400hp? Another testimony to Audi’s supremacy over your for-losers-only 5 Series.

      • The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

        So if the 520d is “turtle-like” whats the slower A6 2.0 TDI like. A snail?
        And what you’ve actually just said is the most inferior 5 Series is better than the A6

      • Bmwkillsaudi says:

         your argument sucks tbh if your think youre winning WOW LOOOOOOL get a reality check dumbfuck you delusional audi fanboys need to realise audi will never be better than BMW or Mercedes. and if this is how you spend your life talking shit on blog sites then wow you need a life. CANT WAIT TILL I SEE YOU HAHAHAHAHAHA GNA CHOP YOUR DICK OFF AND GIVE IT TO MY PITBULL AS A CHEWTOY

      • BMW BEST says:

        Spammer like u should not be here,here is for who LOVE BMW but not the motherfker like you being post negative comment at here,fuck off from here!

  18. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    Also as BMW has been the worlds best-selling premium car manufacturer for several years are you saying the whole world is stupid????

  19. The Ultimate BMW Fan says:

    Also as the 535i/A6 3.0 TFSI sell significantly less than their diesel counterparts they hold significantly less relevance making the 520d’s win all the sweeter.

    • Mateo says:

      @5797e84418951f96b14f6afe571f9785:disqus  forget it! this guy is really funny. I mean, audi does make good cars but come on, R8 is just low-budget gallardo, all small diesel engines and petrol are VW,audi a1 is polo, a3 is golf sam thing is with q5 HOWEVER – new V8 TT engine in S6/S7/S8 and new bentley is amazing! it’s pointless to argue. bmw is the best for handling, merc for comfort and audi is in the middle!
      facts are – BMW is on its own while audi and merc are subsidiarys.
      who invented M button (new merc got AMG button)
      who invented iDrive
      mercedes also has a lot of inventions

      in short – everyone has it’s own taste

      so “BMW sucks” – relax, bmw are great cars and so are audi, lexus, acura etc. BUT you got to admit that BMW is little bit better, main reason for that is – bmw is independent unlike audi, merc, lexus, jaguar…

      • BMW Sucks says:

        bmw can be independent as long as they want, but it won’t change the bitter reality for thm, i.e. they make the lowest-quality cars that aren’t the best at anything.

        • pyinte2001 says:

          Wow.  Are you that much of a waste of oxygen that you need to come on to a BMW site to talk shit about BMWs?!?  Audi makes good cars, no doubt, but I prefer BMW.  You don’t see me going on some Audi site and being a complete tool do you?  GET A LIFE!  Let’s not forget the fact that your arguments are completely wrong.  Love how you twist numbers to try and lend credence to your argument even though it is so transparent and doesn’t work.  Go troll somewhere else from now on (even though we know you won’t because then you’ll have nothing to do but stare at walls.)

  20. Skip Barber says:

    What a tool!

    Doesn’t the 1 have stability control? That shouldn’t have happened even with an idiot driver.

  21. BMW Sucks says:

    But I really can’t stop laughing at this stupid 1m which is a bright testimony to bmw engineers incompetence and stupidity, as well as bmw fans being absolute idiots.

    • Haithamf87 says:

      Chill dickhead…your arguments about audi being faster and better as performance cars is absolute rubbish… If you dont have any REAL LIFE experiences and conpletely rely on what you read… Then buddy you are a fool… I have driven BMW’s all my life and test drove all Audi range… THEY ARE BORING CARS! Performance wise throughtout the range, you have this and that for both companies… But usually FACT: BMW wins in real life..For delequints like yourself… I cant believe your aggresivness on this blog.. Just chill go talk about audis on there blog and leave us BMW fans alone… Nothing is worth an endless argument…

    • AUDI Sucks says:

      Please show your respect to all of the BMW fans but not saying them is idiot,majority of people love BMW and they knew BMW is bit better than Audi,this is truth man.If we are idiot,then you are nothing,”rubbish” is the best word to description person like you.

      • BMW Sucks says:

        You’re ULTIMATE FOOLS driving the ULTIMATE BREAKING mACHINE!!!!!

        • AUDI Sucks says:

          Whatever you say,I don’t really care.BMW is true ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE,unlike Audi,talk about luxury,Audi not as good as Merc,talk about performance,Audi or even Merc also can’t as good as BMW,Audi is nothing,I mean Audi has nothing better than both of these,that’s FOOL!

          • BMW Sucks says:

            Change the word “Audi” for “bmw”. It’s bmw that is nothing. Luxury? Take the benz. Performance? Take Audi. bmw? Just one of 2 useless German brands. The other one is Opel.

          • pyinte2001 says:

            Just shut up already!  You sound absolutely ridiculous!  Are you 12?  Get a life!

          • AUDI Sucks says:

             You are so stubborn,you don’t accept truth,we have no do anything offended to Audi but you did to our BMW.But the way you did is way too ridiculous,too much offend acting.Audi is not the represent of performance nor luxury but BMW do!WAKE UP!You rubbish!

  22. Drifter says:

    He/she tried to drift in the rain in traffic…watch the front wheels turn and the rear bumper drop…enough said

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