BMW Super Bild Of The Day – E39 M5

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The E39 M5 is arguably one of the best mid size sporting sedans on the planet. Having owned a few for many years I can …

The E39 M5 is arguably one of the best mid size sporting sedans on the planet. Having owned a few for many years I can attest to its sheer capabilities both on the track as well as on long open highways. The best description of the M5 that comes to mind is “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”

First having won the hearts of BMW fans everywhere in October of 1999, it quickly rose to everyone’s want list. Even today, the E39 M5 is very sought after and becoming increasingly difficult to find in good shape.

Today’s Super Bild is of a Sterling Grey version sitting in front of a corporate building no doubt waiting for its executive to remove themselves from his or her corporate duties to take it out on the open road to stretch its legs.

E39 M5 655x436

Keep your images coming and leave your feedback in the comments section as to what you’d like to see. Here are some of the previous Super Bilds.

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7 responses to “BMW Super Bild Of The Day – E39 M5”

  1. Sajan says:

    Such a well designed, well proportioned sedan/saloon! BMW’s finest hour IMO… the engineering that went into the e39’s was just fabulous 

  2. LaMa says:

    not bad but the E34 wagon of yesterday is a little more special. The E39 is a bit overhyped car. Its by far not the best reliable machine. Some are better but annoying things can ruin the experience.
    Gauges, LCD display, alternator, Vanos, Mass Air Flow, cracking subframe, ball joint issues, etc. Overall a decent car if you find one that was driven hard. Yes, the babied examples are usually worse  !  The E39 needs to be driven and driven hard but maintained properly.
    I know as I have 2 and had 3 more before incl. an E39 M5 with 196k miles !

  3. Ivan Neri says: is the most spectacular confirmation of your article….

  4. Sajan says:

    Very true indeed… BMW’s need to be maintained..maintenance guidelines are there for a reason. As Jason Statham said in the transporter “take care of the car, the car takes care of you”

    this holds true for most cars, but BMW’s more so. It’s those special moments where you take a BMW for a good thrash, that’s the reason why I love them. They’re such capable machines. 
    Maintenance is expensive after the honeymoon (warranty) period, but if people wanted to run a cheap car, they should have looked somewhere else.. it’s the reality. BMW’s are expensive hobbies for those who love them, but an expensive hobby worth paying

  5. Any E39 M5 fan needs to watch a recent Wheeler Dealer episode in which they bring an E39 M5 back to life. Here’s the link:

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