MotorTrend Video: 2012 BMW 335i – 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds

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MotorTrend takes the new 2012 BMW 335i to the race track. The result? 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. Other stats include: 1/4 …

MotorTrend takes the new 2012 BMW 335i to the race track. The result? 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. Other stats include: 1/4 mile in 13.3 sec @ 103.9 mph and lateral acceleration of .90g.

The new F30 335i is powered by the award-winning N55 3.0 liter straight-six outputs 300 horsepower and 300 lb.-ft (407 Nm) of torque.

BMWBLOG also had the opportunity to recently drive the 335i in Monterey, California.

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Before jumping into the informative video review, here are some highlights from Motor Trend:

Expectations run high for any new 3 Series — almost unfairly so. Our expectations were such that when we found out the new 2012 BMW 3 Series would be slightly bigger, and its power steering system would use a fuel-efficient electric motor, we grew skeptical. Cynical, maybe. And then a 2012 BMW 335i equipped with the optional sport eight-speed automatic ($500; the standard eight-speed automatic and six-speed manual are no-cost options) showed up at our test track. What did we learn? That there’s no reason for the roundel faithful to fret.

Benchmarks? Forget the last 335i. This new one actually accelerates at the same pace as the 320-horse, 332 lb-ft 335is — the one with two turbos and a fast-shifting twin-clutch transmission. Our mere automatic 2012 335i, down a turbo and supposedly 20 horsepower and 32 lb-ft, reached 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.3 sec at 103.9 mph. That’s right on pace with a Camaro SS, assuming it’s driven well.

24 responses to “MotorTrend Video: 2012 BMW 335i – 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds”

  1. empower says:

    what a knob 

  2. LaMa says:

    The N55 makes 320HP in the 535, so why does it make 20HP less in the 335 ? Also the 740 is rated at 320HP.  Furthermore the X3 xdrive35 is also 320HP.  Why would BMW choose to drop the HP in the 335 ?

    Not a major drop, but still… 20HP is 20HP, people often pay a grand or two to gain 20HP in their cars, so choosing a less powerful engine variation for the 335 is bad tactics from BMW. 

    Is it a milder camshaft ? less turbo pressure ? or hopefully a typo ?

    • Anonymous says:

      What are you talking about? Only the 640i &740i is rated higher than 300 hp at 315…. The 535i and the X3 35i is only rated at 300 hp….based on this, -40i = 315 and -35i = 300…

  3. Eujdnds says:

    Damn 4.7 seconds, bmw don’t play.

  4. Viper says:

    less than 5 seconds…that is impressive fast..

  5. Guest says:

    need to think twice now before messing with the newer bimmer…damn

  6. wazon8 says:

    I understand why BMW underestimate power output of their engines (and used to inform about what’s close to rear wheel power rather than the flywheel power), but I can’t get why they decide to underestime the results of 0-60 or 0-62 acceleration. This 335i is aprox. 5 flat sec. from 0 to 62 rather than 5.5 sec. as stated in data sheets. Maybe they provide the results of the versions that loaded with all the options?

    • Anonymous says:

      They provide times that are closer to what the average driver can achieve. Car mags will drop the clutch at whatever rpm gives them the fastest times without worry of wear to the clutch or tires. I dont think the average owner would spend $60K on a new 335i and drop the clutch at 3500+ rpm or so just to get a sub 5 sec time.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s an automatic, not a manual.

      • wazon8 says:

        That’s true, but why don’t say people who don’t worry about drivertrain and tires durability so much, how fast their car is? I bet that number of people will take this car for a track day driving and they are interested in real world and not underestimated data. Agree on the point that there are drivers who will rarely reach red line in 335i, but I just don’t find it relevant to the topic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Driven this car – 335i with the sport auto and sport adaptive suspension.  It’s a heavy, understeering, vague snoozefest.  I wasn’t really fond of my last 335i but the 2012 is even less engaging.  Feels more like a 5 than a sport sedan.  Numbers don’t tell the whole story…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great video!

    The only thing I don’t like about new BMWs designs is the LINE at the front of the hood. It’s horrible. The hood should finish at the grilles, not before!

  9. Roman015 says:

    Excellent review. The opening scene of the reviewer laughing is precisely what i did when i drove it out of the showroom. This car goes…and it has the loveliest soniferous engine note when gears change (like a boom)….best in any previous 335i.( I have an 08 335 cabriolet, so speak with some experience.
    $50K in US? Ha try high $90Ks here in Aus…and we still love it.

  10. mike says:

    just wondering, how does the xdrive would affect the 0-60 times and the 1/4 mile. If it does at all. Plus what happens if you don’t use launch control. How might that affect the time. One more thing would the lat g be higher with the x drive?

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