New Spy Photos: 2014 BMW i8

Spy Photos | February 15th, 2012 by 17
BMW i8 Erlkönig Spyshots Vision EfficientDynamics Pixner 02 750x500

The first hybrid sportscar from BMW, the 2014 i8, is currently undergoing cold weather testing. A prototype was spotted in Sweden and the images reveal …

The first hybrid sportscar from BMW, the 2014 i8, is currently undergoing cold weather testing. A prototype was spotted in Sweden and the images reveal an interesting rear-end with large and deep air inlets. Clearly visible is also a large large diffuser different from any other one seen on current BMW production cars.

These design elements are used to channel the air therefore increasing the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

The i8 continues to sport the gullwing doors seen on the i8 concept revealed last year.

BMW i8 Erlkönig Spyshots Vision EfficientDynamics Pixner 01 655x436

According to BMW, the beautiful glass seen on the doors of the i8 Concept will be replaced by conventional materials, a request that was mainly driven by customers who requested more interior cabin privacy.

The i8 Concept combines the advantages of two different drive systems – an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The electric motor is not a secondary power source, but rather an equal partner of the internal combustion engine. The major change is a new 1.5 liter petrol engine replacing the initial diesel unit of same capacity. The engine is mounted at the rear and drives via a dual-clutch gearbox.

The weight of 1480kg is the equivalent to a power-to-weight ratio of 236 horsepower per 1000 kilograms.

BMW i8 Erlkönig Spyshots Vision EfficientDynamics Pixner 03 655x434

BMW i8 measures 4632mm in length, 1955mm in width and 1280mm in height, comparable to the 3 Series coupe in dimensions. A 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time comes under five seconds, with a combined fuel consumption in the European test cycle of less than 3 liters/100 km (78 MPG) and average real fuel consumption of between five and seven liters (33 – 47 MPG).

The BMW i8 is expected to debut in early 2014 and the price speculations fall around the $160,000m mark.

[Photos: Pixner / via BimmerToday]

17 responses to “New Spy Photos: 2014 BMW i8”

  1. Giom says:

    I’m surprised to see these doors back onto the prototype. Maybe they’ve got two of them running now…? Also, interesting to note that the fake tail lights have been removed and the actual lights are used instead. Leads me to suspect that this one and the earlyer one are not the same cars.

  2. Tom says:

    You idiots realize this is the concept mule version? Guess not.

  3. LaMa says:

    too bad that the actual car will look nothing like this.  I’m not missing the lambo doors but the small interesting details. The final car looked boring compared to the prototype.
    Its always been like that with BMW though.  production cars are less wild then prototypes.

    look at the New Range Rover Evoque and tell me if that thing isn’t the wildest thing in the boring SUV market ? 

    Hyundai Veloster ? so close to the prototype version and its a 20k usd car.

    Porsche, Ferrari are not daring to get a nice radical shaped car onto the market.
    No, I do not want to see an another bungle crap on the road, but for a limited edition car BMW could forget their German engineering mindset and hop on the bus to Italy and get some wine on the way, get sunshine and let their mind go wild.

  4. Endras BMW says:

    Looks like BMW has a few different i8 test mules undergoing testing. These pictures look older than the ones we received last week. 

    So which will it be, gullwing or butterfly doors? 

      • T. says:

        This is the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept car but underneath the body lies the i8’s drivetrain, because these were the first full running prototypes , the actual body of the i8 was not complete and BMW would not have shown the exterior until the Concept i8 had appeared anyway.  The focus should be on the drivetrain because as we know the Vision EfficientDynamics concept car laid the template for the i8 Concept car as many of the original design elements of the VED are shown in progress on the i8 and are more production orientated in terms of crash legislation , aerodynamics and design. Between the i8 concept and the i8 production car you are looking about 97% production ready since the i8 shows two years worth of progress over the VED.

        The doors follow the same idea as the Concept car but reduce the glass content. However with the i8 and indeed the i3 . Personalisation will be important to both with unique options and trims. Because the door structures including the outer skins  are CFRP. One option BMW are looking at is raw CFRP material but with a layer of a special film applied  that will give the impression the door skin is smooth like glass as the concept. But will not be glass.

        The i8 will be first up but again BMW are thinking of initial expansion after establishment.  First up and now approved for initial development into a feasibility programme is an i8 Spyder which will open the i8  to warmer climates.
        What is interesting about the proposals for the Spyder models is that the stand out “floating’ aerodynamics of the i8 rear are re-interpreted at the rear to layer over and form butresses on the rear deck and behind the rear headrests. 

        Another option for the i8 on the table being discussed is a longer wheelbase incorporating four individual doors and increased rear legroom over the production 2+2 layout.

        • LaMa says:

          out of the 3% I’m guessing 2.9999% is the exterior. The pictures I saw of the  final version looked far from the prototype. 
          Sure it looked similar, but similar or same are not the “same” isn’t it ?

          it makes sense to build different variations for many reasons, most importantly – money savings and profit generating.
          I can see the i8 being a convertible, maybe a unique sliding roof version not a ragtop though.  4 door is definitely a logical step, after all the i8 will be an economical oriented sports car and BMW builds the best sport sedans.
          So it fits the image very well.

          would love to see an i8M model too :-)   I’m sure the //M guys can get a little more juice out of the electric motors !

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