First Spy Photo: New BMW X5 F15

Spy Photos | January 13th, 2012 by 18
21 27716 bmw

Next generation BMW X5 is due out in 2013 and the first spy photos have just hit the interwebs. Belgian magazine Vroom spied the F15 …

Next generation BMW X5 is due out in 2013 and the first spy photos have just hit the interwebs. Belgian magazine Vroom spied the F15 X5 during a testing session in Germany.

Wearing the typical psychedelic camouflage combined with plastic fake body parts, the prototypes are far from revealing their true design. We learned recently that the new 2013 BMW X5 is said to feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces that will broaden the design of the X family.

At the front end, the new X5 will feature a more imposing kidney grille, larger and wider than in the current model. The headlights will get the LED treatment and the shape will follow the design seen on some of the recently unveiled models.

21 27716 bmw

The taillights will be slightly redesigned as well. Using the layering concept seen on the Vision concepts, the T-shaped taillights add more depth to surfaces and are less wrapped around the body.

On the side, the character line is being enhanced, as we have seen on the new X3 as well. Expect to see more convex/concave shapes with 3D layering enhancing its masculine look.

According to sources, the new X5 will feature for the first time the ActiveHybrid technology with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The internal combustion engine is aided by a 15 kilowatt electric motor that ads another 17 horsepower on top of the 204 already delivered by the diesel power unit.

Furthermore, the new X5 Hybrid is said to use two parallel vehicle electrical systems, a conventional 12 volt system supplied by the AGM starter battery and an additional 120 volt system that’s supplied by a generator and lithium-ion battery pack located in the luggage compartment. Rather than a conventional engine-driven generator, a compact generator is integrated in the aluminum crankcase housing. The high-power electronic system is flange-mounted directly onto the gearbox for a more compact design. Brake Energy Regeneration helps recharging the battery.

The F15 platform is rumored to feature a modular design, a common trend in future BMWs, that allows the company to achieve significant savings across its lineup.

We anticipate a world premiere to take place in 2013 with sales beginning late in the year.

18 responses to “First Spy Photo: New BMW X5 F15”

  1. Terry Jansen says:

    I know you need material but, these photos show us nothing. I am interested in the tech. specs provided, but these photos could be of any mid-size SUV.

    • Horatiu B. says:


      There are no specs. We’ve published what we know for now which is more than others really know. Give it time and we will learn more, we’re nearly 2 years away from launch.

  2. Bmwfan says:

    F15 & F16 are new X5 and X6 respectively, F40 is new FWD platform I believe

  3. Viper says:

    that grille looks way too big , expect a radical change in design this time

  4. Giom (iPad) says:

    It’s funny… Me and most BMW fans live for this kind of news. There is so much design detail revealed within that one shot, that it is clear that this model is to receive a revolutionary design. Those kidneys are huge – I love it!

    • Rmn Jrz says:

      EXACTLY! We haven’t seen anything yet, and I’m already in love with the thing.. It seems so.. unique, revolutionary, sporty and classy.. PERFECT. :’)

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