Renderings: BMW 8 Series Concept

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New BMW 8 Series – a car that many bimmer fans dream of, but so far the Munich-based automaker refrained from committing to a new …

New BMW 8 Series – a car that many bimmer fans dream of, but so far the Munich-based automaker refrained from committing to a new generation of the iconic 8er. To wet our appetite for a BMW flagship or supercar, Turkish industrial designer, Ismet Çevik, created a series of renderings of what could be the new 8 Series, based on his vision. The computer generated images use some design cues from the new 6 Series Gran Coupe and the final product illustrates a true two-door Gran Tourer.

“It’s actually a real rival to the Mercedes CL. Because I think the 6-Series is not a full comparison to the CL-Class. I went a bit further from a CL, and also included Rolls-Royce and Bentley influences. It is definitely a 90′s legend 8-Series. High class, business, luxury and supersport. Created to be new legend for BMW,” said Ismet Çevik about his concept.

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The original 8 Series began life in the mid-1980′s as a vehicle not to succeed the E24 6 Series but more to surpass it as a more expensive, faster, technology-laden vehicle, namely BMW’s future flagship model. With this newer, larger coupe, BMW intended to take direct aim at the tankish Mercedes Benz S-class coupes of the day and they only knew how to do that through sheer horsepower, displacement and, of course, as we left the Wallstreet Era of the 1980′s – price.

Debuting in September of 1989 at the International Autoshow in Frankfurt, the E31 850i came in at a price of roughly $100,000 USD, immediately making it one of the most expensive BMW ‘s ever produced at that point in time. The 850i came equipped with the 5.0 liter M70 V12 mated to either a 4-speed auto box or a 6-speed manual putting out approximately 300HP – so it was definitely quick despite it’s curb weight of just over 4,000 pounds.

The high-end 8 Series was the 850CSi that it came with a tuned S70 V12 engine good for 380HP mated to a 6-speed manual along with an M-tuned suspension, steering and brakes.

But the ultimate 8er was the one-off BMW M8.

With the brand focusing on sustainability and EfficientDynamics, it remains unknown if a true 8 Series will ever see the daylight, but here is to hope…

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17 responses to “Renderings: BMW 8 Series Concept”

  1. fruneed says:

    I hope BMW makes my dream real…someday..

  2. Jason Parry says:

    The bottom grille is rather horrific and side windows a bit shallow but yes I think bmw can compete in this space rear looks good front fenders a bit wide – but that’s ok if its a

  3. Ickyfehmleh says:

    This definitely whets my appetite for a new 8er even though I can ill afford one.  My two E46s are probably the last two Bimmers I will own — the E90s are far too expensive to maintain and I don’t even what to know how expensive the 5er, 6er, and 7er are.

  4. auaq says:

    Doesn’t look great to be honest. Too ghastly and vast, too much Bentley-sh in my view. They should bring back the pop up headlights.

  5. BStinson says:

    Yeah, give me one of those and an X7 for the wife and kids.

  6. ihorses says:

    Wow, that’s horrible.

  7. Mateo says:

    UGLY!!! damn, my eyes!!!!

    i don’t think bmw will make 8 series. 6 series is already TOO expensive and TOO heavy

  8. MD says:

    Please Make the 8 series…

  9. Giom (iPad) says:

    Remember a time when people used to be polite and said things like, I admire the artists skill, but I don’t really like it that much. Or, not exactly my cup of tea… Etc. I think it is so unnecessary to be rude for what ever reason! There are millions of different tastes out there. It’s stupid to think that all designers would come up with designs and ideas to suit all tastes.

    I really like the proportions of this design. It’s very sporty and elegant at the same time. I, too, find the front lower section too far removed from the BMW language and a little over the top. But the renders and compositions are very well done – so is the color chosen.

    This does look like a concept, it would be interesting if the designer will further develope the design into something that will resemble a closer to production version.

    Keep at it!

    • simon chen says:

      No there isn’t a million taste. It’s either I like it, or I don’t. People voicing out that it’s fug is normal… because it literally is fug.

  10. wazon8 says:

    This car has nothing to do with the recent BMW design language. It has something like old Z4’s coupe taillights, from which BMW is far away at the moment, and the front is much closer to Chrysler Crossfire than any BMW ever made. It’s clearly not something that BMW could create and that’s good, since I would like to see something else as new 8-series.
    As for the prospects of creating new 8-series, I suspect that it’s unlikely to happen, unless there will come fully pethrol version of i8 under 8-series badge. BTW, I’m inclined to think that if there was any chance of creating wholly new 8-series, its desing would be close to desing of i8 and surely not connected with this rendering.   

  11. Viper says:

    8 series is dead.
    theres no place for this car right now , not even for next 5 years. if it ever makes it to the concept add another 5 years and maybe we will have our 8er..(in our dreams)..sorry its the truth. I wish it wasnt. bmw doesnt make much ballsy moves , never did.
    if you want big large coupe go for established stuff like Continental , Ghost , cl amg or even that sick Maybach coupe (you can order it) , honestly bmw will never be in this league. it just wont. its just  bmw (not that its a bad car, its brilliant but only a bmw. period.

  12. Gnuman says:

    Doesn’t feel like a BMW to me. Maybe it’s the renderings, but this thing feels more like a Mercedes-bulky and convoluted.

  13. john says:

    well, the 850i is NOT dead! I saw one on the road today.. black 4-door, 850i insignia on the rear end..beautiful and low to the ground. I was shocked when I saw the 850 as I had no idea that I had missed the news it was out. Had I realized it was not out yet, I would have followed the car and taken pictures…the driver was turning onto I-10 from Tallahassee, FL

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