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On a red-eye flight from Toronto to Frankfurt it can be difficult to get inspired. I was on such a flight last night, jetting on …

On a red-eye flight from Toronto to Frankfurt it can be difficult to get inspired. I was on such a flight last night, jetting on to the Austrian Alps after connecting in Frankfurt. But never mind my itinerary, what inspired me on this flight was the reading material of a fellow passenger.

Peering over the shoulder of the gentleman across the isle, I noticed a familiar photograph on his iPhone. I’m not a nosy-Nancy so don’t judge – but the webpage layout was instantly recognizable, even in my periphery. As it turns out, this passenger was reading my BMWBLOG styling analysis of the new 6 series Gran Coupe, published only that morning.

I have to admit to a warm and fuzzy feeling permeating my innards at the site of a random airline passenger reading BMWBLOG. With well over a million readers a month world-wide it is more likely than ever that you will bump into a fellow BMWBLOG reader, but nonetheless, this experience made my day.

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From the grassroots vision of a BMW centric news website, BMWBLOG has gone on to become somewhat of a rock star of the internet. I can say that with impunity and humility as I am but a scribe for this website, and indeed not its founder. Of course, BMWBLOG got to where it is by keeping an ear to the ground and carefully responding to the ever-evolving trends of new media. It was only by constant improvement that we got to where we are, and constant improvement remains the only avenue for continued growth and success as the preeminent source of BMW Group news and reviews online.

We look forward to exploring new forms of media and building upon our website to continue engaging you, our valued reader. Thus, it is time for you to have your say. This week’s Opposite Lock is devoted to you, and your thoughts. We built this site for you, and now we want to know how you think we can improve. Please lambast us with ideas, criticisms (constructive and otherwise!) and wish lists (what you would like to see from us from more video content to new font style to specific car reviews or comparisons you’ve been longing for, languages you would like to see sister sites published in, etc).

It’s time to have YOUR say. Please leave your comments below, there is plenty of room for all.
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We look forward to hearing from you in your comments below!

14 responses to “Opposite Lock: We Did This for You”

  1. Statuskill says:

    It’s time for another round of ‘you be the designer’. Where we provide input on what we’d like to see different/tweaked on a current model, and you and you’re artists present us with the rendering!

  2. Matt says:

    The satisfaction is well deserved.  Keep up the good work.

  3. Endras BMW says:

    Classic BMW road tests please! Go drift an E30 M3, go for a scenic drive in a 328, let us hear the sound of an 850CSi, and appreciate a 1970’s 3.0CS. Visit some enthusiast garages and feature collector’s toys. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing! Cheers, A.

    • Dubur says:

      NO. Just no. I really dont get people with these sort of requests. What’s the point in doing that when MAJORITY of folks don’t have access to buy one and/or don’t want an ancient model? Hardcore purists please keep to yourselves and little country fanclub. That’s like asking a computer website in 2011, can you review Pentium IV HT please, it was awesome! How about a review of the OG Nokia 8310 please!

      • Anonymous says:

        No there is a difference between reviewing outdated electronics and and a classic car. I don’t know if you are into video games but if this was a video game blog I would welcome a review every once in a while about an old game from the 1990’s

        Also what would it matter if they reviewed and old car for us enthusiasts? Just ignore it. I’m sure it wont affect them reviewing newer cars.

  4. Charel Lies says:

    One thing you could easily do, is turning off the message “do you want to install the bmwblog app…” when people load your site. Even though I got the app I still get the message. I understand you cannot check if the visitor got the app or not but the message is really annoying.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very good post. I love this website a lot. The only thing I could ask for is a mobile version so that I can easily view it on my phone. The content that you guys provide is really good.

    Also I use an Android phone so maybe you guys can make an app for that or make a mobile site.

  6. Stanislav Nachev says:

    It’d be nice to see reviews of older bmw vehicles. As redundant as that might sound those would be useful for people like myself who can’t afford a brand new bmw but can buy an older used one. That way we’d be provided with somewhat of a history of the brand as well. 

  7. Wow I’m sure it is an amazing feeling when somebody reads your blog, buys your books and uses your softeware for example. I once noticed that someone recommended  my Ringtone maker on yahoo answers and was so pleased!
    Your blog certainly deserves to be followed, nice job!

  8. Liza Goldberg says:

    Wow, that’s a nice observation, Shawn! Thanks for it. I also love the picture-such a huge crowd! Liza Goldberg, manager of free flv to mp4 converter

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