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GCA1M 12 750x500 GC Automobile BMW 1M

Global Concept Automobile, a professional French racing team, showcases their own version of the BMW 1M. GC Automobile designs, builds and races silhouette race cars, …

Global Concept Automobile, a professional French racing team, showcases their own version of the BMW 1M. GC Automobile designs, builds and races silhouette race cars, and their latest project included the fan’s favorite 1M. The company also has a full engineering department that can accommodate different project levels to suit the needs of their client.

Dubbed GC10-V8, the race car is based on the base 1 Series M Coupe, but modified to racing specs and configuration. The race car now features an aggressive body work with composite wide fender flares.

Despite keeping the allure of the 1M, the GC10-V8 has a tubular frame chassis typical of Silhouette cars that meets the FIA standards.

GCA1M 11 655x436 GC Automobile BMW 1M

The modifications go even further and the inline-six turbocharged N54 engine was replaced with a….Chevy V8 unit tuned by Sodemo Development. The engine now produces 550 horsepower and to cope with the additional heat, several cooling solutions were implemented, including the roof scoop which directs air into the engine.

For safety of the drivers, GC Automobile built frontal and side crash box in both doors.

GC10-V8 sits on 18″ wheels with suspension handled by a 3-way OHLINS system.

At the moment, GC Automobile is looking for drivers in preparation for the upcoming 2012 Dunlop 24-Hour of Dubai. They finished 2nd in class and 17th overall last year with a less powerful car.

GCA1M 13 655x436 GC Automobile BMW 1M

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13 responses to “GC Automobile BMW 1M”

  1. Mrmaxiz says:

    Who the F would put a Chevy engine in a BMW?? Seriously!?

    • v1p3r says:

      Why not use a normal 120i Coupe? One less original limited edition 1M Coupe now. Retarded

      • Mose121 says:

        It’s a tube frame chassis, meaning the only thing that possibly came from the real 1M parts bin would be body parts/lights.  This car was built from the ground up to be a race car, so the 1M’s chassis is not what the car is built on.  Probably just the lights were used, everything else was likely molded for the car like most other tube frame race cars.

  2. Maxviva79 says:

    that is not a BMW

  3. BLACKMORE-M5 says:

    There’s a good thing to show here. The BMW chassis is just 100% finely tuned to steer the best of the rest thus why they choose to have the 1M chassis. The bad thing is, why the F they dumped the engine?!? That’s probably the stupidest move I’ve seen this month. Seriously!

    • Mose121 says:

      I think you missed the part about the car being built on a tube frame chassis.  There is nothing BMW about this car other than the appearence.  Kind of like the Turner M3’s run in the Grand-Am series.

  4. BMW 1M - GC Auto says:

    Ok…. I’m one of the mechanic who have works on this car.
    I just want to answer to the comments of the video.

    Mrmaxiz : The car is not a BMW. The BMW is only a apparence. And, if you find a V8 BMW engine  and more of 500 HP, call me please.

    Mose121 : You’re right, the car in a tube frame chassis with a BMW 1M apparence. So, it’s a race car.

    The car is not a BMW, and it’s not a chassis of BMW 1M. And, if we have decided to choose the apparence of the BMW 1M, it was only because one of our customers liked this original car of BMW, so we have put a BMW 1M apparence.

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