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BMW M6 F13 Coupé Rendering Duron Automotive Artwork 1 1 750x500

Later in 2012, BMW will introduce the all-new BMW M6. Built under the codename F13, the high-end M model will debut in 2013 and will …

Later in 2012, BMW will introduce the all-new BMW M6. Built under the codename F13, the high-end M model will debut in 2013 and will share technology with its predecessor M5 sedan, but in a sportier and more tuned package.

The M6 Coupe will be joined by the convertible variant, as well as a new offering by the M division: the four-door M6 Gran Coupe.

New renderings by Duron Automotive Artwork shows the BMW M6 Coupe with an aggressive front apron with vertical air intakes for the air curtains, for improving the aerodynamics, especially at high speeds by reducing turbulence and therefore less air resistance on the front wheel arches. There are also three large air intakes for the oxygen supply to the engine and brake cooling. At the rear, the typical M four tailpipes are present, along with a diffuser framing.

BMW M6 F13 Coupé Rendering Duron Automotive Artwork 1 1 655x368

The 2013 BMW M6 will likely be powered by an upgraded version of the 4.4 liter V8 engine, producing near 600 horsepower. A similar engine but will less output – 560 hp – appears in the new M5 as well. The power is exclusively directed to the rear wheels and should make for an impressive acceleration. A regular sprint to 60mph is not expected to take more than 4 seconds. With the M Drivers package, the F13 M6 will have a top speed of 300 km/h.

The redesigned M6 will have its own attributes and characteristics in order to challenge the established rivals from Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz.

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18 responses to “Rendering: 2013 BMW M6 F13”

  1. Viper says:

    Im not sure about that speculation about hp output , that 4.4 will have the same power as the M5 , near 600hp sounds alot for bmw , I just dont buy it yet.  bmw is well known for changing very little in their M division as far as the engines they are simple copy and paste for m5/m6.

    • LaMa says:

      no, its not true. The E24 M6 made more HP then the E28 M5. 
      It was the case in the bangle era which was the dark ages for BMW styling.
      BMW confirmed the higher output for the M6. Also the M5 could make more
      HP then X5M and X6M but they kept it at bay. They reworked almost all parts
      to get it better and more powerful. The M6 will make just around 600HP which
      is a LOT.

      friend of mine saw the same 4.4 engines running on an engine dyno at BMW
      several years ago.  Their own engine dyno was running out of capacity to show the
      numbers ! THe manifolds were glowing red. they tested the durability with different
      boost and at really high boost the engine was making over 900HP !!! of course it
      probably blew out sooner then the required hours/miles but this engine can make
      a lot of power.

      • Viper says:

        you are Wrong.
        Bangle styling still looks insanely fresh and modern today.
        I know the engine is capable of bigger power , but how many torques would 900hp engine give? a lot I know but bmw doesnt have a transmission for that kind of power.yet. engine life? no dont think so. either a bigger engine or a super light weight body or a super transmission that can handle 600hp and up to 1000Nm just to be sure.
        so 600hp in 4,4l really sounds alot compared to rivals amg’s who need at least 5,5 to 6,2 to produce 630hp….are they  really stupid or do they actually know what they are doing?

  2. JakeBrake776 says:

    BMW has already said numerous times that there will be a distinct difference between the M5 and the M6. Also BMW has confirmed a horsepower rating of 580+ for the M6 series vehicles.

  3. eM. says:

    Well, what’s the Audi competitor for this?

  4. Jaoo says:

    this rendering is inaccurate. 1m copypaste

  5. Arwar says:

    600hp would make it absolutely insane! I am interested in this development for sure

  6. Bigk says:

    the new 6er desperately needs ///M treatment to be an attractive ride! 

  7. fruneed says:

    This is what we are waiting for, this is what BMW is …BMW M POWER!

  8. Nimbus444 says:

    While the new 6 is very sexy on its own, the M6 will be iconic whatever the hp!!

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