Former BMW dealership Employees Charged with Misdemeanor after 1M Joyride

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Back in September, two BMW employees from Pacific BMW in Glendale decided to “test drive” the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The ride was …

Back in September, two BMW employees from Pacific BMW in Glendale decided to “test drive” the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The ride was not your typical drive around the block, but rather a high-speed joyride through the residential streets of Glendale.

Proud of their “accomplishment”, one of the two employees in question posted a Youtube video of the joyride. Pacific BMW management stepped forward and fired the two offenders.

But this is just the beginning of the entire saga. According to NBC, Vacheh Margoussian, 21, and Artin Yazidjian, 22, both of which were employed as a valet and a tire technician respectively at the Pacific BMW dealership in Los Angeles, are also facing misdemeanor charges filed by the LA County district attorney’s office.

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Margoussian was sitting behind the wheel 1Mand Yazidjian videotaped the ride from the passenger’s seat.

At the time, the rightful BMW 1M owner was requesting a $10,000 refund for the incident, the same amount paid over the base price of the 1M.  For NBC LA, a BMW dealership representative said the car’s computer has not shown any damages.

The power of BMW community led to the initial police report, aided by the not-so-smart video posting on Youtube.

10 responses to “Former BMW dealership Employees Charged with Misdemeanor after 1M Joyride”

  1. UberMpower says:

    Is there any news on the owner getting any compensation or is that still ongoing …?

    Hope they get what they deserve and the owner has some compensation that he also rightly deservers.

  2. Xcoreflyup says:

    so those guys are gonna goint for a testdrive some state owned vehicle too, one rock two bird….goooood job!

  3. LaMa says:

    10 GRAND over the sticker ?  crazy.  good car but thanks, not for 10grand over sticker. thats M3 territory and as good as the 1M it can not touch the value on the last NA V8 M3.

  4. Jedmatsu says:

    Owner should have taken the option to pick up his 1M from the BMW Performance Center. He gets treated for a nice dinner, a mini half-day M school with the pros, a tour of the Spartanburg plant facility, and a fun ride with one of the X5s. That is the PLUS side, the NEGATIVE side is when he gets to go home back to Cali, he will be adding 3500 miles on his new coupe in two days. Tough sh&t!

  5. Arwar says:

    So when I heard about this I thought Glendale, theres lots of Armenian-Americans there, I wonder if these guys are Armenians and sure enough judging by their names :D. This offcourse has nothing to do with the case, but a rather interesting remark.
    I hope that the owner gets his compensation! Driving hard in break-in (sub 2000 km) can be very harmful for a car, even if diagnostics don’t detect any errors. The errors will come out later when owner discovers that his car takes 3x more oil than normal, has worse fuel economy and performance than factory data suggests. My mother’s previous car, E91 325i had a higher oil consumption than normal because it was a press car pre-2000km (ofc the price was cheaper too, so that’s what you get I guess).

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