Spy Video: BMW 1 Series GT with FWD

Spy Photos | November 2nd, 2011 by 17
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The upcoming front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series GT was spied on video near Munich. As we reported in the past, BMW plans to introduce a …

The upcoming front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series GT was spied on video near Munich. As we reported in the past, BMW plans to introduce a Gran Turismo variant of the 1 Series. Recent spy photos confirmed that the car is past the design table and onto the roads where test engineers iron out the technical kinks.

The 1 Series Gran Turismo, also known internally as Compact Activity Tourer, will be one of the first front-wheel drive vehicles from BMW. Design wise, the 1er GT follows the steps of the 5 Series GT niche model and also the future 3 Series GT.

The design lines are a mixture of a 5 door hatchback and a touring model. Rear legroom is said to be on par with the new 5 Series sedan.

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1 GT will be 2 inches (5cm) longer than the 3-door and 5-door models, but it will sport an unique front-end. To reflect the Gran Turismo design, the 1 GT will have an elevated driving position, as seen in the 5 Gran Turismo.

The car is due out in 2013 and will pave the way for the third-generation 1 Series range in 2018, which will see the bulk of body styles switching to a front-wheel drive set-up.

The BMW Compact Activity Tourer is designed to be the more sportier offering and will not only share the N2 engine family with the new 1 Series hatchback, but also the three-cylinder N37 family in its entry level offerings.

The BMW Compact Activity Tourer will be one of five BMW FWD models, and one part of the 10 planned new MINI’s from the shared platform strategy.

[Video: 1addicts ]

17 responses to “Spy Video: BMW 1 Series GT with FWD”

  1. LexusLVR says:

     FWD is so awesome. BMW has been missing out.

    • La Ma says:

      awesome ?  in what regards ? if you have a small gutless engine its awesome to get forward. Any serious power or handling car must have a rear wheel drive setup or an advanced AWD setup.

      But geez, most Lexuses are RWD, so are they missing out too ?

  2. Giom says:

    Change is painfull. But necessary for survival.

    At least, only the baby BMWs will be using FWD, the real cars remain on RWD. (That was for you Lex…)

  3. Efoza says:

    This will be another GT winner. I think the best BMWs will soon be the GT range of each series.

  4. Welc0me says:

    This car is by far the most freakin ugly car that bmw made exept the the m5 witch is the 2nd most ugly car in the world!!!!! It looks like a old grandma that got surgery on her nose,same with the dam m5.They may have good motors but there  exterior both m5 and this look like crap.If you want a sexy european car stop fooling ourself becuse im not the only one that thinks that some bmws are ugly.Go get a dam Audi if thats what you are looking for!!!!!But the m3 does look nice.And its definitly not as ugly as the faty 2 door bentley continential coupe witch weighs in about 6,000!!! pounds.SO overall bmws are good european cars witch just have a ugly exterior.Yup that sums how I feel about most bmws, shame they cost so mutch.So again dont fool yourself audis are more spachious and with a better interior with a lower price than bmws.What A DAM SUPRISE!!!
    So if you are a bmw lover fine!!But if you want qwality car with better evrything including fuel economy space confort ride and of course audi is the refined german car here it looks 100% more sexy.Look up audi a6 to see what I am talking about.Audis may not be as fun to drive,but the dam bmws just cant match the refined german feel.By the way my name isnt even welcome and thats not my email ethier so if you hate me for saying these things you arnt going to reach me my the name welc0me ha ha ha.So go to the dam audi dealership and take your bmws to the dump!!

    • Alex says:

      More spacious, lower price,lower consumption? what the fuck are you talking about? the a6 is the ugliest car audi is making at the moment,especially without the led lights, it looks horrible.

      btw why the fuck are you on bmwblog if you like audi’s so much?i don’t think anybody wants to getting into arguments with a teen troll. get the hell out of here, nobody will miss you

      • Welc0me says:

        Ouch that hurt alex,but its not kanzas anymore,bmw outdated!Audi a6 is butiful compared to that ugly ass car you call bmw.German Perfection is what it is,so I dont know where you live but,I live in america not your bmw kanzas.

        • wazon says:

          Some basic A4 versions are just VW Passat in disguise, they are even FWD with terrible understeer (as almost each Audi, no metter whether it’s FWD or Quattro), do you really try to convince us that Passat is of better quality than 3-er? Start driving cars you’re talking about and tell us that you feel better Audi as a driver than you feel BMW. I bet you wouldn’t say that siriously, if you have any sense of driving cars at all.

        • Alex says:

          Very mature. And yes, audi is BUTIFUL, with a PI.

  5. Mateo says:

    as i said before:

    as long as 3/5/7 series are still 3/5/7 (rwd, straight six, manual for 3/5 series) – i’m fine

  6. Iemand12 says:

    Why the hell do people who don’t like BMW come to this site, seriously, piss off, because you don’t know sh*t about cars, “FWD is so awesome” seriously!???  And people who troll on about how Audi’s are better, go buy an Audi, leave the people with taste to make the informed decisions when it comes to buying cars. Some of the things BMW do are questionable, i agree, but being one of the biggest car firms in the world means that they have hundreds of analysts doing research to determine if gaps in the market exists. A few years ago BMW determined that 80% of people who buy the one series have no idea that the car is RWD (this statistic was done 2010), that’s why they started bringing FWD cars to the BMW name, but i agree with Mateo, as long as BMW don’t change the recipe on 3, 5 and 7, BMW fans should remain happy.

    • Arwar says:

      these are just 12 year old boys with nothing else to do with their time. They think that because their mummy or daddy has a lexus/mb/audi it is the best car in the world and all their marque competitors’ fans need to know that. We should not pay attention to them. If I were a moderator of this site, I would remove all the corresponding posts though, unless ofcourse it would actually be a civilized disccussion why one is better than another.

      • Gbijn says:

        IM 60 you bitchs ive owned audis and bmws.The new bmws are shit compared to the new ones.I went to this dam site to learn what bmws did for the passed 20 years and they look like shit.I went on my honeymoon in a bmw 1 sieres.It was a nice car,but it looks like you teens are stuck arguing over cars that are crap.This generation for cars went downhill ever seince global warming shit.

  7. Alica says:

    What are you all babiling about just enjoy the dam movie,have your debates somewhere else!

  8. Henry says:

    Please you guys,chill ok,I agree with alica,if you guys want to argue about witch is better take it somewhere else,your running this blog!

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