Top Gear likes the new BMW 1 Series

1-series | October 31st, 2011 by 12
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The online edition of Top Gear published their review of the all-new BMW 1 Series. The entry-level BMW launched back in September and due to …

The online edition of Top Gear published their review of the all-new BMW 1 Series. The entry-level BMW launched back in September and due to its controversial exterior design, it has received mixed reviews.

Let’s have a look at an excerpt from Top Gear’s review, and we already look forward to a full video review by Jeremy Clarkson.

“Time to hit the road. BMW’s smallest car now has a cabin that’s on a par with its much bigger, pricier siblings. It’s almost a decade since iDrive appeared in its brave but misfiring v1.0 incarnation, and, for my money, BMW’s current multi-media system is easily the most elegant and user-friendly of the lot.

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Hard drive-based navigation and 12-speaker Harman/Kardon hi-fi with DAB and a digital amplifier are all brilliant if pricey options, but even a parched 1-Series is a handsome place to be. Good materials, great driving position and some decent design flourishes. I love the interior doorhandles, and the cup-holder recesses in the base of the doors are cleverly designed and spacious. Here, at least, it kicks a Golf or A3 into touch.

It gets better. As with the previous 1, this might be a small BMW, but the bits underneath are very grown-up. The suspension is independent all-round, with MacPherson struts on the front and a sophisticated five-link axle at the rear. The front axle is mostly aluminium, which reduces unsprung mass, and the suspension’s kinematics have all been sharpened. You can tell immediately. A veteran of numerous ruinously run-flat-clad BMWs, I actually got out after 10 minutes to double-check that TG’s test car was actually on them and that my arse wasn’t lying to me. It’s still firm enough, don’t get me wrong, but it filters out the worst that the UK’s beaten roads can chuck at it while maintaining a decent entertainment focus.”

Full review at Top Gear

12 responses to “Top Gear likes the new BMW 1 Series”

  1. Giom says:

    Jeremy will bash it, no doubt. He’s not exactly the cleverest journo out there… he mostly miss the point of a cars’ purpose because it doesn’t adhere to his tastes and opinions.

    But, regardsless, the article is fair and less opionionated than most. I just wish ppl would get off the ‘clever’ concept of ‘what is this BMW for?’ It has become really old by now and for some reason ppl still think it makes them sound clever…?

    • Bmw Man since 1982 says:

      I have bought the latest 1 series 116d sport line & have clocked 210 miles of sheer driving pleasure. It boasts privacy rear glass & Xenon headlights + rear L shaped LED rear ones. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder to the extent that I am so fully satisfied that I don’t need to behold any other car.
      The twin power turbo does its job terrifically well & the 116d engine is quite powerful coupled with the rear drive unit for my tastes & needs.
      I find it good value for money & tops the hatchback segment of its class.

      • Geoff says:

        Purchased the new 1 series now with 340 on the clock.116i. When in ECO Pro do you have the blue line and battery icon at the bottom of the Rev gauge as per the
        BMW Sales coloured brochure. 

  2. Efoza says:

    I don’t know why people take Top Gear seriously. Everyone knows they are always bribed by car makers for good revs.

  3. Welc0me says:

    Ugly bmw as I should have expected,looks like a 110 year old that got surgery on her nose.All the bmws are ugly exept the respected m3 coupe.But if you want a sexy european car dont fool yourself with these dam ugly old lady boso cars.Look up the audi a6 and you will know what im talking about.Better fuel ecomony 100% sexyier and with a refined german feel.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If they end up making this in a standard sedan, with the 8-speed, X-Drive and 120d, it may very well be my next car.  

  5. Brian says:

    Not only Top Gear but hairdressers and poofs also like it.

  6. Wilfred Tan says:

    I managed to get my hands on the previous model of the 116i at half the price with a mileage of 12k. What do you guys think of this model instead of the newer one? Just curious.

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