Mercedes-Benz teases BMW X6 competitor

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Scheduled to debut in 2015, the BMW X6 competitor from Mercedes-Benz was teased today during an event at the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant. The Twitter …

Scheduled to debut in 2015, the BMW X6 competitor from Mercedes-Benz was teased today during an event at the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant.

The Twitter photo reveals a silhouette with coupe roofline similar to the X6.

Dubbed MLC, the Mercedes Coupe Crossover is built on the ML-Klasse platform, but with design cues inspired from the current CLS.

The BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe opened a new segment where multiple premium automakers are expected to introduce their offerings in the next years. Mercedes is reportedly favoring form over function for this crossover, with a bold, daring design that will steal away customers.

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BMW sold a total of 46,404 units of the X6 in 2010 and the closes competitor comes from Infiniti and its FX.

Expected to hit the market as a 2014 model year model, the luxury crossover will be built at the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama, plant and will expand vehicle production there to five models.

Details and pricing are yet to be finalized, but the rumormill churns out a based price of around 62,000 euros.

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14 responses to “Mercedes-Benz teases BMW X6 competitor”

  1. Lol says:

    what is the purpose of this? announcing a car 2-3 years ahead. only those who are super duper patient would wait, the rest would have gotten X6’s by that time.

  2. La Ma says:

    geez MB, this is really a shame.

    1st you copy the idiotic BMW scheme by giving a glimpse of a non-exisent car with cover on…
    then we realize its a car BMW created several years ago.

    The X6 and  X4 are the money makers. They are based on the production work machines – X3 and X5 and little more stylish body, all the optional equipment and some fancy update and charging a 15-20% premium.
    Best deal for BMW !

    And several years later MB wakes up….  lame !

  3. Mateo says:

    that’s right, X is a money maker big time. It’s not specially fast, or handling champion, nor safe – it’s just a bully car.
    pointless but it makes money like no other!

    • StraightSix says:

      Nor safe? You sure?

      • Mateo says:

        a football player from croatia was driving 50 mph on highway, heavy rain and he crashed (cameras have recorded crash), he almost died, after 6 months and few operations he’s fine!

        • wazon says:

          Well, 50mph is pretty a lot as for heaving crash, cars are tested at 60kmph and they are claimed to be safe up to that speed. The question is: which car would do better at 50mph? X cars scores 5 stars during NCAP as far as protection of driver and passangers is considered.

          • Mateo says:

            that’s true but i was trying to say big car doesn’t mean it’s safe, but if we crash x6 into a ford fiesta guess which car i would like to sit in? :)

  4. BMW The Best says:

    One more testimony to the established fact: Mercedes-Benz is always the follower, BMW is the standard setter. A standard that can never be reached by the others.

    • La Ma says:

      well, I wouldn’t go that far. MB is pretty much the big boy in its own. They were the ones BMW followed for a long time. Their S-classe is still a benchmark. Their CLS classe is the one inspired the 5GT and the upcoming Grand Tourismo, and Audi A7 and many many other cars.  (BMWBLOG said that the 5GT inspired the Audi A7 but its not true)
      MB has some pretty good and nice cars. Their emphasis on comfort and luxury with a huge safety background.  They were the  1st in many safety devices and their cars are still one of the best and safest cars.
      Also for sportiness, the new CLS might not be the prettiest, the driving feel/handling is extremely good.
      Watch the new E-classe being a close competitor in every level to the 5 series and judging by the reviews, the E-classe will beat the 5 in many tests.
      Their cars are getting a little harder, stiffer and leaning towards the enthusiast sporty driving (not going over  the top of course) so match BMW’s great sport sedans and wagons.
      At the same time, BMW wants to compete in a number and profit level, so their cars will be softer so they can win people over from MB and Lexus.
      Its an ongoing fight and hard to decide which way to go. BMW is softening their image and cars to attract the crowd, while MB is trying to push the image of being capable of making cars like BMW used to do.
      The status will not change ever, BMW will always make cars that is more of a drivers cars (at least I hope)  while MB will make cars that will inspire you to get a chauffeur and ride in it. They are fun to drive and extremely comfortable and a pleasure but not exactly the same level on driving feel as BMW.
      Just like the Rolls Royce which has everything to go as good as a BMW but it still does not. It is more of a transportation and status symbol then a car. You can sit in it with your Hugo Boss or Armani suit and not get a wrinkle on it while you reach your destination, which is about 10-30 minutes away – preferably a country club or an opera.
      Nobody drives the Rolls for the driving enjoyment, they ride in it to make a statement. Everybody wants to be seen in it but not drive it.
      BMW remains one of the few car makers that builds cars for enthusiast drivers, who enjoys the actual driving of the car.
      Most people who love the new technologies wants these distraction from driving and all  kinds of aids, as they are not a good drivers and feels that with these gadgets, they will be safe. They want the distractions so they can use those instead of focusing on the driving, because driving is boring and unattractive for them.  While they play with these gadgets, of course they want the car to protect them, so they want to arm their cars with the latest safety features.
      I laugh at people when they ask me about the DSC and ASC and Traction control and other “safety stuff” in my E36 M3 car. It has all that and then some I answer… its got two of everything !
      They look paused and I tell them the traction control is my left foot and DSC is my left foot and I have a right foot that I can use to do the same (I’m a left foot braker from the times when I raced Go-karts)

      That’s right, all you need is sharp reflexes and practice to be better then the best DSC.

      thats it for today :-)


    • wazon says:

      Well, MB has always introduced numbers of innovations with each model of its S-class. Hard to overlook that, though I’m not sure whether the upcoming one will endow the market with some uniquely new things. I mean it seems that in all of its competitors, one has everything one needs in them and surely a way too much for my needs.

  5. Fredyschiftan says:

    Everything BMW  does there are the ones in line to do the same  Mercedes, Audi (the worst!!)  and so many people who know the Industry and follow they know the truth ,  well done BMW when all those who criticized the X6 and X5 now can eat their words (Top Gear ‘)  and some other magazines .

    • Mateo says:

      —  well done BMW when all those who criticized the X6 and X5 now can eat their words–

      when i saw X6 i thought, horror – what???
      i still feel the same but HANDS DOWN to bmw which earn a ton of money on X6

  6. Giom says:

    I love it when a plan comes together… he he he he.

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