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2013 bmw 3series coupe by dragonforce 750x500

In 2014, BMW will introduce a new family of vehicles: BMW 4 Series. For the first time BMW has decided to split the popular and …

In 2014, BMW will introduce a new family of vehicles: BMW 4 Series. For the first time BMW has decided to split the popular and high volume seller 3 Series into two separate families. Using the same platform and common design cues, the 3 and 4 Series will be marketed differently.

The new 4 Series Coupe will allow BMW to price the vehicle slightly higher, at a premium price. The overall dynamic design would appeal to a younger demographic as well and will be a viable alternative to the high-end 6 Series Coupe.

2014 bmw 4 series 655x393

Design wise, the 4 Series Coupe will inherit design cues from the new 3 Series, but also the sleek look from the recently unveiled 6 Series Coupe. At the front grille, we have a front grille with the 3D look also featured on some of the newest BMWs. The bumper sports large air intakes with LED daytime running lights.

The headlights have been redesigned to flow into the kidney grille, a design cues taken from the Vision Concept and future i8.

Flowing creases are integrated into the hood giving the car a road-focused look.

2013 bmw 3series coupe by dragonforce 655x339

At the rear, the 4 Series will sport a steep roofline giving the car a more dynamic look.

The 4 Series will also be offered in three lines: Sport, Modern and Luxury. Each will differ from each other by offering distinct equipment options.

BMW 4 Series will debut in 2014.

[Renderings by: Theo Philuschin | PS-Garage ]

24 responses to “Renderings: 2014 BMW 4 Series”

  1. Ron says:

    The Irony is that it’ll look nothing like those renderings. It’ll be much sleeker for sure, I can imagine so with the headlights and the with the rear. Remember the E90/E92 impressions. Looked nothing like the real car.

  2. Xandonia says:

    Nah, I think it’ll look like a more compact and more aggressive 6 series.

  3. Mateo says:

    -The new 4 Series Coupe will allow BMW to price the vehicle slightly higher, at a premium price-WTF? Like 3 series is a bargin?M3 is already expensive – M4 will be even more expensiveit doesn’t make seanse

    • Alex says:

      wth are you guys so shocked? weren’t you aware that the 3 coupe id more expensive than the sedan even in e90/e92 form?

  4. BMW FAN says:

    I hope these don;’t come true. The new 3 series design looks more suited for sedan form. This (2 door render) just looks awkward and clumsy

  5. Viper says:

    ridiculous. 4 series what the hell is that

  6. Hero Sina says:

    IMO 4-Series name is lame. What they want to do with the M version? Call it M4? it can’t be done. 

    Why BMW don’t check the forums? why they don’t give a thing about what fans think? They are ruining the BMW image. the M between B and W stands for Marketing instead of Motor. All they care is sale numbers, not the image and the heritage of Bayerische Motoren Werke.

    These days, only BMW motorrad is a true BMW not BMW AG.

  7. Tom says:

    It has been said that the the 4-series will differentiate itself from the 3-series even more than the E92 vs E90.

    This render is a pointless waste of time.

  8. Bill Belichick says:

    By dropping the name 3 Series, you lose a ton of history and prestige that already allows for premium pricing. I seriously doubt that if BMW has done their homework in marketing, that they will actually call the 3er Coupe “4 Series.” The media keeps reporting it but I’m just not buying the reasoning.

    • Tom says:

      The M3 definitely has the prestige, but I doubt regular 3-series customers will care that the 3-series coupe will be renamed the 4-series coupe. 

  9. Karlmjohnson says:

    The hood line will be the same as the sedan, shame really as the hood rendering looks better than the actual cars at launch!

  10. empower says:

    bmw already prices the coupe above the saloon with out calling it the 4 series. what will they call the m3 coupe the m4 lol. the coupe will be still called the 3 series. the 4 series will be based on the 3 but will be more up market and will look different to the 3.  i was right about the m6

  11. Sangho says:

    So odd numbers are sedans n even numbers are coupes (except for the 1 series coupe, but who knows? 2 series will replace 1 serious coupe).

    • La Ma says:

      Yes, thank you ! this is exactly what happened !  2 series name has been registered by BMW already.

      who cares if it is a 4 or 3 series ? V6 or inline 6 ? If it is good we will buy it, if not then they will listen… until then we drive the other BMW’s.

      • wazon says:

        If you don’t care about smootheness of run of inline 6, that’s your problem. I care about that and dislike changing center of gravity of running V6.

        As for renaming rumors, I take them to be spreaded by people who have no idea about marketing. Have ever heard about changing a name of one of the most recognizable product by (inter alia) its name? I haven’t and since I take BMW managment to be aware enough about these issues, I take them not intending to change a name of 3-er coupe as just 4-series. As the result, they would loose a naming convention for one of the most popular car in motorsport, namely M3 coupe. If there gonna be anything named 4-series, it will most likely stand in such relation to 3-er as 6GC stands to 5-er, CLS stands to E-class and so on.  

  12. Jom Beam says:

    When are we going to see the 4 series Gran Coupe!?

  13. Audayh says:

    The 3 series IS a 2drs coupe starting from its origin with the 2002 and the E21, they started the 4 doors with the E30. They can’t just forget all that and rename it 4 series for some short term extra cash, this is plain stupid!
    As much as I like and respect the 4drs 3series, I would rather see them renaming the 4drs to something else  and keep the 3 and the M3 names for the coupe untouched.  

    Hopefully someone will wake up and change that in the company  

  14. Viper says:

    BMW and 4 series theory.



    just how ridiculous the M4 sounds , why separate the entire 3 series into two parts I dont understand the logic there bmw , its not the new series?
    Merc finnaly got right they dont use the clk anymore they use c coupe and so on….bravo.

    bmw going backwards?

    ..not the first time.


  15. Donaldduck says:

    You get the privilege of paying lots more for this car with its 6 cylinders and 2 or 3 or 12 “Turbos”. 
    BMW no Thanks, i got the 335 coupe, and i don’t plan on purchasing another turbo especially for an M product. You can shove it up your ass, and enjoy.

    I still have some time before my lease expires, and there is no way in hell i’m going back to BMW, not paying premium for a  six engine with turbos, i’m switching to the C63 coupe.

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