BMW Group reports best August sales ever – Up 7.4 %

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With 110,891 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles sold worldwide (+7.4%, prev. yr. 103,242 units), the BMW Group achieved its best-ever August sales result. BMW …

With 110,891 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles sold worldwide (+7.4%, prev. yr. 103,242 units), the BMW Group achieved its best-ever August sales result. BMW Group worldwide sales crossed the one million mark in August, with a total of 1,073,363 (prev. yr. 919,256) vehicles delivered to customers since the beginning of the year – an increase of 16.8% compared with the first eight months of the previous year.

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We achieved record sales once again in August. Models such as the BMW X3, the BMW 5 Series Sedan and the BMW 5 Series Touring continued to report strong gains and made a positive contribution to our record sales performance last month.

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Looking ahead, we are confident that we are in a good position with balanced growth across the world and a young, attractive portfolio, including the new BMW 1 Series which goes on sale this month. We expect our growth to increase to double-digit figures in September and we are absolutely on track to achieve our goal of over 1.6 million vehicle sales in 2011.”

BMW brand worldwide sales increased by 7.8% in August to 94,882 vehicles (prev. yr. 88,009). From January to August 2011, 893,474 BMW brand vehicles were delivered, which was 15.2% higher than for the same period in the previous year (775,258). The new BMW X3 continued its sales momentum with strong sales in August: Worldwide sales surged 131.8% to 9,123 units (prev. yr. 3,936). Year-to-date, 72,407 units have been sold, an increase of 125.6% over the same period in 2010 (32,101). Demand for the BMW 5 Series Sedan and Touring remains strong: Over 200.000 units have been sold since the beginning of the year (205.275 / +78.4% prev. yr. 115,034). With worldwide sales of 22,514 vehicles in August (+39.2% / prev. yr. 16.177) the BMW 5 Series remains the clear leader in its segment.

MINI brand sales climbed 5.2% to 15,761 vehicles worldwide in August (prev. yr. 14,987). Sales for MINI have increased 24.8% to 177,829 vehicles in the first eight months of 2011 (prev. yr. 142,531). In August the brand reached another important milestone: The two millionth MINI was produced in Oxford. The launch of another Oxford-produced MINI next month, the MINI Coupé, is expected to provide further impetus for the brand. MINI is also expected to return to double-digit growth in worldwide sales next month.

BMW Group retail volumes rose on all continents and in virtually all markets in August. In Europe, the company’s biggest region, sales grew 11.4% to 47,009 units. Asia accounted for 29,311 units and climbed 9.2% while sales in the Americas were up 1.5% to reach 29,916 vehicles.

The BMW Group achieved strong growth in its home market of Germany in the month under review. New registrations climbed 60.3% to 23,250 vehicles (prev. yr. 14,505). For the first eight months of the year, the Group reported a total of 196.264 vehicle registrations, a 13.3% increase over the same period last year (prev. yr. 173.282), which puts it at the top of the German premium segment. BMW was the most sought after premium brand in Germany in August, with 20.404 registrations. Year-to-date, BMW new registrations have increased by 11.2% to 170.167 vehicles (prev. yr. 153.013). MINI also achieved strong double-digit growth in Germany in August (2,846 / prev. yr. 2,308 / +23.3%). In the year to the end of August, MINI registered 26,097 (prev. yr. 20,269 / +28.8%) units in Germany.

In the U.S. the BMW Group reported August sales of 23,924 vehicles (prev. yr. 23,965). BMW brand sales increased 6.5% in August to a total of 20,815 vehicles (prev. yr. 19,540). Year-to-date, the BMW brand continues to lead the premium segment in the U.S. and is 12% up with sales of 155,929 vehicles compared to 139,236 sold in the first eight months of 2010. Year-to-date, MINI sales in the U.S. are up 26.7% to 37,636 vehicles (prev. yr. 29,704).

In the BMW Group’s third-largest market, China, the company again reported healthy growth: Sales climbed 8.7% in August to reach 18,462 units (prev. yr. 16,980). A total of 158,934 vehicles have been sold in the year to the end of August – an increase of 49.3% (prev. yr. 106,447).

In the dynamic young markets of Brazil (1,200 vehicles / +20%) Russia (2,000 vehicles / +14.1%), and India (805 vehicles / +38.1%), BMW Group sales continued to be strong.

BMW Motorrad
continued its solid growth course with sales of 6.646 motorcycles worldwide in August (prev. yr. 6.405 / + 3.8%). From January to August sales increased by 6.6% to 78,280 motorcycles (prev. yr. 73.442). Husqvarna Motorcycles delivered 4.729 motorcycles in the first eight months of 2011 (prev. yr. 5.978 / – 20.9%). August accounted for 335 deliveries (prev. yr. 388 / – 13.7%).

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15 responses to “BMW Group reports best August sales ever – Up 7.4 %”

  1. Babken says:

    Salesf figures further prove my words. Audi has already caught up with BMW. BRAVO, AUDI! SHAME, BMW! Audi took the best performance brand form BMW and thus took away many performance-oriented buyers from BMW. In a maximum of two years Audi will become the best selling premium brand in the world.

  2. CEO says:

    Umm, who is this idiot Babken, and why is he posting here?

    • Babken says:

      Umm, you’re an idiot just like the bmw managers. Unlike you I make reasonable comments, stupid child.

    • Babken says:

      Umm, you’re an idiot just like the bmw managers. Unlike you I make reasonable comments, stupid child.

      • empower says:

        well done audi for taking another vw this time a vw polo and calling it a a1 in order to catch bmw brand for 1 month, all bmw would have to do is call the minis bmw minis and you would add nearly 300,000 cars to its total. bmw is more then a brand its a company which dose not just remodel cars from lesser brands and puts its badge on it, it has lunched mini as  a brand and built up royce rolls from starch lunched the i brand. bmw group has grown to 1.6 million a year with operating margins this year of 14.%.  audi share platforms from brands such as seat and skoda and raids vw parts bins. audi dose not make a  rwd car. most of its sales are fwd. audi should not be able to count fwd cars in its premium figures. nothing more then re badged vw’s and skoda. and dont forget bmw is going trough a model change with the one so demand would of be nearly zero for the out going 1. and i think the new one going online will extend the gap bmw brand has over audi.  

        • wazon says:

          Note also that 6-er wasn’t avaible at each market in August and that some of potential 3-er customers wait for new 2012 3 series. Putting all these stuffs together BMW’s global sale result is really good. 

          • Babken says:

            Note also that the brand-new A6 (which is absolutely the best car in its class) hasn’t fully entered the world markets yet. So I just imagine how badly Audi will kick BMW’s ass in upcoming months.

        • Babken says:

          A pathetic comment typical of BMW’s stupid fans like you. A1 isn’t a VW car. At least your bmw is preparing its ridiculous “i” models because they see that Audi’s sales are growing at a much faster rate than their sales figures. Like I said before BMW lost their best performance status to Audi and here are the consequences.

          • wazon says:

            Exception 2: Do you know how expensive electric cars are? If you believe that i3 will boost the sale, you need to be crazy – this car is of compact size and of 5-er price. On the other hand, A1 is cheap and it was indeed introduced in order to boost sale and earn some money on Polo with redesigned interior and exterior. You proved again to inable to compare data of cars. There is only one version of A1 that differs from any version of Polo, but rest of them have exactly the same specs as some versions of Polo. They also share platform and both are FWD. So, what does it suppose to mean that A1 is not VW cars? Moreover, “stupid” i3 will be RWD car!

            But the real problem in the number of your useless talks is that you constatly assume that 5-er vs. A6 is only about A63.0TFSi vs. 535i. As a matter of fact, there are number of other versions of these cars, where performance data are not in favour of A6. Actually, data are only in favour of A6 3.0 TFSi. Imagine that you wish to buy 2.0 litre diesel (perhaps the most demanded versions of cars of this class in Europe)? Will you go for A6? Surely not, it’s slower, it provides nearly no fun from drive due to being FWD, they don’t even have AWD version of it. Audi offers nothing for customers who look for this kind of car – only bigger Passat. Or you look for N/A 3.0 litre engine. Will you go for A6 2.8 FSi? Most likely not, because of its being slower, less fun to drive. Some versions are even not equipped with quattro drivetrain. Yes, they’re FWD! What about 3.0litre diesel? Would Audi be good choice? In face of faster, more efficient and providing more fun 5-er, the answer in rather negative.

          • Babken says:

            I can hardly restrain myself from laughing at your stupid comments. Now please tell me something: why are you always switching from the topic? I can tell you why. Because you always lose. The A6 beats your for-gays-only 5 in all respects starting from performance and ending with ride comfort. I don’t care about the pathetic 2-litre engine which has a turtle like acceleration. I’m interested in the best offerings having 3-litre engines. And Audi leaves no chance to the pathetic 535i. So stop talking bullshit…But wait. It’s typical of bmw stupid gay fans. So you can go on. And I’ll further laugh at you.

          • wazon says:

            You proved again that talking with you is total waste of time. 

          • Babken says:

            Yes, because you’ll bitterly lose.

  3. CEO says:

    Umm, who is this idiot Babken, and why is he posting here?

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