2014 Mercedes MLC Coupe Crossover To Rival the BMW X6

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2014 Mercedes MLC SUV Coupé

According to German magazine AutoBild, Mercedes-Benz is working on a new product that will compete against the BMW X6. Dubbed MLC, the Mercedes Coupe Crossover …

According to German magazine AutoBild, Mercedes-Benz is working on a new product that will compete against the BMW X6. Dubbed MLC, the Mercedes Coupe Crossover is built on the ML-Klasse platform, but with design cues inspired from the current CLS.

The BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe opened a new segment where multiple premium automakers are expected to introduce their offerings in the next years. Mercedes is reportedly favoring form over function for this crossover, with a bold, daring design that will steal away customers.

Additionally, the report says Mercedes is planning an AMG version that could develop over 544 horsepower, and using the latest technologies from their high-end vehicles. MLC will also benefit from the all-wheel drive system found in the M-Class, but with less stiffer suspensions and a geared towards to “regular roads” driving.

2014 Mercedes MLC SUV Coupé

Expected to hit the market as a 2014 model year model, the luxury crossover will be built at the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama, plant and will expand vehicle production there to five models.

Details and pricing are yet to be finalized, but the rumormill churns out a based price of around 62,000 euros.

In 2010, BMW announces that the X6 Coupe units reached 100,000 worldwide. Another 20,000 vehicles were produced in the past year.

BMW X6 came to break the stereotype of a BMW vehicle back in 2008 by combining the attributes of an SUV – high ground clearance, all wheel drive and all-weather ability, large wheels and tires – with the stance of a coupé – bold styling, dramatic sloping roof and dynamic lines.

Initially received with skepticism, the X6 was one of the most controversial BMWs of the decade with a large number of purists expressing their strong opinion on BMW’s new direction. But, over the last two years, the X6 SAC became highly successful and the car became popular in the US, and mostly Middle East and Russia.

14 responses to “2014 Mercedes MLC Coupe Crossover To Rival the BMW X6”

  1. haha u wish Mercedes Benz

  2. Ahmad Haziq says:

    How bonkers were BMW when they launched the X6 and now look what happened. Even now the X6M has got a rival… BMW set the tone early.

  3. Buckeye says:

    It looks like an X6 rendering but with a mercedes symbol instead of a roundel.  copycats

  4. Viper says:

    to be honest….this looks better than bmw…I like the x6 very much but this is just sick , of course these are renderings but knowing MB the design will be beautiful.
    because they are MB when you see test mules next year or so you will see amg tested along with the basic model.
    this car is great,.

    • Alex says:

      love bimmers, but i have to agree with you on this one – it looks great, has a feminine rather than the X6 and so it will be very appealing to many, not just women. Will be popular with the well off ladies.. in a somewhat similar fashion that the ML is.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be keeping the X6 thanks, anything with that badge has a tendency to fall to pieces, they’ve been trading off their old reputation for far too long.

  6. car magnets says:

    True that this 2014 Mercedes MLC looks feminine when compared to the BMW X6, perhaps they’re a different category. An expectation that they would focus more on the design of the car, rather than the other
    aspects, would not be a practical idea.

  7. Alex says:

    That is a weird looking thing.

  8. Stevie says:

    just when everyone was blashing about how stupid the direction of BMW was going, Acura came out with its own and Audi and MBenz are following.

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