The story behind a ghost BMW dealership

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The folks over at Endras BMW published a story today on a mysterious BMW dealership in Oakville, Ontario. The story of the ghost BMW dealership …

The folks over at Endras BMW published a story today on a mysterious BMW dealership in Oakville, Ontario. The story of the ghost BMW dealership starts in 1988 when the company operating under the name “Citation Motors” had its license revoked before moving to Toronto and operating under the “Downtown BMW” name.

Interesting enough is the fact that the owner only sold off the name and operating license rather than the physical space and inventory. 23 years later and the showroom seems frozen in time with two BMW models in mint condition. In the typical 1980’s showroom interior furnishings, architecture, and design, BMW aficionados will notice a classy E28 5 Series and 635 CSI with beautiful BBS wheels.

The 6 Series has very low mileage, but most likely with some damaged caused by time.

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Around the back you’ll find the shop, packed with BMWs, from a mint dark blue 635csi, to a 1984 733i, a dolphin blue E21 or 2002, and another 635csi.

MaxBimmer forum member “WhadUpp” managed to beat the window reflections to get some amazing pictures of the dealership from the outside. Great find, especially when you stumble upon such great used BMW cars…


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  1. Ultimate Blogger says:

    Thanks for the feature! We took a trip down to the dealership and took some new pictures and managed to run in to the owner. Check out our 2nd blog post about it and read our new speculations. Such as an underground floor filled with M1’s. !!!

  2. T. says:

    This is gathering attention here in Munich , especially within BMW Classic.
     It certainly is mouthwatering and intriguing to know that these cars have not changed since the late 1980’s. And it would certainly be a dream to turn the key and hear those babies
    cry for the first time in years.    I am thinking of taking a trip and maybe a BMW TV special?  

    If the rumours are true and they believe the basement holds many more secrets then that would be something.
    I am thinking possibly E30’s? and since it was the late eighties maybe the first Candian E32 and E34? maybe an E31? 

    I dont know about anybody else? But I would like to find out more.

  3. Prussian says:

    Awesome story, great pictures, thanks!

    • EAM3 says:

      I would love to find out more about the E23 in the warehouse.  I sold my 733i in 2001 and have regretted it every day since!

  4. Kozzworth says:

    I’ve spoken to the owner, specifically about the E24. It’s an ’86 635 CSi with a 5-spd manual, and an “upgraded grill” (white). It has approximately 14,500 km and he was asking $60,000 CAD for it… 8 years ago (2004). A steep price to pay for a time capsule, but one that somebody in the 1% may consider.

    • Endras BMW says:

      Very interesting development. I love that little detail about the upgraded kidneys in white. Did he reveal anything about the other cars or what’s hidden behind/underneath?

  5. Guest says:

    I’ve been given an offer to buy a 1990 BMW 325i with about 51,000 miles on it, for only $2,000.00. Any concerns? What should I be worried about? I’m taking it on a test drive Friday and if all goes well, a mechanic Saturday. Thanks…

  6. Daniel Corbo says:

    there’s another dealership over there !
    2357 Royal Windsor Drive
    Oakville, ON L6J 7Y1

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