Rendering: BMW 4 Series Convertible

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bmw 4 series convertible

In their latest issue, German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport illustrates the future BMW 4 Series Convertible. The computer generated image attempts to describe the …

In their latest issue, German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport illustrates the future BMW 4 Series Convertible. The computer generated image attempts to describe the potential design of the upcoming 4 Series family.

Similar to the 6 Series offerings, the 4 Series models will fit between the 3 and 5 Series. By offering a higher positioned convertible, BMW will compete on the market with Audi and Mercedes and their latest offerings.

The new 4 Series will also allow BMW to price the vehicle slightly higher, at a premium price. The overall dynamic design would appeal to a younger demographic as well and will be a viable alternative to the high-end 6 Series Convertible.

bmw 4 series convertible

The 3 Series family will retain the sedan and sports wagon offerings. A new 3 Series Gran Turismo is rumored to join the other models as well.

The rendering above takes design cues from the new 5 and 6 Series, with headlights having a more squared-shape and larger eyebrows. The front grille with the 3D look is also featured on some of the newest BMWs. The bumper sports large air intakes with LED daytime running lights.

Flowing creases are integrated into the hood giving the car a road-focused look.

The new 3 Series Sedan will make its debut in the upcoming weeks, while the 4 Series family will come to market in late 2012.


14 responses to “Rendering: BMW 4 Series Convertible”

  1. Manchester Man says:

    Definitely looks like a fresh BMW. Nice!

  2. Dennis says:

    That is, without a doubt, one of the sexiest BMW’s i have ever seen. Hopefully the new 3 series coupe will look similar along these lines.

    • Scott says:

      There will reportedly no longer be a 3 coupe; it will change its name to the 4 Series.  BMW’s sedans and wagons will be even numbered and coupes and convertibles will be even numbered.

      • Scott says:

        * the sedans and wagons will be ODD numbered.

        • T. says:

          Yes. The 3er Coupe and Cabrio is now the 4er Coupe and Cabrio. Just as the 1er Coupe and Cabrio becomes the 2er Coupe and Cabrio. Given that the current E92/E93 is very much different than the current sedan in shape and looks , it was no longer a 2dr Sedan it had it’s own individual identity.

          The F32/F33 follow this but again will add an additional 4er Gran Coupe – effectively a four door version of the F32. And the F32 is very much a looker. So additional doors will be appreciated by those that want a Coupe but can’t because of other needs.

          How will the M3 work?
          The M3 will not die. There will not be an M3 sedan this time. But the 4er Coupe/Cabrio and Gran Coupe will be available as an M3.  How?

          Well BMWi is one bookend with BMW M at the other end.
          BMWi can use products that carve their own identity which the current M cars already do. Example – 1M is not just a 135i+ , Just as the M3 is not a 335i and the new M5 is not just a faster 550i. 

          Each M carves out their own character and identity. M is about individual performance.  Now there is a BMWi3 but it is not a variant of the 3er ,now by sticking with the M formula and philosophy the M3 can continue in name because of M models are classified as individual products.  Eventually in the second half of the decade we will see M follow the BMWi philosophy and instigate it’s own inspired products .

          The 3er Sedan and Touring will be joined by the 3er Gran Turismo. Another option on the table for the 3er is the AFAST Advanced Family Activity Sports Tourer. Which for the 1er, mixes  an Touring and SAV but unlike the FWD/AWD 1er FAST. The 3er is proposed as a RWD/AWD concept.  The best way to describe AFAST is have a look at the Citroen DS5 which also mixes Wagon/Crossover and SAV.
          If the 1er FAST opens up a new segment then BMW will initiate the concept for the 3er’s Premium Entry segment.

          For the 4er another option is, and you will see something next year but based on the 6er.

          Will be a fully fledged Shooting Brake, again the idea is based on how well the 6er Shooting Brake will be received. The 6er Shooting Brake will appear as a concept car and is based upon the 4dr Gran Coupe. The roofline is lower than a conventional Touring and is seen as a respite to markets such as the US which normally shun wagons.
          The 6er Shooting Brake will also be an interior concept as it will mix connected drive technology with new interpretations of materials in the interior.  The 6er Shooting Brake is a stunning looking car, lower , sleeker and more sportier than the conventional sporty looking Touring variants.
          If the car makes production after feedback it could pave way for a possible 4er Shooting Brake which is on the table as a further progressive idea.

          What is significant is that the modular architecture devloped under the F30 can be adapted to accomodate these proposals.  

          • Stephan S. says:

            Scott-  thanks for sharing your inside.

            Have you got any information – the new M3 is expected  – Genf 2014??? I suppose spring 2014 – getting impatient already.
            Greetings from Germany…

  3. Viper says:

    well that looks like a 6 series , uglier tho.
    its really sad to see NNOOO imagination from bmw even in coming 2012.

    • T. says:

      No Imagination?

      Did you not see the BMWi cars?  They showed more innovation and creativity than anything our competitors can put out.

      Then there is the all-new BMW 3er. Watch everyone duck for cover when that hits.
      That car is aiming at keeping it’s crown as the best Entry sports-luxury sedan ever.  Nothing but World domination will follow the 3er.  Especially Audi who will now have to fight for sales with the best seller A4L with the new 3erLi  in China. 

      You should not write off BMW yet. There is a lot of interesting and variable product coming to the market. And no matter whether they are FWD,RWD or even AWD they will still remain “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

  4. says:

    I can not wait, I have a 135 convertible and a 335 convertible, I can not wait to put the 4 in the small collection. Very sexy looking. Put me on the list to be one of the 1st to purchase it !!!

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