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Rumors | July 26th, 2011 by 12
bmw x4 rendering 1 750x500

The long-time rumored BMW X4 comes back to focus. After many rumors pointing to an imminent production of the smaller Sports Activity Coupe, the news …

The long-time rumored BMW X4 comes back to focus. After many rumors pointing to an imminent production of the smaller Sports Activity Coupe, the news of its cancellation came as a surprise to many of us and faith of the X4 remains currently unknown.

Last month, UK magazine Autocar, quoting BMW officials, said plans for the X4 are on hold pending a new platform strategy that will center on greater commonality between the X3 and X5.

BMW X4 was envisioned to be a smaller and more agile four-seater, receiving individual styling in a move to give it a more sporting image and enable BMW to position it higher than the X6 SAC upon which it is based.

bmw x4 rendering 655x393

The X4 was said to keep a bloodline with the X3, although the front and rear will be separate designs. The smaller SAC makes use of BMW’s latest design philosophy in which wheel arches are defined a three-dimensional look.

If it comes to market, the BMW X4 will most likely be offered with various 4- and 6-cylinder engines, and probably in the future, a hybrid version, similar to the X6 ActiveHybrid or the future X3 hybrid.

Rendering artist Theo Philuschin applies some of the things mentioned above and creates a computer generated image of the small SAC. The car combines design cues from the X3 and X6.

bmw x4 rendering 1 655x393

12 responses to “New Renderings: BMW X4”

  1. Asdasdasdasd says:

    indeed mini x6 with the face and the butt from x3.
    simple but i like it

  2. Rolf says:

    i don’t feel it. Is there really a need for this? We already have 4 X-models lol, which is more than enough in my opinion

  3. T. says:

    If you went into one of the design studios at the FIZ in Munich , that is exactly what you would be confronted with. The appearance of this render and that of the clay model is so uncanny, so familiar.
    Especially the outline and design features.

    It’s problems came in engineering and because X4 was the little brother to the X6 it would be engineered to very different dynamically and use some of the X6’s tricks and some new ideas that were being developed.
    Unfortunately some of these features impacted on the packaging of the car , compromising rear passenger room. 

    The Silver lining though is that BMW were in the development of a new modular architecture for the larger X5 and X6 , that some one said “wait a minute” we can be cost-effective and adapt this platform for the next generation of X vehicles. Therefore the Modular matrix under the forthcoming X5 and X6 can like the others be extended and shrunk to accomodate other models therefore cutting costs in development of single structures.
    With the new X5 arriving in 2013 and the X6 in 2014 ( X6 will come to market quicker because the first model has been established) The X4 will stick to it’s schedule of around mid-late 2014.

    Despite some factions of the media – The X4 was never coming to Frankfurtin September. Or arriving next year it was always around 2014. What will happen now is that engineers are working on a transfer programme with the next generation matrix and the designers will start to think of a new facia for the car since the arrival of the X4 would mean just around mid-life for the F25 X3. Therefore X4 should lead the design charge to the next generation X3.   So in essence it will showcase an individual look until the next generation X3. The delay is not going to be that long in fact it is almost on schedule with anticipated launch around 2014 and remains in BMW’s strategy as one of the “20” – New models before 2015.

    But yes BMW want a X4 and they want it to counter other forthcoming challengers such as the Audi Q4 and Porsche Cajun when they give that model five doors as initially it will be a 3dr first for a Porsche.
    BMW see the X4 as a choice for customers who want an X6 but find it too big and too expensive. Also there is a large market for previously owned X6 which could actually be beneficial to those who want a Sport Activity Coupe.
    But the next big thing for SAV’s is actually 3dr Coupe’s with all-wheel-drive and a commanding driving position, and BMW are currently looking at ideas for the new segment . Of course BMW have been here before you could say that the original BMW Xcoupe was ahead of it’s time in 2011 , but even now , there is a lot of support for a Xcoupe. Me included , I think it could make a very signifcant and lucrative choice for BMW if they keep that original Coupe outline but added more “current” details.

    If you look at BMW and SAV’s especially since before the E53 X5 and then you add the X5 and so on and on you add – X3 E83 , X5E70, X6E71 and then X1E84  and finally X3F25. You see a pattern which is just constant. The margins just keep on rising with every SAV model . So BMW actually make a lot of money from it’s range of SAV’s and although some do not like them, they  are very much huge contributors to BMW’s bottom-line.
    And as long as BMW profit from them they will keep experimenting with ideas to improve them.
    Every BMW SAV leads it’s respective segment .

  4. I like it! Mini x6 and more affordable. 

  5. Bmw says:

     It looks great.

  6. Statuskill says:

    Nice…the X6 is exclusive….until this lite version comes out and the wannabes will flock to this. :(

  7. Coors Light says:

    we need a X4 that sits between the X3 and X5, and do away with the X1

  8. very nice, I wish the rear was more like the 2006 Ford Reflex concept.. I would only consider this BMW if  it was 2 door and hatchback. Also, they should find a way to arrange rear seating so that tall adults can actually sit back there. Maybe reclining rear seats. Maybe a fold flat passenter seat. A rear hatch that when fully open is okay to drive with.  Cargo area is a hard sealed plastic from end to end with no obstructions. A small 4 cylinder twin turbo that can yeild 30mpg city but still deliver nice HP and torque.

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