BMW USA CEO Jim O’Donnell to be replaced by Ludwig Willisch

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ludwig willisch bmwusa

BMW executive Ludwig Willisch, who has led the company’s sales operations in Europe and Japan, will take over as CEO of BMW of North America …

BMW executive Ludwig Willisch, who has led the company’s sales operations in Europe and Japan, will take over as CEO of BMW of North America on Oct. 1. The move comes with no surprises to us. At the April’s New York Auto Show, we learned through unofficial sources that Jim O’Donnell will retire this year and the new management team will come from Germany.

The 54-year-old German will replace Jim O’Donnell, 61, who has held the job since July 2008. Willisch will arrive in the United States on Sept. 1 and work alongside O’Donnell during a one-month transition.

In the BMW community, Willisch is also known as former CEO of BMW M. He began his BMW career in 1996 as head of the sales office in Duesseldorf, Germany. Later in his career, he was responsible for sales subsidiaries around the world, most recently, the European sales outside of Germany.

ludwig willisch bmwusa

O’Donnell leaves BMW in a moment when the company is reporting high-record sales. BMW is on track to outsell Lexus in the United States for the first time since 1997. Through June, BMW’s sales rose 13 percent to 113,705.

Stay tuned for an official press release in the upcoming weeks.

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15 responses to “BMW USA CEO Jim O’Donnell to be replaced by Ludwig Willisch”

  1. Peter says:

    I love you BMW

  2. Tom811n says:

    Maybe Ludwig can clean up some of the unethical marketing done by certain BMW dealers   Jim certainly ignored this

  3. Jsgodive says:

    BMW…The Ultimate Driving Machine or the Utlimate Repair Nightmare?!  In 2005, my fiance purchased my dream car…2002 X5 4.4.  I fell in love with the X5 in 2000 the moment I laid eyes on it!  Never thought I could afford such a luxurious auto.  At the time my fiance was signing the papers for my car, I began to cry!  Just never thought I would have this car!  My new X5 had about 33, 000 miles but the sales guy at the BMW dealership assured me these cars can run 300,000 + with minimum repairs / maintenance. 
    Six years later, my service file is 2 inches thick with repair costs that have exceeded $30,000!  Now, BACK in the shop, and has been for two months.  Evidentally, the head gasket is blown…the instrument cluster malfunctioned, not giving indication of a coolant leak, the car never started smoking as over heated, just shut down.  $2000. to replace the themostat, radiator, coolant resevior, and associated parts.  Then an oil inverter…more costs…Then overnight the instrument cluster to California from Florida, more costs…THEN to be informed the head gasket is blown and now to repair this we are looking close to an additional $4,000.00. Stopped by the shop this morning and white smoke is coming out of the exhaust like it’s a chimney! The mechanic suggested we consider the car totalled and sell it for “scraps” and pocket $2,000.!  Right here at Christmas and in the current state of our economy, not only can I not afford these repairs, there is no way I can afford a new automobile. I have $70,000. tied into this machine and have been told it’s value it’s value is $2000.00–WHAT? 
    So while watching television and seeing the BMW commercials, I can’t help but ask…Driving Machine or Repair Nightmare???

  4. Katwarner says:

    Help I have 2007 328i it has stopped 4 times on the freeway in heavy traffic , I’ve had it towed in to the dealership twice. The service dept. have no answers for me. The computer shows that it’s ok,then 3 to 4 miles later the computer shows ared or yellow thermometer and then it slows to a real slow pace . I then let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes the computer shows that it’s ok i start down the road again . Please can someone help my local BMW dealership has no clue can someone please help!

  5. Ken says:

    Have driven a BMW since 1985 and I love the car ….Until now due to “run flats” I will probably leave the BMW family.

  6. Tom811n says:

    nope Willisch is no different I had to go to NY Attorney general to get my complaint answered BMW ignored me

  7. Hamza Ejaz Malik says:

    How can I become one of Mechanical Engineers at BMW

  8. C. Owens says:

    I have a 2011 x3 with electrical ghost in it local dealer is at wits end with it , bmw engineers are there nothing found, after numerious times in the shop same electical incidents and emails to bmw usa not even a response from them. Its not the dealers issue its bmw s . but no one can fix it this is the second bmw we have had. it is not near the x3 the 08 was.very disappointed with the willingness to repair or replace it. We just dont feel safe on the road trips with it anymore. Really unhappy customer.

  9. Katz Katz says:

    Dear Mr. President of BMW

    Let start by first saying, I wish you the best! I would like to talk about how everyday when I drive here and there I see your Cars and SUV’s. I drool over not all but some why because some are so darn cute when you look at the back of them and you see the cute little butts on them, I’m talking about the sports models the little two seater you know the selfish car and of course those new X series like the (3) and now the one (1). God I love them!!!! OK lets talk about how affordable they are to everyone. I could live all of my life and never own one for me that’s a very sad thought. I have raised children on my own have been sick many times and still come out fine maybe not always healthy but fine not always having the best jobs but I work.. I pay for a car now that I am not crazy about but it gets me to work. Don’t have the best credit but always pay even when it’s late Sometimes I feel like going into a dealership to test drive one but I’m sure they check your credit so I never go in just stand outside any admire. Well the best to you and maybe one day they’ll make a car for people like me…

  10. Angela Ann Wedig Thompson says:

    This is our 3rd BMW in a row that has needed a new transmission. My 2000 X5, our 2003 M3 that only had 30K in mileage and now my 2006 X5. I called BMW and talked to them. Leann was suppose to call me back, however no phone call. I have called 3 times in the last two days and no return calls. I can’t believe that I am the only one having issues with their transmission. I did some research and I am not the only one. If they don’t get this resolved and get my car fixed then we will be leaving the BMW family. This is our 7th BMW and I am tired of paying for transmissions.

  11. Dave Y says:

    I Was so glad to hear Johnson was replaced. His vision of electric cars NOT going anywhere is appalling. I just received my Tesla. OMG, insanity on wheels. I need to wear depends when I drive this Gourgous Sexy machine. Takes down a Porsche Carrera 0 to 60 In 4.4 secs & 318 miles to a charge. 2 that’s 2 electric motors. Getting my Model X as soon as they deliver it. It’s on order BMW, MERCEDES and any other looser (not you folks) the manufacturers can’t eat my fumes so dust will do.

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