Rumor: New BMW M3 with tri-turbo engine and 450 hp

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According to UK magazine AutoExpress, the next generation BMW M3 would feature a fresh 3.3 liter six-cylinder tri-turbo engine. The rumormill also churns out that …

According to UK magazine AutoExpress, the next generation BMW M3 would feature a fresh 3.3 liter six-cylinder tri-turbo engine. The rumormill also churns out that one of the three turbo will be powered by electricity and the powerplant will produce 450 horsepower.

The news were drawn out from a conversation with the new M boss Dr Friedrich Nitschke, but no official statement has been made available. Dr. Nitschke also said the 2014 BMW M3 will feature a mix of steel and ultra-light carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) that will alleviate some of the current “weight problems” of M cars.

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Nitschke revealed that the car will also be efficient. “There will be a bigger focus on very low fuel consumption,” he said. “The new M3 will prove this.”

Furthermore, AutoExpress speculates on a successor of the popular M1 supercar that is finally on M’s roadmap. “We have a fantastic history with the M1,” Dr Nitschke said. “The decision on developing this car is open. We’d love to do it.”

BMW Z4 M? Not on the radar, but…an engineering task easy to achieve. “There’s no decision on an M version of the Z4,” added Dr Nitschke, “but this is something we could do easily.”

Is the rumored BMW 1M CSL still in play? So it seems…

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  1. Nnnn says:

    This threw me for a loop at first, considering how the exhaust gasses were being routed for 3 turbos.

    But —  if the electric turbo is actually a *supercharger* then it’s just an N54 with an electric blower.

    On the other hand if they’ve fitted an electric motor to a turbo (an idea I wish I’d patented) then it could also generate electricity off of excess exhaust gasses.

  2. Bry says:

    I know that rendering’s been used before but it still looks awesome… I sure hope the next M3 really looks that great.

  3. An electric turbo? Good luck. Electric superchargers are giant scams. Seeing as a turbo uses more heat energy from the exhaust gases to spool up rather than kinetic energy, I’d call BS on the electric turbo. It’s just not possible.

    Plus, why would you waste alternator output to drive a turbo, when a traditional one is hooked in to the exhaust system and runs off of heat energy in the exhaust; energy which would be wasted anyway?

    • Brad says:

      The problem with turbos run from exhaust gasses is that they lag. You need to get exhaust moving through it before you can pump more air into the cylinder to get more power.

      Theoretically an electric turbo/supercharger can pump air into the cylinders right away and eliminate turbo lag.

      • In theory, yes. I know that there are electric blowers on the market that work, but they’re designed for drag racing (short bursts) and not hooked up to a standard 12V system. When I first read electric turbo I thought of all of that garbage like the e-RAM, which is pretty much putting some cheap computer fan in your intake. There no way something like that could pump more CFM in to your engine than it already takes.

    • Chrisg77 says:

      SHUT-up turbo nerd like you know more than BMW engineers!

  4. StraightSix says:

    This rendering is fantastic.

  5. OJ says:

    so the new m3 according to this rumour will be as powerful as the C63 AMG from last generation? I sure hope this is not true…

    • T. says:

      A BMW M is not about having it’s Straight-Line Performance do all the talking. A BMW M should not be too ostentatious it has to deliver the driving feel and handling of a car expected by the M Division.
      450 is more than adequate for the new M3 – sure others will be faster but will they be better?

      Take the 4 years old E92 M3 for example?  Audi described the RS5 as an M3 killer – It was not. Then Mercedes-Benz announced the C63AMG Coupe will give the M3 a fright in the driving experience… – It did not.
      It just goes to show that the meticulous engineering and pure dynamic precision matters more than straight-line performance.

      Although it is feasible to introduce a 1M CSL in the dying days of the E82 and it is such an option that has not been decided as a conclusion. What many are in favour of especially in light of customers who buy their 1M and then find out that “here is another” and of course US federalisation issues.
      Is that  it would possibly be better in the long run to give the customer their own opportunity to create their own CSL via a personalisation programme of available accessories covered under full BMW warranty and federalised for the US, so US customers do not miss out on progressing their M’s.With the E82 1M you have to think further down the line and how for the next generation of customers new to the brand that  this would be their first M car in a way of how many access M brand via the E46 etc so longetivity is important.
      Currently 1M is in a tight window and it is only right that every 1M customer has a choice to progress their 1M without eroding their warranty.     

      • LexusLVR says:

        The C63 AMG Coupe has not even been compared to the M3 yet. And the first testdrives of that car indicate that it is a SERIOUS competitor to the M3 in terms of driving. One reviewer even said it was far more fun and agile than the M3.

        • LexusLVRisaFaggot says:

          One out of 10,000 reviewers said the C63 was far more fun and agile than the M3.  I believe it was an old lady that wrote that review.  How does the LS-F fare against the M3, oh I believe it in last place in 100% of all the reviews even comparing it to itself.  Lexus is a joke and you LexusLVR are faggot!!!

    • Even so, performance is a lot more than just peak output. I wouldn’t doubt BMW in something like this, especially when they already know what they’re up against.

  6. It should have 3.2 Tri-Turbo Twin-Scroll straight-six engine and should produce over 500hp in standard M3, to be honest. That would be awesome – no competitor in it’s (premium – meaning excluding japan piece of dump) class.

    • michael odel fontana says:

      son i sold my 07 e92 m3 for an 09 nissan gtr. in terms of exclusivity, i have only seen one other nissan gtr on the road at the same time as i. In terms of performance there is nothing in the bmw factory that can even come touch this japanese master piece, nor can any ferarri including the legendary ferarri enzo fxx which is not even street legal or race course compliant not to mention the only lambo that can take this humble gtrs crown would be the new aventador which has 750hp yet it has the same 0-60 as the 2013 gtr and 0.3 seconds faster than the gtr in your 1/4 mile and weighs 400kg less than the gtr.
      sure i love the high reving nature of the e92 and the gorgeous rumble of a german 8 but the joy and pleasure you get from ringing 1st 2nd 3rd gear in a matter of 11 seconds?? come on son wake up!

      It was a very hard decision to make for a very long time, leaving behind the car that was once my joy and pride and just the thought of switching from a german made luxurious bmw to a …..well…. nissan. however just one test drive is all it really took to get hooked. didnt expect to pay so much for maintenance though being a nissan.
      friends and colleagues at work are much more envious towards the gtr than the m3. not to mention my children.
      once again never thought this 48 year old would convert to nissan

  7. LexusLVR says:

    This is going to be a very unreliable car.

    • Shincai says:

      yeah you do fking know it huh
      You’re a very unreliable piece of dumb shit

    • LexusLVRLovesLittleBoys says:

      Prophet LexusLVR speaks again!!!  Once the new LS-F comes out it’s going to spoke this piece of crap right!!! LexusLVR loves little boys!!!!

  8. TheoM5 says:

    Anything is possible with BMW ///M… it’s called innovation…

  9. Bry says:

    The more I think about a tri-turbo engine, the worse it sounds. Not only are M vehicles designed for Motorsport, but they’re also a tuners dream. BMW has a long list of tuners and sponsors, and while I admittedly don’t know very much about turbos in general, an electric turbo on an engine that already has two turbos doesn’t sound like something tuners are looking forward to figuring out… on the other hand, I could be completely wrong and tuners might be chomping at the bit to work on an electric turbo. But if that’s the case, then I would expect the price of aftermarket parts to skyrocket based upon the amount of R&D that will go into them.

  10. William says:

    If they can keep it around or under 3000lbs, this will be a magnificent machine.  I’m sorry but anything over 3500lbs, and it will be a waste of HP.

  11. madmanhiker says:

    wrong wrong wrong. The M3 will ONLY be a 4-door saloon going forward. The M4 will be a slightly longer wheelbase than the M3 sedan, but will represent a more modern and refined look than the current e92 platform. Also, both models will be straight 6 based on a highly modified n55 engine. This article is old and completely speculative.

  12. b2becharger says:

    I really think this technology could be used on other cars also. This will really improve the performance.

  13. 23lbsPsi says:

    Electric turbo makes perfect sense, there will even be one in the next Subaru Sti.
    Too all you people that cant seem to understand why or how its simple.. it just reduces turbo lag.. its not the sole source of boost..sheesh

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